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I want to thank everyone

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I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog. I do try to post everyday but it is not always easy.

I really wish there was a BDSM book to go by, everything I cover has been my own experiences , and things I have learned from other dominants..

I know there are some who do not agree with me on everything , that is fine . My views on somethings are pretty out there. More so I am old school, as far as the lifestyle goes.

I am pretty open about the way I speak, or share my thoughts, I am very out spoken, most consider me to be rude . I am not sure about the rude part, I am very confident. Maybe a little cocky from time to time.

I want to know what you disagree on…….


I found this Picture On How Women feel after reading Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Does your Submissive or Slave have personal Issues

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We as Dominants have a great deal on our shoulders, on a day to day basis , more so if you are living together. We as Dominants for the most are very caring and loving, more so than those vanilla dudes.

I posted about this before , but it has gotten lost somewhere . So here we go again.

Most submissives or slaves come with baggage , maybe a briefcase , or several suitcases .I have been communicating with someone about this topic.

The fact is baggage comes in many forms , which can stem from the past be it when they were a child, raped, molested , or just abused . It is up to the dominant to open all her baggage so you know what your dealing with. Is this someone you want a relationship with, are you willing as a dominant to devote the time that is needed.

If your submissive was molested or raped at a young age , why would you use any form of humiliation, we are not there to humiliate, we are there to guide , form a relationship , build trust, and communicate.

We as the dominant can be in control with out being controlling. The biggest problem I see with other dominants is they seem to think they have to play that Dom card 24/7 , when in fact that is far from true. Once you gain that trust and respect , everything pretty much falls into place. Just a little day to day maintenance , along with communication.

Dinner is my communication time , all cell phones off , all ipads , computers , TV , this is our time. This is the time she can speak freely, her hour.

What is on her mind, her thoughts, concerns, how was her day. You can act like you care but actions show more than just speaking.

If she is seeing doctors for what ever reason if your able go with her, be supportive , help her with her goals.The lifestyle is just not about the pussy or tying her up, or humiliating, we are better than that, far better .

You can still be the dominant , without playing that card, after all she has put full trust in you, she has told you things she has not told her family, friends or doctors.

A submissive should be loved cherished , and cared for.  I remember my Ex who I speak of often, I use to bath her , and we would sit on the bed and talk while I brushed her hair, I would put lotion on her, and we would talk for hours before she feel asleep. Many a nights I would just lay and watch her sleep, I could see she was at peace she felt safe.

That is what we as dominants are about. The kink what ever it maybe is the cake. If your submissive or slave truly trust you, loves you , there is pretty much not anything she will not do, it is up to us not to cross that line, and we know what lines or buttons. Believe me she will respect you much much more , with you know what you can do, but you choose not to..

Because she will give and give and give, and if we just take and take and take, it will fail, and we have done much more damage.

Do you want to go through all there baggage, before you open make sure, if not hand it back and say thank you.



BDSM Has Changed So Much

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Bdsm in the last ten yrs has changed so much , and has lost so much respect.

I remember back in the day, when I was first learning , I visited another Dominant almost daily, talking, listening to him, and observing when out in public. It was almost like being in school, then older Dominants were eager to teach, and share what I thought was valuable information.

I was 18 when I learned the difference between being in control and being controlling, I also learned real fast when some bitch was trying to run game on me, for those of you who don’t know me I use the word bitch loosely , not a bad word to me, in most cases its a pet name.

A couple of months ago I went to a munch in Daytona Beach , I sat down at the table, and this young guy walks up to me and says I am master Asshole, well okay that was not his name, but it is to me. He asked how old I was okay I am 49, he then began to explain I was to old to attend there munch, Now this guy is 21 yrs old. What the fuck does he know about BDSM much less being a master. 21 are you serious ? I am to old , a dude like that should be clinging to me and learning , that BDSM is just not about spreading someone and dumping your cum in them.

What is worse it has taking me over two months to get pissed off , well not pissed off aggravated, yea just throw me out to the pasture. The nursing home , I left my walker at home.

Little does he know if I could of talked to his sub or slave for 20 min she would of been on the back of my Harley.

I was on Fetlife why I don’t have a clue I have a profile there, but I saw a young sub was having trouble finding a place to start her new munch, now she is 19 , okay its possible I suppose. So I email her and say hey this restaurant will welcome you and let you use there backroom no charge, she called and confirmed, set the munch up, and was Vile’s names mentioned , not a fucking chance she took all the credit, well good for her.

The lack of respect in the lifestyle is what is giving it a bad name now, the abuse is running wild.

I mentor a submissive who lives on the west coast here in Florida , she called me about a Dominant she wanted to meet , she began to explain, that if he liked her , she was going to take his seed right there in the parking lot of Denny’s and get pregnant. Wow yea a 22 yr old. Look I am not knocking someone for there age it is very possible for a young guy to have his shit together very possible.

The Collar has no meaning , they are all Velcro , you meet your sub Friday night and you collar her, yup that is they way it works , and she has to bend over right then so you can fuck her, and the next week she is history, gone out the fucking door, and it was her fault because she would not respect him , after he demanded it . I DEMAND THAT YOU RESPECT ME ON YOUR KNEES YOU FUCKING WHORE, that is what I am doing wrong.

We as people have become disposable , love is all but gone , love is with the baby boomers , I am not that old yet. Why make a relationship work when you can just pack up and leave , that is the easy way, or kick your submissive out the door, you can find another , they are disposable today.

I don’t really believe that , the truth is most relate BDSM  to sex , don’t get me wrong I love sex, but today I have to have that connection. not like mushy or anything not Vile , just the connection.

Respect is earned , it is not giving , then it is up to the Dominant to keep the control, on a daily basis., in return the dominant returns the respect.

He is there for his , be it if she is sick, then he takes care of her, that is what he is suppose to do. Support her in the goals she has, spend time talking, communicating .

There is no reason a dominant should ever yell , or raise his voice , that is not control. If he is real or even a Domme there is no reason to yell , or degrade. That is not control.

Okay I am finished venting for today..

This is a very hot pic by the way.




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I have been blocked for the first time and I have no idea why.

Sometimes Being in The lifestyle Is Hard

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I got back from Tennessee Today , went up to look at a house. I really liked it but the guy who owns it owes 50K more than it appraised for. Yea the housing market sucks today. So now I have to think do I like the house that much. It sits right on a river , and older cabin but real nice. 10 acres of land to boot. A lot of thinking.

Anyway While in pigeon Forge , I went to a night club which I rarely do , was just bored. After arriving I am sitting at the bar, drinking my jack and coke , I begin to look around and I do not fit in. The crowd is half my age, not that I really care , I was not there to socialize with anyone., I don’t even really like people.

Don’t get me wrong when I go to a munch I am friendly , and I try to talk to everyone , just not into having a lot of friends. I have about 6 people I am close to , a couple in Orlando , and another couple down south, I consider them to be very good friends, then a couple of submissives I know , I am very close to, but not in a D’s way.  I like things simple , no drama. More so if someone does not like me Fuckem. I guess in the lifestyle it runs about 50/50 .

Anyway So I am talking to the bartender , about the house I looked at , and I hear this voice , hey buy me a drink, I keep talking to james who now is loading my drinks up, and this voice buy me a drink. I turn around and look and I say go home to your Daddy. I continue my conversation with James , and a tap on my shoulder , are you serious ? This bitch just touched me , she does not know me from fucking adam and your going to touch me. So I turn and say Okay I was going to be polite, Please leave me the fuck alone. There you go polite.

She gets up and walks away, thank god , she is gone. Then James ask me Dude what is wrong with you. rapport with you lets don’t mess it up. He is like dude she is like 25 or 26 what are you doing ?

Well the truth is sex is the last thing on my mind , I spent most of the day with this relator , who was fucking trying to tell me what I wanted. Fuck me. Then I try to go fishing to relax, and I would pick a place where there is one guy who shows up who want to talk about Tnn football team.

Okay she wanted a drink, so I tell James to send her what ever she is drinking. James and I continue to talk , but I think he is only talking because of the tips I keep dropping , anyway he is not annoying .

The a tap on my shoulder, No fucking way this bitch touched me again, what the fuck is wrong with these people ? I know I sound like a total ass , but I am really not . Once you get to know me that is, I guess on first impressions I really suck., but I am just me, or maybe I seem cold because of all the ass’s Ive met through out my life.

So this girl is just rambling on like I am listening , and James is giving me these funny faces. She gets up and goes to the bathroom , James say dude that chick digs you. I said not she digs the drink I bought her.

I move to a booth thinking she will get the idea , um no she comes back and sits right next to me. She sticks out her hand and says I am Sandra , I say good for you. She ask what my name is , I am thinking why is this needed?

I say sandra what is your favorite band, she reply’s Sadus Hmmm who is another ? Exhorder, okay I am lost She ask me what my favorite band is I say Cinderella , that is an 80’s hair band for those of you who don’t know.. Shes says not a movie.

I say look sandra I am going to be upfront with you. You do not want any part of me , you do not want to know me , I am not nor will I ever be your type. Trust me when I say we have not one thing in common.

I suppose the average old man like me would jump all over her , really pretty, kinda of chunky but looks really good a very nice ass, if her shorts were any shorter her pussy lips would be showing..  Okay she is hot, very.

So she ask me why am I not your type ? Why don’t you like me ? I reply it is not that I don’t like you your very beautiful, your annoying but very beautiful.

So I say okay here is the deal sandra , I grab a handful of hair and I pull her close to me, and I whisper in her ear. I will put you on your hands and knees , tie your hands behind your back, put a ball gag in your mouth to shut you up, and fuck your ass so hard you will walk funny for a week. After I am done I will go shower, leaving you tied up, go outside and smoke a cig , come back in and face fuck your mouth until I cum and then hold your head and force you to swallow.Now if you want to go back to my hotel room we can, but I will be gone probably before you wake, and Ill leave cab fare on the dresser.

I let go of her hair and she just stares at me, I am reading my email now, waiting for a reply. About 5 minutes of total silence goes by , and she says I got to go, thanks for the drinks.

Okay I was honest and upfront , that is what we are all about right? Being truthful and upfront is what life is about. I am honest to a T , more so loyal.

Here is my problem , I cannot have what you call normal romantic sex unless I am really into you. I have tried a hundred times and it just does not work , I have met a couple of subs this yr who I was really really into , but things just didn’t work out, I have nothing bad to say about either.

I am not sure if something is wrong with me, or its just the sadist in me. Now I can see a sub who is into bondage, and enjoys being spanked , which is my specialty, and be somewhat rough, without bringing the sadist out , nothing long term, but I can.

Yes it is hard being in the lifestyle sometimes , more so being a sadist. It has been almost 3 years since my last long term relationship , in the last 6 months I have really started to look , ready to settle down.

The one mistake people make is settling for less , and I refuse too. Last I am happy right now for the time being , Everything always works out for the best , but being a sadist does make it hard at times to find a good partner, but life is good.



The Tens Unit

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The Tens unit can be an awesome toy , for pleasure or for those of us who happen to be sadist , it can be used as a form of torture. Even though I am a sadist I prefer the pleasure part of the unit.

As far as pleasure , you can take one pad and place it on the backside where the butt bone meets the spine, you take the second pad and place it right above the clit. Turn it on a low setting and you can make the keagle muscles work there magic , that is correct.

Once you slide your cock in and begin to pump her you can feel her pussy grasping your cock, it will be tighter than you or her ever thought was possible…

Also if she is standing up spread wide  with the pads in the same position , and you stick two fingers inside her curved upward once you hit that G spot, Here comes the almighty squirt…

Safety do not put pads near the heart, always play safe.

A note you can pick up on ebay for less than a hundred bucks…




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Lets face it those of us in the lifestyle , enjoy the play, be it physical , or mental. Some of us have our favorite play. Spanking is my specialty, I learned several years ago you could actually make a female CUM just from spanking. I am not talking hard impact play, just barehanded spanking.

We as dominants spend our time thinking what to do next , trying not to get into a normal routine , trying to keep things spiced up. Unlike a Vanilla relationship this is much easier due to the openness and communication. The ability to be open with each other.

Bondage be it mental or physical, has more meaning to it than just tying  someone up. As Dominants we spend much time trying to make sure our pet reaches Sub-Space. Although it is impossible to reach every time , it seems to bother many dominants , I suppose they look at it as failing, which is not the case.

If a submissive is truly into the play there are endorphin’s that are released , and with continued play they submissive is able to reach Sub-Space.

Bondage , I am getting much better , there are some who are very artistic in there work. I have gotten to the point though if I tie you up, you are not getting free. I promise that.

Bondage gives your submissive that feeling of being helpless, no control, the submissive is at your mercy. The Dominant has total control. I have just purchased a set of civil war shackled complete with a collar shackle. I use spreader bars during play , along with nylon , and leather cuff restraints., but the rope is where the feeling of helplessness comes into play , the way you tie the arms, the breast, I love breast bondage, nothing like watching breast turn to that shade of purple.

I have tied a submissive up,and gone to dinner , only to come back and find her a sleep. Tired from fighting to get free.

A quick note , while playing , never put anything around the neck , never this is a big safety NO NO. If you do not believe me ask David Carradine who died last year in Thailand.

Strapped to the bed be it rope , or restraints , while using spreader bars , I have a butter fly vibrator I like to put on, it massages the clit and will not come off, I have the remote control one , so I can leave the room and still operate it.

I use a blindfold fold most of the time during play, but I also use red body tape to hold it in place, to me the more senses you take away , the more it puts the submissive in that state of mind. with the spreader bars it gives you the ability to hit any hole you want as well. This is also one of my favorite positions for for face fucking …..

Bondage is very fun , and makes good play. Always think safe..



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Very well written

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A lot of awesome information



Bondage has two similar meanings and yet we rarely talk about the other bondage that takes place in a relationship.  Mostly, especially in BDSM dynamics, we think of bondage as tying someone up or down or the use of some other form of restraint.  This exterior bondage forms a strong part of the expressed imagery of D/s.  Restraint can be erotic.  Symbolically it means a submissive is physically under the control of the Dominant and has the trust that she will not be abused in that condition.

 The other meaning of bondage is less visible.  Like its counterpart, it means binding or bonding, but by it, we mean instead the emotional bondage that is also a strong part, if not the strongest part, of the relationship dynamic.  This type of bondage may express itself right from the beginning of the relationship or develop through the actions of the partners.  Unlike…

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