Women can Squirt

Female Ejaculation- It’s Real

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Female Ejaculation-
Did you know that ALL women are capable of it?
It’s True!

By Lisa S. Lawless, R.M., C.E.O.
Psychotherapist, Ph.D. Candidate
Founder Of HolisticWisdom.com

You may have heard of female ejaculation, or you may not even know what it is, as many people do not. Female ejaculation is not only very real, it is something that ALL women can achieve,and is a very basic female sexual response that has remained a mystery until recently.

All women can learn to ejaculate as much as two cups of fluid and spray it across the length of a room! Oh sure, there are a lot of myths out there regarding this exquisite female sexual response. Some claim the whole premise of female ejaculation is untrue, others claim only “special” women are capable and still others try and tell you ridiculous techniques based on myths such as suggesting that women should tighten their Kegel(vaginal wall) muscles to make it happen.

These types of statements are simply untrue. While women have differences in their genitalia (just as men do) all women are capable of squirting these lovely orgasmic juices with the right techniques. It is no different than all men being capable of ejaculating no matter the size or shape of their penis. The only reason that most people do not know about or understand how to achieve female ejaculation is from the sheer lack of understanding women’s sexuality.

When I first heard about female ejaculation I was in my latetwenties. Being a sexually knowledgeable and adventurous woman as well as a psychotherapist specializing in sexual issues, I was shocked that I had never heard about it, let alone done it.

I personally discovered female ejaculation after having a very open and enlightening discussion with a girlfriend, whom told me that she did the “wildest thing” when she had an orgasm (and sometimes just when she was sexually aroused). I of course was very intrigued about this, and ended up asking her a lot of questions about how it happened for her. I then went to the Internet to find out more, and was met with a great deal of inaccurate, conflicting information about female ejaculation.What was a chick to do? I wanted to know more about it, and most importantly at the time, I wanted to know if I could do it too.I began a mission of researching through medical journals,interviews with physicians, sex therapists and my clients who came to me for psychotherapy.

After all my research, and developing a few theories of my own,I decided that I simply had to try to see if I could do it. I am happy to say that I did it during my first attempt through masturbating. It was so simple! There were a few things that I learned and did in preparation that made it possible and there are a lot of things I learned along the way which turned into a150 page book and 90 minute video! For the sake of keeping this article and not a book, let me give you a quick overview of how female ejaculation occurs so that you get a general idea of how all of this works. First let’s get the myths out of the way and review what is true and untrue about it.

The Myths & Truth About Female Ejaculation-


1) Female ejaculation does not exist.

2) Only rare women can achieve female ejaculation.

3) Kegel exercise is the key to achieving female ejaculation.

4) Only women with prominent G-Spots can achieve female ejaculation.

5) Female ejaculation can only be achieved through G-Spot orgasms.

6) Gynecologists are educated about this issue and provide women with correct information.

7) Women can only excrete a drop or two of female ejaculate, and if it is more (especially in the amounts that some women claim 1-2 cups) then it would be urine.

8) Female ejaculation is or becomes urinary incontinence.

9) Women who have given birth are the only women capable of female ejaculation.

10) There is only one way to achieve female ejaculation.


1) Female ejaculation comes from the Skenes/Paraurethral glands (also known as the G-Spot).

2) Women do not realize that they can ejaculate because they are missing the cues of when they can do it.

3) There are specific techniques that can be taught to a woman to teach her how to do it and how to hold it if she does not wish to ejaculate.

4) Women can ejaculate without having a G-Spot orgasm and for that matter without having an orgasm at all!

5) Women can increase the amount of fluid they ejaculate by following specific steps.

6) Women can ejaculate multiple times within a short period.

7) Female ejaculation is not urine, is much like the consistency of water, is clear in color, and usually smells like nothing or has a slight sweet scent.

8) OBGYNs and other physicians often misunderstand or even misdiagnose female ejaculation.

You may be wondering “If all women are capable, then why is it that many women have never done it?” This is a very good question, and is easily explained. Let’s begin with reviewing some basic information about the female anatomy to better understand how this works.

Where Does Female Ejaculation Come From?

Female ejaculation is a fluid that is pushed out of the urethra(pee-hole- just like urine) however, unlike urine it comes from the Paraurethral/Skenes glands (located under and making up theG-Spot) during sexual arousal.

How Is Female Ejaculate Different Than Regular Cum?

There are two types of female cum that can be excreted during sexual arousal. They are clinically termed as urethral and vaginal ejaculation fluids. The one most commonly seen in our culture is vaginal ejaculate, which lubricates the vaginal walls and oozes out during sexual arousal. You probably have noticed it is milky and ranges in its thickness and odor based on a woman’s diet, overall health and the phase she is experiencing within her menstrual cycle.

Urethral ejaculate is what we are referring to when describing female ejaculation and is less common. It is the watery ejaculate that sprays or gushes out and is the one that is generally less known about. Again, this is not because only a few, special women are capable, but rather due to lack of understanding of women’s sexual health issues in this culture.

What Is In The Fluid?

Let me get the biggest myth out of the way- IT IS NOT URINE.Upon testing the liquid, scientists have found that it contains levels of glucose (sugar), and an enzyme (prostatic acidphosphatase), which is characteristic of a major component in semen. It is similar to the prostate fluid within male ejaculation but without the sperm. There are also two other substances contained in the fluid, commonly found in urine (ureaand creatinine), which are found in trace amounts. It is a unique substance, and unlike the heavier and thicker fluid that you would typically see when a woman is “wet” or has had an orgasm.

How Much Ejaculate Comes Out?

Most women can gush as much as 1.5 – 2 cups of the fluid whenejaculating. However this can be affected by how hydrated a woman is, how much she pushes while ejaculating, and other factors.

Why Don’t Most Women Know About It Or Do It?

Female ejaculation is not difficult; its techniques are just not known about by many. Because women typically don’t know about the elusive reasons they are not doing it, they are usually sabotaging their chances for gushing female ejaculate when they are having an orgasm.

One of the main reasons that women do not know they can do it is because women will often feel like they need to urinate when they are ready to expel the ejaculate and because they think that urine will come out, which it will not, they hold back. You see the G-Spot (Skenes Glands) fill up with the female ejaculate fluid and this puts pressure on the urethra (pee-tube) thus,making it feel like she has to urinate when in actuality she could ejaculate if she simply pushed instead of holding back.

There are sure-fire methods, techniques and ways to achieve it as well as overcome inhibitors, yet the issue of holding back for fear of urinating is a big factor for many women. The ejaculation techniques that I have begun training thousands of women and their partners have been quite effective and not only allow for amazing ejaculations but will also intensify any type(women are capable of eight) of orgasm to mind blowing levels.Are There Health Problems For Women Who Do It?

No, in fact that is one of the reasons I am so passionate about teaching women and their partners about female ejaculation because unlike what many think, there is nothing abnormal or unhealthy about it. Did you know that thousands of women each year are told that a normal female sexual response such as female ejaculation is a medical problem (incontinence, which it is not) or something that they should be ashamed of as they are thought to be maliciously urinating on their partner(s)?

Because women can gush as much as two cups of ejaculate, many people think that it must be urine. Often women who do not know what is happening (and there are many) are embarrassed, confused and find it to be of great concern. It does not help that most health practitioners are not informed about it as many women are being told they require surgery and/or psychotherapy for this normal female sexual response!

If there is one thing that I can stress, it is that female ejaculation is not only visually erotic, but it feels incredible to do it. The kind of sexual release that a woman feels from this powerful gush is like no other.


3 Responses to “Women can Squirt”

  1. Wow, I know this is alll true, I thought I was pretty well knowledgeable about my body, as have been life choice Abf.mcurrently have a man friend who has re educated me.and I found I am multiorgasmic and a big time squirted. Yep all the years be fore thought I had to pee. So held it tight inside. the first tie I said I have to pee he said no you don’t, let go.. I said no I have to pee, he continued what he was doing said let go baby , let go for me.. O
    Mg… I was amazed, embarrassed, could not stop cumming..came so hard soaked, his face, my ass and entire bed covers.. Whhew. Yep was not definitely not Pee. he had me taste me.. Was kinda sweet salty, new experience and I love it who knew orgasms were so intensely wonderful..

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