Once again , So your submissive and he is not Dominant

Here is a question that was asked and I will answer it to the best of my knowledge.

I am going to play Dr. Vile this am, a nastier version of Dr. Phil. Hmm I like that Dr.Vile, I just may have something there.

Most women do not develop these feeling of being submissive until they hit there late 30’s early 40’s , I guess like me at 49 and wanting a 1978 Camero  Z28, white with blue trim, hmm a 4 speed.

Anyway you begin to have these kinky feelings and thoughts, so you start dropping little hints to your hubby, then you become bolder and fully explain what you need , or at least want to try.

Here is the bad news ladies, if you have been married any length of time your husband does not view you in this manner. He does not want to fuck you, he wants to make love. He does not want to spank you because he does not want to humiliate you in this fashion. Your husband loves you. He loves what he has built, in his life time.

Many married men have affairs just for this reason, they can see someone else, who they can fuck, and do all the nasty thing they want, and go home to there loving wife.

Yea it sounds wrong and it is, but the fact of the matter is many men have trouble communicating on this level. So ladies it is not you.

The truth is a lot of men want kink, again the love thing gets in the way, they do not see you as there bedroom whore, they see you as their wife and the mother of your children.

I am not going to say it cannot change, but your at less than 50% of a chance of getting him to open up the way you want or need, he is already in the swing of things.

A touchy subject if he is in his late 30’s early 40’s there could be a low T thing going on, yea bring that up to your hubby and see what happens. Most men do not even realize what is going on, or even notice.

Now here is what you can do to make him take notice, start dressing a little more provocative, make him take notice to you, sit him down and talk to him about your newly found needs. You have to be forward and open about the subject. Bring it up as a friend told you about her feelings and what they did to spice things up. Tell your husband I am here this is yours do what you want. I do mean anything.

Set up a movie night, with your hubby, some drinks. Rent a movie called The Secretary, a very good BDSM movie, somewhat low budget but very good.

Second there is a book I recommend every woman to read, No not the Fifty Shades Of Grey, a good fantasy book, it could happen, but I truly doubt it, no not the story of O. A book called the Surrendered Wife. This is a true story of how a woman turned her marriage around and was able to turn total control over to her husband without him even knowing it. Yes to all the women you can train your husband.


Finely if the above does not work, order a vibrator, wait for your husband to go to work, and spend an hour with George Clooney. Not much more you can do at this point, unless you want to stray. I do not condone this , but who am I to judge.

3rd do not listen or watch Dr. Phil I am serious, can you picture him tying  his wife up and spanking her, I didn’t think so.

Dr Viles office is open.. All hours..

Much Love ladies.



39 Responses to “Once again , So your submissive and he is not Dominant”

  1. LOL at the George Clooney comment, I wonder to you have the doctor’s coat? ;-P

  2. You make an excellent doctor xD

  3. southernbarbie Says:

    Haha Dr. Vile

      • southernbarbie Says:

        Well Dr. Vile the first question is well statement really. The world is so double standard, a guy who sleeps around is nothing. But a girl who slept around with the same amout of guys that most guys slept with, she is called a whore. I think if a girl slept with six or more guys she is called a whore…idk for sure. But I do know guys will say more numbers to their friends but a girl will cut it down a number.

      • Britt we are human, we have needs, those who stereotype women because they have more than one partner, are pigs. A guy can be a hoe. he is just jealous he is not getting the pussy that is all.
        If he was banging her he would not be saying that

  4. southernbarbie Says:

    Yea it is like that everywhere…but whats sad is when someone tells their number and the other person does not thinj its true.

    • Then they have a problem not you. Just like when a guy takes a girl out on a date Britt. The next day when he is with his buddys, he fucked her. even if they did not have sex, to his friends he did. and he fucked for hours, he wore her out.
      That is the truth

      • southernbarbie Says:

        Well it must be the size of a ticktack since the girl never felt anything. Hahaha

  5. Hey I am just telling what dudes are saying, and his friends believe him. It would be an ego buster if he went to his friends and said he didn’t score

    • southernbarbie Says:

      Well that sucks.

      I have a friend who is so mean to guys she talks to. Like this guy didnt text her back like he told her he would, well she cursed him out. And guy friends I have if Im like would you date her…she wants a boyfriend….they go hell no, like I told her to be nice a little and she is like but Im real.

  6. She will learn one day.

    • southernbarbie Says:

      She’s almost 30….Well I get she was with a guy that was horrible and really had to take care of him. He cheated on her so much but that dont mean she has to be a dick to every guy. Like ok her ex didnt call her back one day. And she went to his house and kicked his door down, well he tried to leave in his car. Well she somehow got in the car and he was like Im fucking another girl. And she hits him dead in lip. Like blood everywhere. Well they had stayed together. But when it was really over (her family hated this guy) she asked me to help pack her stuff. I wont lie I was scared because I never met him before so I was thinking huge built guy. No when we get their he is not 6’5 and built. Just average.

      It took her another year to really let him go. Like ome guy she told him to move out her way and he didnt. So she hit him with her car.

  7. southernbarbie Says:

    Like she slept in the same bed with Alex. Just to sleep. Well the guys asked Alex if he had sex woth her. Well he made a face and was like oh hell no…she may have wanted it but I sure didnt. When he said that like all the guys laughed. It pissed me off.

    • southernbarbie Says:

      Yea and its like u want to hook her up with someone but she has to be nice. Like she is a great friend, the guys will even say she is a great friend. But if your talking to her she is just mean. Like one date she went on the guy said she hit him with a bat. So I asked her why she hit the guy with a bat. She goes because he kicked my car and I just bought the car. I was like wow….beat the guy with a bat that was in her backseat.

      I mean I almost hit someone with my car but I just couldnt stop.

  8. southernbarbie Says:

    Yea…I agree. I know I get mad but its nothing like her temper.

    • southernbarbie Says:

      You would have to catch me first lol.

      Not an annoying hyper but Im on the go. I can multi-task

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