The Love Of Anal Sex

I myself love anal sex, just something about putting your slave on all fours, making her spread her cheeks open and sliding my dick in just a little and making her back up on it.

I view anal sex as one of the most submissive acts one can perform or give, the most private part of a slaves body. Most women hate it, some like it, then those very few who truly get off on being fucked in the ass. Anal sex to me is total submission. The slave on all fours saying here it is it is yours take it.

A lot of submissives not slaves but those who are sub, put limitations on sex acts, well I do not swallow, I do not do anal. Um yea Okay but you know to each there own, some men are happy with that, even some dominants

On the other hand the biggest reason men fuck around is because they are not getting something at home, this does not have to be sex, communication, or spending more time arguing than actual talking. Why argue, there is no reason ever to argue, or raise your voice to each other.

The infidelity works both ways though, if your wife or sub, slave like to be eating out, and you are not willing to please guess what, chances are your neighbor will.  That is why communication i so important when first entering a relationship you have to lay all your cards out on the table, we can date and get to know each other, but if I bring something  sexual up I like and you will not do, then we are just friends. I will not enter a relationship unless I get the whole cake and ice cream. I get off on anal sex but if you are going to say no never it wont happen, then I am sure there is someone out there for you, it is not me.

If you are a woman sub or slave and your meeting for the first time, do not be afraid to express your needs, do not be afraid to say the things you will and will not do. Communication.

On the meeting part, if you are meeting a potential master, you never I mean never allow him to take you someplace for a session or sex, never on the first meeting, you never let him tell you, what to wear, or let him tell you to suck his dick. Many fake dominants will play the Dom card.

When I first meet a slave I lay all the cards out on the table, I hide nothing, I will tell you, that your place is to serve, I want head when I want it, I want to fuck when I want, and yes Anal sex when and how I want. There is nothing more erotic than watching your slave lube up your cock, so you can fuck her ass.

Putting her on all fours making her back up on my cock, grabbing a handful of hair, slowly pushing in until your in as deep as you can go, holding it for a minute taking in the feeling, then slowly start to rocking back and forth. Incredible….




19 Responses to “The Love Of Anal Sex”

  1. You are just making my curiously for anal sex go through the roof. I was curious before and excited about it. However reading this makes me want to run out and try it sooner.

  2. littlebopeep12 Says:

    Sir, just getting acquainted with your blog. As a sub, I view anal and oral to be the greatest sexually submissive acts my sir can ask of me. They are both very special to us both, particularly if Sir is in his suit and I am naked and either tied up or otherwise restrained. The trust bond between us strengthens each time we play in this manner. Thank you for articulating this so well.

    • Wow you are the second submissive i have heard use those words and with true
      Most of the time you hear , it is just a sex act and nothing more.
      Thank you for stopping by.

      • littlebopeep12 Says:

        I am truly honored Sir, we are out here, I am busy reading your archives now 🙂

      • littlebopeep12 Says:

        I may know the other sub..)

      • You may know the other sub ? Do you know me?

      • littlebopeep12 Says:

        No Sir, I just found your blog last night. Sir and I live very far north of you. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be coy or flirt, I am just good friends with another sub who follows your blog who also feels the same way. I haven’t gotten past June 2012 yet, and thought perhaps she might have commented on a similar post.

      • I would of never thought you were being coy or flirting. I have way to much respect for the lifestyle. More so slaves and subs who are wearing a collar.
        I to am in a very happy marriage with my wife and slave, I might add very loyal.
        Again thank you.
        You may know her. I am courious now.

      • littlebopeep12 Says:

        Sir, If you mean your wife and slave, all I know of her is her name, Arianna. My friend is Mynx. I have not been on FL or in the blog world very long, although I have been a sub for a few years, well before FSOG, and you could guess that from my About page that Sir’s and my journey was atypical, Sir and I do what comes naturally to us both, we just never thought there were that many others out there.

      • Arianna is my wife and slave. That is the name i gave her. I do not post her real name any longer. I just did not want to throw her name out there.
        She is from orlando.

      • littlebopeep12 Says:

        Sir and I went to college in Melbourne. In the 80’s….we are a little more old school than some others 🙂

  3. I am what you might say old school. In and out of the lifestyle. I am 51 and my Arianna just turned 37.

    • littlebopeep12 Says:

      Sir, I think it is good that Dom’s have subs that are younger. Sir is 5 yrs my senior. Play and scenes take a toll on our bodies. Much like an aging athlete, my body does not recover as quickly from play as a younger subs would. Sir does not seem to be affected in the same way. Just this week I failed to take enough rest and food after several days of play and crashed. My mind, however, always hungers for more more, and sometimes overrules my body.

      • I do agree about the Dom being older, for a few reasons. I try to spread that word to those who are younger but very few listen.

        Safety being my first , most of the time an older Dom is more settled unless one is ego driven.
        At 51 Arianna has trouble keeping up with me.

      • littlebopeep12 Says:

        Sir, I have enjoyed talking to you, I look forward to more conversations. I must attend to my Sir, he likes me to be fully present during our evenings. I will read the rest of your posts this week when I have time. Thank you again for sharing as much as you have with me already.

  4. I am with you in this, Sir. Princess adores anal not only because she enjoys it a lot (and cums) but also it makes her feel extremely submissive and used. There is much power in our acts but there is even more power in the way our mind’s process these acts. For both of us anal is not only about pleasure but the way we feel and experience the act on itself.
    Always a pleasure reading you, Vile.

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