Boyfriend assaults girlfriend with steak sauce over ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

The sauciness of “Fifty Shades of Grey“–the titillating trilogy that millions of women around the world are reading this summer–turned literal late last month, when a 31-year-old British man, apparently upset that his girlfriend was one of them, assaulted her with a bottle of steak sauce.

According to authorities in Carlisle, U.K., Raymond Hodgson was so bothered that his girlfriend, Emma McCormick, was reading E.L. James’ “pornographic” and “distasteful” book, he drove to her house and squirted her in the face.

According to the Carlisle News & Star, the couple had been arguing and exchanging text messages before the sauce assault.

McCormick “answered the door and the argument continued,” prosecutors said. “She went to close the door and [Hodgson] jammed his foot into the door, slapped her once in the face, and then squirted her with this bottle of sauce.”

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Hodgson, who denies slapping McCormick, pleaded guilty to assault and was ordered to pay 185 pounds in fines, including 100 pounds to McCormick. The judge also imposed a six-week, 6 p.m. curfew for the convicted saucer.

Meanwhile, the “Fifty Shades” frenzy continues unabated. Hotels in the Pacific Northwest–where the novel is set–are offering special “sexy weekend getaways,” according to CNN. The erotic novel is spurring sales of the classical music featured in its pages, according to NPR. And sales of the book itself are expected to eclipse the 20 million mark faster than “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”

Only an insecure man, would act in this manner.



27 Responses to “Boyfriend assaults girlfriend with steak sauce over ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’”

  1. Butterfly Says:

    Fifty shades’s not a fine literature on BDSM. Got so many things wrong and very bad writing in my opinion.

  2. Good lord! Steak sauce?!

  3. Yes Sadey spankings do make the world go round

  4. southernbarbie Says:

    Wow…and the book is not that good in the first place. I hate to see how some guys react when its made into movie.

    • Yea it was on the news a guy in the UK hit his GF in the head with a steak sauce bottle, because she was reading a book while they were out eating dinner. My take is he was very insecure, and lived by his ego.
      Yea the Movie, all chicks no dudes, all that masturbating going on in one place, I need a night vision cam.

  5. southernbarbie Says:

    Well I think sometimes men are crazy. Like when a guy shot his GF down here because she was working at Victoria Secrets…Their needs to be trust and I know people say girls have trust issues but lately I been seeing and hearing about the guys.

    • southernbarbie Says:

      Oh and about the movie I hope they make a better plot. It’s not girl on girl…it’s guy tie girl up realizes she’s a virgin so has to have non kinky sex…give girls rules. Girl breaks a rule, guy gives punishment. guy has a room of pain and pleasure girl likes some pain. Guy then goes over bored and girl runs away from the spanking which makes it worst. He hits her to hard she leaves him…That book was good but the second one they love each other and they start dating….All his old girls come back in the picture but I stopped reading it because it sucked.

      • Yes I strummed through a couple of the book, at Barnes and Nobles I spend much time there.
        Look up a movie called THE PET, and THE SECRETARY. the secretary is an awesome love story with BDSM

    • Yea guys today are much different, just look around. Most guys are insecure as well. A guy who accuses his girl of cheating he is cheating already.
      The one who shot his girl probably did not even have a job.
      Sometime ago I lived with two women, one stayed home the other was a stripper, It was all good because at the end of the night she was coming home to me, and guys just dreamed about banging her, while all along I was.
      If a girl sees a guy is jealous dump his fast.

      • southernbarbie Says:

        Yea they are very diff then I hear with the older men. Like I met a guy didn’t date him but we talked and he was the biggest ass ever. Like very possive and jealous type, controlling. And I’ll never forget he made a bad move and I was like WTF but lets say Karma is a bitch. Wow two girls together, if they were both blonde then you have my vote. Huge H. in the making??? Like I would not care if the guy I’m with would take Hailey out for dinner, I mean she is my best friend and I trust her. She’s into women yea but their is trust between her and the guy. She said thats why she’s into women because guys are dicks and they cant please a woman like a woman can….hahaha I made it non rated R from what she just said. I may…I’ll make Hailey watch it first before I do…just incase their is something that would bother me…

      • Most guys your age think with their dicks, I call it an 8 second ride, so you had better of already gotten off.
        I do understand where Hailey is coming from, and for the most it is true. Women do know women.
        An older man how ever is much different, here is why. Most of the time he is more settled in life,
        his anger issues are behind him. He has no jealousy,he is much more loving and caring, and yes when it comes to sex he is more pleasing.

        The two I lived with, the one that stayed home and made sure everything was in order was a blonde, 4 ’10 85lbs. The other was Korean she worked 3 days a week.While they were not bi they were best friends.
        Kerri the blonde began to have jealousy issues with Chong. In the end Kerri had to go, chong was my number one, and I made that a point when we first met Kerri. Shortly after chongs mother became ill, and went back to Soul Korea to take care of her..

    • If you want to see more on the lifestyle go to, or

  6. my twitter Leland ‏@Vile62

  7. southernbarbie Says:

    Yay for blondes…Hailey says blondes are to expensive ..because I spend like almost $200 on my hair every three months. That’s where were not the same I’m about vanity and she is about being comfortable. I say beauty is pain, breathing in a corset is just so last year lol. Well I guess I mean I would have been a little iffy if the guy I was with was actually banging another girl. Girl code: Friends don’t do that…that’s like a no no for me.

    Well that guy is old news, but I have to say I do attract the jerks, idk why. Don’t get me wrong I dated guys who were so sweet but were like doormats. I mean theirs a point in a day where you wonder where their balls are. I like a challenge I want excitement but someone like me. I mean the guy I’m with been with for a while and he is like a little more Alpha then I am. But I challenge it every once in a while, sometimes I win most time I don’t…but it’s fun. Most guys I was with would normally just be doormats when I would raise a simple brow. I told him what we were doing and he thought it was neat and he knows me and said “Bitch go fix me a plate” I just laughed and didn’t fix him a plate.

    • You are too funny, awesome personality.
      The female should always look her best, the first thing I look at are her toe nails. then her hands,if she takes care of those two areas, she takes pride in herself, then I move to the ass, and everything else.
      Some guys are doormats , they are afraid Brit is going to dump them, if they do not walk a straight line.
      A guy should be willing to pay for things like your hair and clothes.

      • Now a nice corset and and evening jacket, short skirt and heels, a night out on the town . Nice

      • southernbarbie Says:

        Well mani and pedi is a big YES for me. White tips are pink, yeap Im that type of girl who loves pink. Aw thanks most people say I look stuck and have a dry humor. But thats just girls being stupid. I can hang with the guys but still be a girl, like when I hunt dont think Im going to be all man like. I have a cute top and bottom with boots that are either zebra print or something cute. Make-up is full on and hair fixed. Thats how I get my nicknames I guess. Only the fiance will see me without make-up he rathers the natrual look but thinks its nice I take pride in myself. Same thing I look in a guy he must must work out and he has to be tall. Like Im short I say 5’2 but the doctors say 5 feet even.

        Well the first date I went on with my fiance he was in for a big shocker. I paid for the dinner, he was so mad but just told me he was raised to take care of a woman. And I smiled and said look at this time period, I was raise to take care of myself. Cant lie he would put card on the top shelf to where I couldnt reach it before we went out. Clothes no he wants to but I say no. Dont get me wrong Ill eaisly take his card and go shop like crazy for our little girl. But yea their is never a dull moment with me, sometimes I dont even plan for it to happen. It just happens.

      • Independent can be good, a strong woman can be good, a woman who is smart and in power is a big turn on…

      • southernbarbie Says:

        Well wouldnt that be a big turn off for a male in your lifestyle. So it wouldnt turn most men on. I always said Anne Bolyen was a woman before her time period. She ruled a man, wanted power had power but natrually it was taken away. Cost her, her life. To me I think women should look up to her since her history showed she fought for what she wanted. She used her sedective ways to get what she wanted, and I think thats perfect. A man is physically stronger and can use his strenght for power but a woman can use her mind and words.

  8. Beautiful and smart good combo

    • southernbarbie Says:

      Well every woman is pretty in their own way. It may not be on the outside but usually it’s their on the inside. Yes a pretty woman with brains is a good combo.

  9. You are correct it is what is on the inside, that is really is important, you can be beautiful and have a fucked up personality and be ugly…

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