My post the other Day

I made a post on protocol dress, and how Dominants should take care of their partners or submissive. While there are some who do not care, about their goals in life, their needs. Nor do they support them, in trying to excel in life.

I use to teach a Munch up until my accident last year, now I am getting better, and will probably pick it back up soon.

The way some of the Dominants let their submissive or slaves out of the house is beyond me. I mean before the munch starts we all eat dinner together. The last thing I want to see, is a pair of 48’s resting on the table in a tank top with no bra. More so a pair of cotton shorts that looks like the pussy is eating them, dont get me wrong I do love a good camel toe, but DAYUM.

Many not all submissive’s or slaves have a problem with being insecure. So it is up to you as the dominant to help build your up. Be it education, a weight problem, she has not being seeing doctors, what ever the case.

Another fact is some women who are over weight are secure with the way they look, and they should be. Be a real Dom and man up. Again the truth most men are just happy with a steady piece of ass, someone to clean, and do laundry.

I live alone right now and I am seeing someone, very smart and really really smoking hot. fuck me man. Have been seeing her for about a month and have not even hit it yet, coming soon though. I am thinking a dungeon in orlando called the woodshed an awesome place. I have not been to the new one, but Master Cecil is an awesome guy he runs the shed, I truly admire him.

So I know a submissive, a big girl, awesome personality, incredible smile, spends tons of money on her hair and nails, and is comfortable with her weight.. This girl is really really beautiful. Her Dom takes care of her , he is some 25 years her senior, and have been together for almost 8 years….

Check her outImage, yes I did get permission to use the pics….




Take notice men , this is a dom who care about his submissive.

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