This dude should be in Jail

Staked in the Heart

Meet Yunior Corbalan (actual name). He smacks women around.

Yunior is the latest boyfriend of one my long-time girlfriends. He snuck over on a banana boat from Cuba, apparently to beat our women.

About a year ago, my friend met Yunior and quickly let him move into her house—which wasn’t wise because she didn’t  know him very well.  She bought him a car, helped him find a job, and basically supported him, while he stayed at her home, cooked and cleaned the cats’ box.

The thanks she got for all her kindness was to be verbally abused, physically assaulted, and to have her expensive things broken in his fits of rage, like her laptop and cell phone.

Did she file a restraining order against him? No.

Did she report being assaulted and having her property destroyed to police? Oh, hell no.

What did she do? She broke up with him…

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