I was told today I might have a moralistic Debate

I am lacking in the moral department I am guessing . The female I am speaking of her blog is called singlewhitefemaledating. Now I do not have anything against her, we have exchanged words though on topics I did not agree with maybe I took this the wrong way I tried to pull up the rest of the conversation, but here it is..

singlewhitefemaledating commented on “Hi, My Name Is Yunior Corbalan. I Beat Women”.

in response to thekinkyworldofvile:

A moralistic Debate, really

What’s wrong with that!! I am sure you have a point of view Mister Vile 😀

I would like to clear a few things up here. I prefer submissive women, I prefer to be in control, I am not controlling a huge difference. I am not an abusive man. I have never hit a woman out of anger. I have never raised my voice to a woman. I do not look down on woman, and I fully respect the one I am with.

My lifestyle is much different singlewhitefemaledating I am not sure why she had to throw the white part in you can clearly see she does not look like Janet Jackson. All of my relationships have been long term, three ended because school was finished and took jobs in other states, and I refused to leave my son.

To speak about my morals, like I am garbage when she truly does not even know me. If I meet a woman who is not in the lifestyle I treat her with total respect, I have a new follower who can vouch for that. I do not try to push my lifestyle on anyone, nor do I even speak of it. I have several female friends who are well the new name is strawberry, it was vanilla , but I changed it. So to all the BDSM world it is no longer vanilla. Vile has spoken.

Another thing if I am seeing a submissive, everything is safe, sane and consensual. I f I am seeing a submissive, and she is not into things I am, I do not push the issue, SAFE,and SANE. Total respect at all times.

I have high morals, check out what I re-blogged from, Carolina Courtland commented on “Hi, My Name Is Yunior Corbalan. I Beat Women”.

I re-posted this because I thought the word should get out, when it comes to a man abusing a woman. I do not condone any type of abuse when it comes to women, even if a woman strikes me, I will not hit back.

I love kinky sex, I love bondage, I have a spanking fetish, I love having my girl at my feet. I love the communication we have.

To ask me if we can have a moralistic debate, anytime and we should do it via Skype and let as many people listen as possible.

No one knows me, except for the one I am with. If I am your friend, you cannot ask for a better friend, I am someone who will be there when no one else will be, and if your female. I do not expect anything in return, other than your friendship.

Vile Has Morals.

My name is Vile and I approve this message

2 Responses to “I was told today I might have a moralistic Debate”

  1. Hi Mister Vile, in response to your blog (I am not defending anything I commented on) I think you are a tad too sensitive… I have never read any of your blogs and based on your comments I agree with what you have said. You are respectful (just sometimes have differing opinions) and obviously don’t advocate violence against women (thumbs up for you again).
    I think where the quandary lies is you have misunderstood what I mean’t by a moralistic debate.
    By definition:
    Adj. 1. moralistic – narrowly and conventionally moral
    moral – concerned with principles of right and wrong or conforming to standards of behavior and character based on those principles; “moral sense”; “a moral scrutiny”; “a moral lesson”; “a moral quandary”; “moral convictions”; “a moral life”
    I thought you would be taking the piss out of me for be being narrow minded etc…
    Apologies to you Mister Vile as no offense was intended!!!
    (SIngle White Female was the name of a movie ?? I just added the dating – but I am white, female and single) Heehee 😀

    • I am touched by your response I truly am. I feel that we have made progress and have started to bond, a friendship blooming like a rose petal.
      I am not sensitive I get ragged all the time about the lack of. One the other hand I have been making great strides in trying to improve my sensitivity level. So that is may improve the quality of the relationship.
      Much Love SWFD

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