My New Chinese Slave

Have you ever been walking outside, and something fall from the sky right into your hands. Exactly my point it never happens. To be 20 years younger.

The more we talk and text the more we find out just how much we have in common. We both like the group Various Artist. food, when talking about food it is if our words just fell together. ahhh and strategic war games. Like Risk, or just monopoly which she shall be handed her first defeat. Risk I have never been beaten I might add.

I am not really the type to get emotionally attached , I can but I have learned it is best not to, for a few reasons. I trust very few people, and I like even less. Those I do call friend, have a friend like no other.

We have a connection, the communication is really awesome, we talk like we have know each other for a long time.

The comes the BDSM, although I am the first Dom she has had a relationship with, the connection seems like it has been there for sometime.

So I will just go with the flow of things. I am not going to look elsewhere for now. I am feeling good right about now…


5 Responses to “My New Chinese Slave”

  1. southernbarbie Says:

    Well I hope for the best between yall 🙂

  2. Good luck! I’m happy to hear you’ve found someone…

  3. So glad to know things are going very well between you two, Vile!! Love this post. You sound very happy 🙂

  4. If you were 20 years younger, you wouldn’t be the Dom she needs! So wash your mouth out with soap for that one. 😉

    The whole situation sounds lovely. Best wishes.

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