I Do Not Understand Some Dominants.

When chong and I were together, we were inseparable like peanut butter, and Jelly. Were one was the other was.Although she was a dancer, she is the only one I have ever trusted. I knew deep inside that she would have my back no matter what, the most loyal person female, slave, partner and friend I have ever known.

She knew me inside out , she knew when I wanted to be left alone, she knew when I needed to talk, she knew what I wanted for dinner on a daily basis. At this point and time my life was perfect, like a dream, and I woke up the day her plane left the Orlando Airport.

The a fog hit me, an emptiness I had never felt.Chong was not a Masochist, far from it, and I would of never hurt her in anyway. Chong was on a pedestal she could do no wrong. I never left a mark on her, and although I am a sadist she was able to fill that void. She was the first who could get her way, and I would not realize it for sometime that she was able to play me, but not to the point of taking advantage .

She always had this innocent look about her. She was really average looking, but her personality made her a beauty queen,and had a body that was built for sin.

She came to me about wanting a sister slave, a friend someone she could hang with, friends. I thought about it for a couple of weeks, she knew not to ask, but patients was one of her best quality’s.

I sat her down, and agreed , but she would be the one to do the searching, I was not going to take part in it. She was the one who wanted the relationship, a sister.

Now here is the thing, if it had been the other way around and I wanted another slave, then it would of been my responsibility to find a sister slave, but the key would of been, she would of had to got along with chong because she was the number one, and nothing was going to change that.

If I wanted to add a third, I would never direct the slave to find someone. The fact of the matter is, most subs or slaves do not want a third, but do so just to please.

I run across profiles all the time, where a Master is looking for another slave, and he has pictures of his slave, I suppose exploiting her in a way. I think it should be the other way around, the Master should be doing to looking, and use his own pictures. I will say this only really happens if the sub or slave is new to the lifestyle and really knows no better.

Even when it was the three of us, I never had sex with Beth, she was chongs toy not mine, although Beth did follow my rules.

Today One is more than enough, although in the right relationship, if the sub wanted a sister I would probably go along with it.

This is just my opinion I think it is not a good idea to have the submissive looking for another sub for her Master. Let the Master do the leg work. If the Submissive finds several subs and the Master is not happy with any of them. This is setting the submissive up for failure.

I will say this again I am not speaking about anyone, I was just fishing today , and the topic popped into my head..

If I was in a relationship, and I wanted another slave, the I would do the search.First thing is to make sure the submissive is really okay with the idea. Make sure she is not just saying yes to please.



2 Responses to “I Do Not Understand Some Dominants.”

  1. Is there any chance Chong is finished with her familial duties and is free now to come back to you and live in the US? You write of her so sweetly, and I wish she was at your side, or that you had the hope of that.

  2. She has been taking care of her mother for a long time now. We are still in contact quite a bit, a couple of times a month. I send her money from time to time, since she is no longer working.
    She did ask me what I thought of teaching english in Korea. You can teach without a degree. I think the course you have to take is called TEFL . You do not make as much as someone with a degree, but she lives up north, and the cost of living, is a lot less than say living in soul.
    Once you get out of Soul, in small towns they rent what is called Hoochs, usually One room, bathroom outside, as well as the shower.
    You heat with Charcoal or called Ondol, Pipes run through the floor, the Ondol is put in a small concrete hole and you light it, water is in the pipes, the water heats up and the floors warm. It really works well, although they do tend to leak, and have heard of people dieing from carbon monoxide poisoning.
    The Korean people are really awesome, very caring, and generous. The elders are respected, and taking care of in their older age. Everyone works as a community, and pulls together when someone needs help.
    Generally a Hooch area is an inclosed square area. within the square you can have as many as six hoochs with a master hooch for the elders.
    So yes I have thought about moving their. A stress free life, a life with no worries..
    Chong is an awesome woman. She is not opposed to finding another as a matter of fact she has encouraged.
    I have been looking for sometime, and could of had several relationships, and would of been okay. I want to be awesome.
    I have had my eye on someone, but it will never be, and I am good with that..

    Hmm living in Lorea.. Nice.

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