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Stockholm syndrome Is Alive And Well In BDSM

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Your a new Submissive, something just hit you, you came across a blog, a web-site, hearing your friends talk. You scan the internet looking for information. Your reading everything there is to read. As time goes by you begin to get hungry, you need the hands on, you need to feel what your feeling inside. It is like your on fire, but where does one go. I am to ashamed to talk to anyone about my desires. Ahhh there has to be dating sites. You come across,, then Craigslist, yes I will run an add, I will make a profile.

The problem is you are really not sure what you like, what you do not like, what your into, your limits, more important your needs.

Your pretty much in the Dark, you feel lost, mass confusion,, you cannot stop thinking about being owned, you want a collar, you need to give up control. Where do I go or who do I turn to?

You run an add on Craigslist, and you get a hundred reply’s, and you pick out the best looking guy, he is good looking so he has to know what he is doing. So you email back and forth for a short time. Then you text, and finely talk on the phone.

You agree to meet, your told what to wear, over dinner he tells you that he wants to get a room, you do not feel comfortable but you comply, you want to please.

So once in the room, you suck a lot of dick, you get spanked a little, fucked. Then before you leave he hands you a collar. Don’t even shake your head this has happened to most every submissive.

Now you start to see each other, at first there is a lot of communication, but you find that he is getting short with his answers. Now it is mostly spanking, sucking cock, and fucking, nothing else.

You go by his word, he knows everything. He has drawn you into his world, he has gotten into your head. To you he can walk on water.

Then you read more or someone brings up BDSM events, munchs. You wonder what other dominants or slaves he knows, all these questions. He tells you that you do not need any of these things, he is all you need. He has all the information you need.

Your time together grows less frequent, your questions are no longer welcomed. Now the lost feeling comes upon you. You find out he has family issues, which puts you on the back burner. The question is were you ever number one.

Now your going crazy, you crave to see your Master you need his touch. You have no one to talk to, because you do not know anyone else in the lifestyle. You feel like your locked in a dark closet.

Then you wake up one morning, and your thinking there has got to be more to it than this. This cannot be right. It is nothing like I have read.

The bad thing is , it will take you much longer to break things off than it did to meet. At least with him you do have someone. It may be abuse, but still someone.

This happens all to many times. Most do not know the qualities of a good Dominant, nor do they know the questions to ask. More so the submissive cannot stand her ground on issues. that may arise.

Things to look for. He is in control, I have talked about this many times. No anger issues. A Dom with anger issues is not a Dom he is a man into kinky sex. A real Dominant will never raise his voice at you, never call you names out of anger, and the most important, never hit you out of anger. He should never threaten you.

A Dominant is in full control of himself , and his surroundings. He is calm, he speaks in a positive way, he is never negative. A good Dominant will drop what he is doing when you are in need. A good Dominant is supportive, caring, loving. A real Dominant will always put you first no matter what, you are the center of his world. A real Dominant, will not set you up to fail. A real Dominant will hold and comfort you. He will listen to you, even if you have to wake him up. You should feel you can speak to him on all levels.

If you are seeing a Dominant who does not meet anyone of the above, I would rethink my relationship.



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Ahhh The Many Faces Of Bdsm

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The Breaking Of Sabrina. Fiction.

Since the beginning Of BDSM ,if you can picture a tree with thousands of branches, each branch being a kink, what Kathy needs, Lisa thinks she is sick, or Kathy cannot understand why Lisa likes so much pain.

The Daddy Dom does not understand Sadist, The regular Dom understands neither. Everyone has been to a munch and you sit at the table looking around , thinking what the fuck.

I remember I was at a munch with a pony trainer, who was the Dominant over his pony, who was owned by a mistress, Wow okay.

The Dominant who owned a slave who was pansexual, who is Bi, and submits to men and women. Get the fuck out. Wow really?

The Breaking Of Sabrina, although a little extreme for me, I can assure you it is out there. A couple of years ago while at a munch at a crappy pizza place on International Speedway In Daytona Beach. A Dom who I had never met, just out of the blue stated if a man eats pussy it shows he is weak, the male is then submitting to the female. Wow okay I am way submissive then, because I love eating pussy.

What I am getting at, after the munch him and I were speaking outside, and he was telling me he had a camp in the Ocala National Forest, that was just for Sadist & Masochist. St Andrew Cross, cages. Racks, Sweat Boxes, and even hunted with paint ball guns. The whole time he is speaking I am just staring at him in total disbelief , and I am thinking there are those who fear me.

Now hear is the key word CONSENSUAL .. Do not forget that word. I believe 90% of the lifestyle is CONSENSUAL while the other 10% are those learning and have not a clue to what they are doing, and those who are predators.

The other two most important words are SAFE and SANE. those two factors must go with CONSENSUAL..

What I have blogged about is mainly my past, going back some 20 years. I have only hit on the present very little. What I can tell you, I have never hurt anyone, nor have I done anything against any ones will.

So now we have four words RESPECT, SAFE, SANE, and CONSENSUAL.. In a relationship or not those four words must be followed, with no exceptions.

That is the reason I shake my head when a female chats with a guy for a couple of weeks, some awesome phone sex, and he is booking a room. She is going to meet someone she has never met, and knows nothing about him. Then she wants to scream and cry, and wants every ones sympathy. Well no you got what you deserve. If your going to be dumb, you got to be tough.

J called me one night after she had met someone at a park, 9pm at night. I asked how it went, she stated she did not want to talk about it. Yup she was RAPED. Was not the first time. So do not call me for advice if your not going to follow it, you just wasted ten minutes of my time that I will never get back. I know I sound cold, I am really not. I am just very out spoken.

So Kathy does not like pain, but Lisa does, Kathy loves Anal sex but Lisa does not, one swallows while the other does not. So we find someone who is compatible.

It is dead wrong to force someone to do something if it is not CONSENSUAL.

So a couple of months go by and I hear nothing from J, then I get a text , whatcha dewing. I hate that shit, I guess that is the redneck in her. When I first met her, she was a store clerk, she will be a surgical RN here in a couple of months now. That was part of our agreement when I agreed to mentor her, although she does not always listen.

So I text her back, How are you? she replies Eh okay. That tells me she has done something fucked up. I replied back who is he, well he is a daddy Dom. What is his Fet profile name. I look it up the first thing his pic is his penis. She is not on his friends list, because he does not want any drama with his Ex.

Well what rules do you have? None really I get away with a lot. J needs rules trust me or she is completely lost. Can you come and visit I want you to meet him? I really did not want to, but I agreed.

Her daddy owns a bunch of bees he sells honey, makes J go with him on the weekends to shows, pays her nothing. A single mother in school full time, works part time and takes care of two kids. I admire her. Her car needed work, so he agreed to loan her the money to get it fixed. Really loan her the money. Get the fuck out.

I will get back on track here in a few. So I pull up at her place, she lives on her parents property, in like a Fema trailer, until she finishes school.

After I greet everyone I go into the barn and I am getting a four wheeler out, I want to go riding, and dick walks up to me. He begins with, I want you to go back home, you are not welcome here. Then he ask what I am doing, and I said I am getting ready to go riding in the mud. Who said you could ride these, I replied Me. I do not need permission.

Then he states he does not like me, he wants me to leave J alone, stay out of her life. So I start the four wheeler up and ride off. About an hour later I show back up, park the four wheeler, now I am looking at fishing rods, and I load them up in the boat. Here comes dick. What are you doing? I said I am taking the kids fishing in the am. I jump in J’s dads jeep and back up to the boat, hook up the trailer. Then dick says I did not know you were spending the night. Well that sounds like a lack of communication on you and J’s part, again he says I want you to leave her alone. I am her Daddy.

I walk in the Barn and grab some fishing tackle, dick is following me, and he said did you hear what I said.

I replied look Dick, I will walk inside and tell that Bitch to drop to her knees and she would blow me right in front of you. Leave me the fuck alone, or you will have to leave and you will not be allowed back.Further more I am not sure where you are sleeping, but I do not do couches, so you need to go inside and make sleeping arrangements with your baby girl.

I have never fucked J nor have I ever wanted to, I do not have that type of connection with her. We are very close, maybe like brother and sister. Dick slept on the couch. What a pussy.

Consensual , J would do things against her will just to please, she needed companionship, although her needs were not being met, she would give in just to be excepted , some cases I can understand, some I cannot.

What is worse, a Dominant will say this, and that, tell the sub what she wants to hear, and a month later he is nothing, like he said he was. Just to get the pussy.

You will never hear me down talk another Dominant. be it how he treats his submissive, his training, or protocol. We are all different, although many do talk about me. I have had dominants tell a slave I was with, which was Chong I had no right doing somethings or I could not punish her the way I did.

Really, your going to walk up to my slave, when I am not even present, and strike up a conversation putting me down. Like she was not going to tell me when I got back, are you that stupid.Why did he do this. PUSSY that is it PUSSY. WOW.

So I meet someone, and she is not into the things I am, nor am I into some of the things she is into. If I am really into her, I will bend a little, because there are other areas we can work on, if I am really into you.

Consensual the key word, Safe, Sane, and Respect.

The awesome thing about BDSM is we can find any fetish , our needs can be met, we communicate on all levels unlike vanilla.

Yea The Breaking Of Sabrina was pretty wicked, total Fiction. I have been asked by a slave to break her, this was sometime ago. I declined. One I did not want a long term relationship with her, nor did she with me. Two I did not want that kind of responsibility of completely breaking down and building back up.

I do understand some slaves feel they need that, I also understand some dominants want to break a slave, just not my things.



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This is very nice, well written

I come across the weirdest shit , Thailand’s Got Talent

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I spend a little time on youtube when I get a chance, and I like to find people doing covers of songs. Well I stumbled across this Video from Thailand, and this girl has got a rocking voice.

Yea I know nothing to do with BDSM . But it is my blog I do get off track from time to time. I think that is a good thing, you cannot live BDSM 24/7 you have to be normal at times, Or what I consider normal, music is a huge part of my life.

Anyway this girl has an incredible voice. Thailand’s got Talent, you have the guy with glasses I guess he is suppose to be Simon Cowl, the woman is suppose to be Paula Abdul , and um the third guy I am not sure.

Someone Asked Me A Question

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Again on Facebook, I was asked the question. How can you tell if someone is truly interested in you?

Sometimes it is really hard to tell, your really not sure how the other feels, so this is just my opinion.

The Submissive, if she is truly interested in a Dominant she just met. She would want to spend as much time with him as she could, wanting to learn as much about him as she could. Dress, although the Submissive may not agree with the way the dominant likes , not being a couple. The submissive should dress to please .Take it upon her own without being told.

You can tell when someone is truly listening. If the dominant is talking and you notice the submissive just playing with her food, chances are she is not interested in what your saying. You can tell when someone is really listening. Their eyes are glued to you. Many times, at some point and time, I will ask a question on a subject I spoke about earlier.

I told him you can tell in many ways, by the way one holds your hand, hugs, and even kiss. You get vibes off of small things.

Wanting to be with you is the biggest sign. If I am truly interested in someone, I tell the submissive you are welcome at my home anytime, meaning you do not need an invitation, I have giving you permission to just show up. If I am not really interested, I will tell you to call. I can tell at that point if your really wanting to pursue anything.

It is the vibes you get, if you are getting mixed feelings, then you are probably right, at that point you have to decide what you really want.

When I first meet a submissive I never make demands on what to wear. I want her to feel safe. After that if she was taking mental notes, then there should be a change. I go through a lot of information, on the first meeting, it is up to the submissive to listen.

So unless your just blind, or just plain stupid you can tell if someone is truly interested in you, that goes for the submissive as well.

The Dominant wants to spend time with the submissive, he will ask a million questions, but with me if I find it like pulling teeth. I will try to ride it out for a short time to see how things go.

The dominant should care about your interest, and your needs. Sex should not be the main topic. If it is then that should be a red flag.

Go with your first instinct , that will never fail you, if you doubt ask questions, no matter how lame you may think it is. The only dumb question is the one not asked…


I really Dig Goth and Emo Chicks.

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A couple of years ago I dated a goth submissive. We had known each other prior to me meeting and entering a relationship with Bea. While in a relationship though I was and am very loyal.

About six months after our breakup , I was on yahoo messenger , and this window pops up. Cum Play With Me. Yea it was Ariel , I love that name. So I jumped in my car and off I went. Spent the whole day, Bondage, spanking, getting my cock sucked for hours, and fucking.

Ariel was Goth to the max, the dress, the hair, the makeup. She was a real turn on. around 5 ‘ 5 kinda chunky 150, but tight. long reddish hair that went to her ass, thick thighs.

I did not have to bring any toys, since she had a chest full of interesting toys, floggers, whips, cuffs, tons of candles, dildos, small ones to WTF.

So we fucked around for a couple of hours, then We went to St Augustine for the day. Before leaving I inserted a butt plug, and off we went.

Ariel was somewhat of a masochist but not into real pain, which was fine with me, I have settled down a lot in my age. I am more into the D’s aspect now, but to be able to play with Ariel was a real treat. She was very open about sex, and loved giving head. Most of the time she would rather suck dick than fuck, a real oral fetish. What I really liked, is that she would just drop to her knees without even asking, or I would wake up, sometimes and she was giving me head. I was in heaven.

She was over at my apartment one night, when I lived in Daytona, I had several friends over, for a cookout, once we had finished eating, the guys and I were outside talking and smoking a cigar, since I did not smoke inside. Ariel walked out, and just dropped to her knees, and started giving me head, just out of the blue. It took about ten minutes for me to blow, she swallowed, ran her finger across her lips and said she would be back later, and walked off. Although the other men were in the lifestyle it really blew them away, on how open Ariel was.

A lot of the times we would be watching TV, and she would just start masturbating for no reason. That is a huge turn on for me as well. Or I would wake up and she would be masturbating, she liked to lay on her stomach, and play.

She always dressed in black or purple, I love the color purple, she dressed to please, she knew what I liked and what turned me on. She knew I loved real short skirts. The anticipation is the best foreplay, walking around teasing, crossing and UN-crossing her legs, she knew what buttons to push. She had very pale skin which I love. While spanking her ass turned a bright red. I never use a belt or flogger to spank, I always spank barehanded. I love the feel of skin against the palm of my hand.

I loved the dark makeup, the skirts, the platform boots, the torn fishnet thigh highs , everything about the way she dressed. Ahhh the head was a plus the way to my heart, sucking cock just because you want to.

Now your thinking if she was so great, why are we still not together. Well I was over at her place one day she was tied to the bed, spread eagle. I heard the front door open, and in walks a dude. Yup she was engaged, her future husband worked out of state, and was gone 2 or 3 months at a time. He is like what are you doing, I looked at her and said well really nothing to explain. Then he told me who he was. I am like dude I had no idea, I am thinking this is pretty awkward. He was not pissed at me at all, after all why be mad at me I did not know. She had just had a baby, but told me they were no longer together..

She was not in a good position when I left, being she was strapped to the bed, and a ball gag in her mouth.So I am driving away, thinking what a lucky guy. The best head I had ever had.

I have not heard from her, I am going to guess I wont. but what a great couple of months…