What Rules Are You Going To Give Me ?

This is one of the first questions to come out of a submissive’s mouth when you first meet. What rules are you going to give me. How are you going to punish me if I break a rule?

Well the answer at that point is , I do not know. I talk to sub all the time, about meeting new Dominants and the 50 rules they give, and most want the submissive to memorize everyone, and not in order.

I myself find such behavior not only childish, controlling, insecure, inconsiderate , okay you get the idea.

I myself, take the time to get to know the submissive, inside and out. I want to know what she is going to say before she speaks. I want to know her thoughts, and most of all her bad habits. This is where the rules come in.

We as Dominants can set one up for failure, and that is not our purpose, nor our agenda . Although it is about us. That statement is kinda harsh, but true. It is about us, that is the bottom line.

Rules are set in place to help, and to guide. We want ours to grow, blossom, be the best they can be. We want to motivate, through positive reinforcement.

A submissive needs rules, it makes them feel complete, and they strive to be the best they can be.Ninety percent of the time one will only break a rule, if they feel they are not getting the attention they should be getting.

To many rules can make one feel over whelmed, confusion. Can make them feel as they are walking on eggshells , and last but not least fear.

One of the things we lack in at times is enforcing rules, when one is broken, punishment needs to be giving at that time, and explained why they are being punished. I myself like corner time, with a small ball on the tip of their nose, let them stand there for a while to think.

Most of the rules I give are to break bad habits, simple ones really. Hitting the snooze button to many times and being late for work or class. Just an example , I am sure you get the idea. What we want to do is improve what we have, build up, encourage. We want ours to be the best they can be.

I have made the mistake of not following through punishment, the out come is not good, once you lose that control, you will never regain it back. It is basically over at that point, we are no longer the dominant they need.

The key is never to lose your temper, there is no need to yell, scream, belittle , put down, humiliate, before punishing. I like to sit down, and talk about why the rule was broken, and she is going to do to insure it will not happen again.

As for punishment, this is why I do not give out rules when I first meet someone, I want to know their likes, what they absolutely love. Those are their punishments. Maybe take the laptop away for a day a week. no Tv , no reading , blogging. You take something away they truly cherish, something they fell they need on a daily basis.

I have never hit a woman out of anger, nor will I ever call names out of anger. Many Dominants use pet names. My Bitch, my little whore, and to use any of those words out of anger can confuse. Maybe not at that time, but mentally.

We all know the lifestyle is not about abuse, so we think before we speak. I can just as easily sit at the table and speak in a low but stern voice, and make you feel just as bad, without beating.

So what are your Rules?



3 Responses to “What Rules Are You Going To Give Me ?”

  1. Very well stated Mr. Vile…as usual!

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