True Or Fiction II

Well I tried to see if I could write BDSM erotica , and did not turn out so well. The first Post True Or Fiction, was partly true and part Fiction.

Although there was a real second person. There was no OIA Airport. Although at that time I did pick someone up.

There was no sex, although I had seen this slave for a very long time we never had sex. I added the Asian,because well I just love Asian women. Most of the True or Fiction was from a very old story, so if by chance I offended anyone I am truly sorry…

The Bondage was true, as with the service. The story was something I had on my mind for a very long time…

Many years ago My first computer was an ACER I believe it had a 3 gig hard drive, yea I know that is funny  Anyway I probably have over a hundred diskettes with S & M stories I had written over the years.Who would of ever though the small diskette would be obsolete.

Peace Out


7 Responses to “True Or Fiction II”

  1. I thought it very well written and I hope you continue.

  2. geminisub Says:

    I enjoyed Vile..but thought you were very cruel in the story!

  3. Butterfly Joy Says:

    I love the cruelty and the closet. Vile well done! More stories please please please 🙂

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