I Am Not Going To Chase You.

I was told the other day by a very good friend, who happens to be incredibly hot, that the reason we were never in a relationship, is because I flirt to much, and she did not trust me. Meaning she thinks I am a male Hoe, which is really far from the truth.

I remember several months ago I invited her to a munch so she could meet some of my friends. She carried herself very well, and people liked her. The munch lasted probably 2 hours, then the drive back home, Friday night driving by the beach on A1A in Daytona 10 pm at night, and there was pussy all over the place. A1A is the main strip that runs along the beach by the way. So anyway I am getting ready to make a right, and I look over and I see this incredible ass, I am thinking fuck me.

So I turn and look and my friend is staring right at me, I am like what? It is just an ass, I am a man I am going to look.

Then for what ever reason the jealousy kicks in, I can tell by that look, the cold shoulder. So I asked what is wrong, her reply was you made me feel owned tonight and your eyes are wondering. I am thinking wow we are not even a couple, I had been hitting on her for several months, getting no place, while the sex was incredible, the relationship needs were not there. She has told me she is scared of me. Wait a minute we have had sex more than once, I have never hurt you, then again here recently, this time out did the rest it just blew my mind. Then the next day she told me she expected more Dom.

Well the thing is I respect her, more than anything, so I am not going to push things. I would still like to have a relationship but it is not going to happen, and I except that. We text back and forth daily. I will head over that way one day this week.

Anyway to the point. I am not a chaser, my life is not ruled by my cock, I do have a brain. If I like someone I will show some interest. As far as the flirting goes I do flirt, but I like to make people smile, well women that is, more so if I am like in a store and I see someone who looks bummed out. I will walk up and strike up a conversation, and just drowned her in compliments. That is who I am.

So I show interest in someone, or ask out to dinner, if it comes to my attention, that you are not interested, I will drop it..

Steph pissed me off a couple of weeks ago, I had not heard from her, in a couple of days so I did text her twice a day for three days then she finely answered, I forget the Gist of the conversation but it ended with something like. I wanted to she how much you really liked me.

Are you fucking kidding me? Really are you joking, well go fuck yourself. Then bam out of the blue last night I get a text from Steph. Telling me how sorry she is, and she would like to continue, are you joking, maybe you caught me having a drink, or she thinks because she is 21 and has a pussy, I am going to drop everything for her. She reads my post by the way. Wow, I liked her but not in the sense to enter a relationship. So I get several text the last one at 7.30 I have to cook I will text you when I am done, well no text. I am done, finished.

All of this because I was to nice, I was not acting Dominant enough, I did not give her rules, which I blogged on the other day. I am not just speaking of Steph, I am speaking in general.

On the other side of the fence, you have those who cannot take no for an answer, those who think they are gods gift to women, those who believe No means Yes. When it does not. Those weak men who stalk women, thinking if you beg them enough they will come around.

Men who get off on causing fear, or humiliating. Fear is not going to make her change her mind.

If a woman says she is not interested in you, drop it, move on, get a life. Those men are insecure, they were bullied in school. They cannot take rejection, nor can they take no for an answer.

Really all you have to do is stand up to them, you can put a stalker in their place. Let them know you will put their name in the local paper, with a picture, contact his family if married, call his employer, and last call the police. He will leave you alone. Make a Face Book page just for him, a blog just for him, make his life a living hell, turn the table on him. He will leave you alone, when he see’s you are not weak..

Being a submissive does not make you weak, you are strong in many ways..


4 Responses to “I Am Not Going To Chase You.”

  1. Oh-oh. I owe you an email as well…. At least though, my lack of contact isn’t games. I just don’t want to dump my day on someone else. I am waiting for the bad bits of life to go away and the good bits to start and then I will have material for an email.

    An awesome post, Vile. You have important things to say.

  2. Butterfly Joy Says:

    Vile another wonderful post. I like this attitude. People in this lifestyle tend to be codependent, but it isn’t anything essential to BDSM. Instead, codependency causes so much harm, hatred and self-destruction. It destroys a healthy relationship.

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