The Finger Orgasm

I love pussy, I love everything about it. The touch, the feeling, the lips, the taste, most of all just fingering, just one or two, so I can just feel around. I get hard just from feeling her get wet.

I also love eating pussy, a very big fetish of mine, but rarely do unless I am asked real nice. That is something I can do for hours.

Making her cum is always a goal for men, well me anyway. The closer she gets to an Orgasm the wetter she gets.

So the best I have found, is I position myself so my cock is by her face, so after I insert two or three fingers,and pumping in and out all the way to the knuckles, the palm of my hand is striking her clit, once she is really wet, making her hold her legs wide open, by wrapping her arms around her thighs. You begin to build speed, really finger fucking her hard, the palm of your hand is striking her clit, to the point of almost slapping it she will cum.

We all know trying to make her cum through clitoris orgasm our fingers tend to get a little tired, but in this position, it is much easier to go for any length of time, and with your cock by her head, can she really resist.

Like I said I can spend hours just touching and fingering, while watching TV , or laying in bed and just talking, sometimes while even driving.

That is why I very seldom allow a slave to wear pants, I should have access at all times. Most of the time I make sure she cums before I do, that is taking care of your slave. Then other times it is just about me.

Try this and you will see it really works..



2 Responses to “The Finger Orgasm”

  1. Who doesn’t love a good finger fuck!

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