People Have Found Me On FaceBook

The last month or so I have had several friend request, and it turns out, these are people who follow my blog.Well the bad news is my facebook is really pretty vanilla. Although most of my friends are in the lifestyle, I guess we all need a vanilla place.

So I had a new friend message me a couple of times, which is okay, I do enjoy the interaction at times. She sent me a message asking me the characteristics of a Daddy Dom, and what his role should be.

First off, I truly believe any Dominant can fill that role, if he finds someone he is truly interested in. I was happy in that role for several years, and would be again with the right submissive.

So I gave her a small list, of what I thought the role of a Daddy Dom was suppose to be. What I really like is she knew my blog inside , and out. That really impressed me. What I liked even more is in the end she used my advice.

I asked her what this Dom thought his role should be, she said she has asked him but he had not gotten back to her as of yet, then Bam here came his answer.

To provide for, check. To take care of. Check, going pretty good so far, then the bomb. Here was his answer. his answer for daddy dom is ……”just one that provides takes care of punishes and makes certain demands from time to time” Really is this the New Dominant you want.

He had one other he said, but she now hated him, so he could not use as a reference , more important he knew no one else in the lifestyle. So she had to pretty much take his word.

Another question I gave her. I said ask him what Sub-Space was. Her answer was ….he has no idea about subspace. At least hes honest…. Yes he is Honest.

So he wants to fill a role, take the responsibility over someone, yet he has not a clue, or any idea what the role really Intel’s

The conversation was a little longer, but those were the two main areas. Sub-Space is a good question to ask a potential Dom, most predators do not know that answer. Maybe he is not a predator, she is pretty fucking hot. Her page really tells who she is, which is awesome.

The thing is, she has read my blog, about the safety, and she followed, and in the end, she stated she was glad she did not give in.

She is new to the lifestyle, has never been with a Dom, she is taking her time, and asking questions. She gets an A. in my class.

Many Doms come off playing the Dom card, they will show their cards before seeing the subs. Start off barking rules, and what he is thinking, yea I am going to get the pussy. It is true I have been there, I have had the same thoughts, the same agenda, another notch in my belt. Been there Done that.

Then comes the day we have to grow up, and we see things in a different prospective, we finely see the light, but that is not always the case. The thing is most do not see nor do they care about the damage, they caused, or they do not see the submissive laying in bed alone at night crying, because she allowed herself to be used. The fact is, it is not her fault, the submissive did nothing wrong. Just like buying a used car, sometimes you get a lemon. The key is to learn from your mistakes, kick the dirt, and move on.

So she had three questions, had he been in a D’s relationship?yes he had, but she hated him now. Strike One. What is the role of a Daddy Dom? he blew that answer, Strike Two. What is Sub-Space he did not have a clue Strike Three.

To make Demands from time to time. That was part of his answer. There are no demands. The Dom has to earn respect.

This is what happens in a D’s relationship, I have said this over and over. Once you enter a relationship, everything really just falls into place. You enter the relationship, knowing each others place.

Rules are meant to help,subs or slaves need rules. I use rules to break bad habits. Not demands.

So my friend my hat goes off to you. and thank you for following my blog, and more so really reading it, keep the questions coming. If I do not know the answer, I will ask.

Much Love


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