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If You Are Seeing A Married Dominant.

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Some except the fact they will never be number one, some are happy in that role.  I suppose it is the thrill, of sneaking around, booking the hotel room. Always in hiding

If you are happy being number two, then be happy. There will be no birthdays, thanksgiving, christmas, fourth of july’s you get the idea.

I am speaking from a males prospective, I am giving you the low down, on how we think. Why we step out when we are married. Last why you are going to get dumped. Because he will dump you when you are all used up, or he finds someone closer.

A married man steps out because, and I have said this three million times, but no one wants to listen. You are there because there are things his wife will not do. Nothing more nothing less.

Maybe she wont dress like a whore, suck cock, anal sex. Or just maybe it is a communication thing, which I doubt. Your relationship is based on sex nothing more, that is all you are being used for.

The first three months, six months maybe a year go well, your happy seeing your dominant every month or so for a couple of hours. Then the emails become less frequent, the text slow, hardly any calls.

So you the submissive, you make sure your phone is charged at all times, your phone is sitting within reach at all times. You receive a text, you look and it is a friend.

Really is this the way you want to spend your life? Your job is to sit and wait, until he is ready to use you. That is it, nothing more nothing less.

Most subs and slaves are needy, slaves more so. This is really normal, if you say your not what a line of shit. Once you become needy with your married Dominant, you now become a liability, you are now causing drama that is not welcomed.  You have to go.

What are you learning in a relationship like this? What is he teaching you? He sends an email with a few rules. Maybe tells you what to wear on a certain day, what to eat.

You will get dumped or in time grow tired of broken promises. Now when you do get dumped, it is not your fault. It was not because you were not good enough, or you did not listen. It was because you became a liability, nothing more.

He the married Dominant is not going to let you come between him and his family. Remember you are number two. You are not at the cook outs. the movies, the vacations. You are sitting on the couch waiting, and hoping he can take five minutes out of his time to call, text, or email you a few lines.

Your married Dominant is not going to love you, care maybe, but your best work will be on your knees or on your back. That is what you are for.

What you are experiencing is not BDSM , it is not the D’s lifestyle. He tells you that you cannot speak with other Dominants. Why is this? He may be exposed for who and what he is.

When you get dumped, I said it again. It is not your fault in anyway. This happens to a lot of new subs to the lifestyle, not so much a slave. Slaves tend to be somewhat more reserved than a submissive. New to the lifestyle, chances are you will get burned the first go around.

I am not sure what the fixation is with married men, I truly do not get it. Maybe it is because you do not want a commitment , and you feel safe. Maybe you think he will leave his wife and kids, give up his home, pay child support, maybe alimony. Maybe he will quit his job he has had for fifteen years, and move to you.

Sure he will you just sit there like a good little girl and wait.


The Unknowning

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Fear, anticipation, waiting, wanting, needing. The feeling , the touch, the smell, the wondering. The Unknowing.

Dominance comes in many forms, two most common verbal and silence, silence fits all of the above. Silence keeps you wondering, as your standing in the middle of the room, stripped of all clothes, hands behind your back. He your owner looking at you not saying a word, as he gazes up and down, you can feel the lump in your throat, but you dare not say a word. Your mind is going a 100 miles an hour. What is he thinking? What is going through his mind? Have I done anything wrong?

The Unknowing

He stands and walks toward you, places his hand around your throat and slowly pushes you back, until you can feel the cold wall against your skin. He squeezes a little harder, making it almost impossible to swallow, breath, your heart is pounding, you being to sweat a little, his eyes starring deep into your soul, your knees become weak, you start to tremble under his touch.

The Unknowing

His hand still around your throat this free hand drops to your right breast, he fondles then squeezes until you think you cannot stand anymore, then to your left breast a repeat, as he continues to stare deep in your eyes, you dare not say a word.

The Unknowing

His hand drops down to your sweet pussy you spread automatically without question, he places his hand over his pussy and begins to squeeze, as he continues to stare deep in your eyes. You are wet, wetter than you have ever bee before, but you dare not cum.

The Unknowing.

In one swift move he spins you around arms extended palms flat against the wall, he takes a hand full of hair, pulls your head back, and whispers in your ear.

I own you Bitch.

The Unknowing.


Written by Vile

I started a new FaceBook

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I opened another account on FaceBook, for a couple of reasons. Although my family does know my lifestyle, some of the pictures being posted were well rather open minded, not that I mind, but I do play a few games on FB and most games in order to play you have to add people you do not know, and a lot are children.

My new link to FB is,

I am also going to be starting a discussion group so people can ask questions and participate. You can make an anonymous page to keep your identity hidden.

Come and join me lets have some fun…

You The Submissive Or Slave Has Rights

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Many do not think or believe they as the sub or slave has no rights. This is far from the truth. I know your thinking WOW this is coming from Vile, the total ass of wordpress. As I was called sometime back the Howard Stern of wordpress, which I did not get. Okay if you had of said Tom Leykis an awesome radio host then I would of said yes that is me….

One of my mentors yes indeed, I have been following him for years.

You as the submissive has rights. You as the submissive has the right to express yourself, your feelings as well as your concerns. The foundation of the D’s relationship or any relationship for that matter is communication.

We have the responsibility as dominants to make sure ours is receiving the proper care and attention. This is what we have promised. If we are not fulfilling our agreement then the submissive has the right to step up and say Hey what is going on here.?

You as a submissive has the right to question, any concerns you have. You are the one submitting , your the one laying on your back, or on your knees. You cannot be used then put in a closet and wait to be used again.

Okay there may be times when One cannot stay in contact, well I cannot say that either, we are talking five minutes out of a 24 hr period.

I do have a friend on wordpress here, he is an awesome young dominant, and at this time he is just over whelmed with family issues, then work. His submissive who is awesome as well were trying to put a new relationship together. She was confused, he had not been in contact with her like he was.

So I contacted him to find out how he was doing, we are meeting up sometime mid December for a drink and cigar. After my email it was some fifteen minutes when I received a reply. His problems run deep and he is handling things the best he can.

I told him, look you have to talk to your submissive, you cannot just leave her hanging. This is not fair to either. She needs to know what is on your mind. He did just that, I am sure at some point they will pick back up, and continue.

One of my saying is, if the dominant cannot control his own life how can he control someone else. Lion is very much in control, he is handling one thing at a time, but as humans we can only have so much on out plate. I do wish him well, and I look forward to us sitting down and talking.

Abuse comes in many forms, and neglect is one of them, just as verbal, or even physical.Neglect is one of the worst forms, because it leaves one hanging. One has no idea what to do, how to act, or who to turn to.

If you as a submissive or slave feels like you cannot express your needs to your dominant, you have the wrong man. You should never be punished for wanting or needing to share your needs.

As far as feeling needy, all subs of slaves are needy this is nothing new. We as Dominants know this. This is why communication needs to be open. At all times.

I receive a lot of hate mail. You guessed it all from men and Doms. I will post one here soon I received the other day, telling me how worthless I am and I should shut my trap. He is married and I hit a nerve with him.

So let me get this straight, you hate me, you find me to be disgusting an idiot , but you read my whole blog. Wow. Who is the Idiot?

Do not think you as the submissive does not have rights, you even have the right to say NO. You have the right to make demands. I did not say slave.

A man or Dominant cannot say he cannot take five minutes out of his day to make a call or text, or email. Fuck the president even fucking tweets. How much busier can one be than the president.

Why do Doms hate me? Maybe I speak the truth. Maybe I make some ask questions. I totally disagree when a dom tries to keep his from communicating with others. A submissive needs interaction with others, subs and doms. As long as the dom is respectful, which at times can be hard to find. Munchs and different functions are important for a young submissive, new to the lifestyle, it is needed. The submissive needs to know how others in the lifestyle, live and interact.

With a new slave that is one of my first dates if not the first. I want her to meet my other friends in the life style. I can provide references, as other Dominants should as well if asked. Every Dom who has been in the lifestyle should be able to provide information to back up who he is. You as a sub or slave should not just take ones word. I can ever provide, references from other submissive’s if needed.

These are questions that should be asked and answered. Come on now, really?  Even if a relationship turned sour and the break up is a bad one. The dominant should still give access , so the submissive can contact. There are two sides to every story.

I do not have all the answers I wish I did. As much as I would like to say I am perfect, I am not. That is why I encourage interaction with others in the lifestyle.

One last thing, never let a dominant tell you he does not have to explain his self or his actions, because he does. You are the one submitting , are you a submissive or a doormat ?



A Slaves Creed

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More Erotic BDSM Photography

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ImageMy Favorite…




I had a Deaf Submissive visit

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This month has been pretty wild, for me two visitors, and very interesting. I do know a lot of people, and since she has returned home, I have had several out reach programs stop by here to talk to her about different training.

I have a very good friend who is an attorney who happens to be blind, called me last night and wanted to offer her a job has a paralegal , since she had just completed some courses. well she is back home now and I wish her well.

She is really one of the most awesome sub and women I have met in a very long time. Very smart and really pretty hot. Very dedicated.

I am not going to go into why she chose to visit, I do keep somethings private, but I truly hope things work out, if not she always has a place…