You Can Tell If Someone is Truly Interested

This is a conversation that has come up, and I believe one can tell if someone really cares, or if your being played.

I have been chatting with a slave in Tennessee who is really wanting a relationship, since I will be moving up that way here very soon. The thing is It was almost 3 months before I heard anything from her, then last night a Text asking me if I had moved yet, really? Go fuck yourself.

Even when you meet in person and your trying to form a relationship both should know the tell, tell signs. You can tell by the way your touched, the amount of attention, if they really want to spend time with you, and yes even sex. You can feel things during sex that you feel no other time.

So are you just being played? Used? You never know until it is to late.

Chong has been gone for sometime now almost 12 yrs, but I get a daily email , she calls once a week sometimes more. Christmas Chong mailed me a bottle of Black Berry Brandy, which I know she had to by on the black market. That was taking a chance in itself. I am guessing it cost her a half months salary as well.

You can tell by the touch, the kiss, how the person listens. The tell, tell signs are there.. If the emotions are not there, the relationship is dead, so why bother?

Just my thoughts.

4 Responses to “You Can Tell If Someone is Truly Interested”

  1. Mr. Vile,
    You are always thought provoking. What a special post, thank you again.

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