Dominants And Problems

Lets face it, we all have our problems, some that can wait, and others that need out immediate attention, something we have to take care of right then, it cannot wait. We maybe able to fix it in a day or it maybe something on going.

If we are in a relationship, even if we have problems, we have an obligation to ours, that is an agreement we made from the beginning. Just because something has come up in our life does not mean we just put our relationship on hold. How would we feel if our pet did the same? I would imagine pretty neglected. We would want answers, and would demand time from them.

We need to take care of ours, they need our support, and know that we care for. We always need to make time, no matter what life throws in our path. If we cannot provide the time needed, due to things that have come up in our life. The we should be responsible enough to put our relationship on hold, until we can clear things up.

Just my opinion and thoughts.



3 Responses to “Dominants And Problems”

  1. Once again Mr. Vile you have hit a nerve with your wise, sage, experienced words. Thank you!!!

  2. Butterfly Joy Says:

    Vile, I admire you for many reasons, especially your way of seeing one’s self, relationship, the other in it, as presented here. Again my admiration.

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