Big Changes Have Come

I am back from Tenseness my father is in the first stages of Dementia. My Step Mother is a total bitch, lazy and has never done anything in her life. She does teach at UT part time, which gets her out of my dads hair for a few anyway.

She has been caught after 28 years of marriage, she now finds it easier to try and put him in a nursing home. So she accidentally forgets to give him some of his medications, then he ends up back in the hospital.

I brought her little games to an end real fast, informing the doctors what was happening. So she was sat down and giving the 5th about senior abuse. Everything seems to be back on track now, he is doing much much better.

The Changes.

I have someone old back in my life although it will just be temporary , I needed some help getting something in order. I find it truly amazing that someone will make a 23 hour flight in a time of need.

I have a slave who has been following me here for about 5 months, she even made a face book just so we could communicate. I did not really catch on,to what was going on, until about a month of correspondence.

I play a couple of games on face book, as she did, of course only the games I played. All of her post, included her and I interacting to some degree.

I am thinking this is really pretty harmless. I suppose she mistook my kindness as an open invitation. That does happen often. I speak much different to submissive’s and slaves. I have a huge heart, more so when it comes to those who have been abused.

She is from the Midwest, very small in build, and Deaf. That is right cannot hear a word, but reads lips very well.

I was wondering where she was at that morning, she usually hits me up pretty early, then it hit me well she is off today.  Then I receive a message from her. My first question was , where are you, her reply was. I am in Arkansas. Really what are you doing in Arkansas? Her reply was I will be in Daytona soon. My reply why are you coming to Daytona? Her reply was, I hope to stay with you.

I am a little late her bus had already left.The bus station here is small. I walk in, and what I see is a lost puppy. On the way home, she is stuck to me, wont let go. I find this odd since she had never even met me. I do like attention, but this was more of a fear thing. The fear of being left behind..

I am guessing the abuse has gone on for year, this last relationship was verbal more than physical. I guess it makes you more of a man to abuse a tiny female who is deaf, and has the demeanor of a child.

The scars from the clothes hanger abuse is very visible from her previous relationship I take it he was a Sadist.

You just cannot turn your back on someone. A while back I had posted on Stockholm Syndrome, this is what I think caught her eye . She experienced just that for almost four years.

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine called me, he is a Dominant who lives in Daytona Animel yes that is his real name. He looks like a pissed off Santa Clause .He asked me if I could help out a submissive couple for a couple of months, and I agreed. I have never seen two people who fight so much. Anyway  we are all sitting in the living room and a friend stops by so I step outside to talk. I had a flat on my truck, and he brought a patch kit over, a long with an air compressor . This is the kind of friends I have. I like people who help, and do not expect anything in return.

So I am outside talking and Lyn the female comes out and says you need to do something, she looks like she is going to cry. I tell her to have Amber come out. She stands right behind me holding me.

The clothes she brought consisted of two pair of pants a few shirts , a pair of tennis shoes with no shoe strings, and a pair of flip flops. Her wardrobe.

I look at her and I feel some much pain, it really hurts. How could someone abuse someone so fragile , and caring. Make her work then take her check at the end of the week, while he did not work.

I will post more here pretty soon. I do know she will have a home as along as she needs


4 Responses to “Big Changes Have Come”

  1. You like people who help without expecting anything in return … that isn’t a shocker since you just helped out your dad and this girl. You do have a big heart. Keep it that way. 🙂

    ps – sorry to hear about your dad

  2. Mr. Vile, you are remarkable!

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