I am not a Professional Writer

I use to blog with someone else on wordpress, but it did not work out to well. In the beginning I did want a relationship with the woman who started the blog. We had a big falling out, and it was some nine months before I heard from her again, so we picked up where we left off, or so I thought. . The whole thing was a big mistake on part. I should of just let things go.

She is ill and cannot work, and I fully respect that. She is in the process of applying for Disability.

In the mean time she wants to live on her own, since she cannot work, she is trying to raise money, by donations, so she can buy a home. In a way I respect what she is doing, and I understand. I made an agreement to donate a large sum of money, in fact I agreed if she found one cheap enough I might just pay the whole amount.

Her goal was 300.000 in the beginning , I explained to her that no one is going to donate money for a 250.000 dollar house, when most people do not even live in that type of home.  I picked some places out that ran between 55.000 to about 65.000.Those homes were not good enough.

The past couple of days Chong and her have been texting back and forth. Making fun of chongs spelling even after it was explained  english was her second Language.

So I get a text talking about the people I have around me. Okay not the best in the world, but I care for everyone, until I am done wrong. Like the black Gentleman who came over to my house to fix a flat times on my truck.

Text ,you blog like a 5th grader, you have a fucked up life, you are stupid. I only hand around people who have PHD’s . I need you to donate now, you promised to donate.

I did promise to help, but what she is not getting, is you cannot talk to someone like they are trash, then expect them to give you anything..

Chong and I were in Tennessee , visiting my dad, my family truly loves her, they really make her feel at home. My phone was blowing up with text, even after it was explained that we were with my dad who is really ill.

Yes I could of turned my phone off, but family members were calling me so I had to leave it on. I let chong handle everything. She is very good with people, and down to earth.  As I stated in the last post she will only be here temporary .

I graduated High school in 79. I fell into a good job. I had planned on going to school, but the money was really to good to pass up.

Okay so my grammar is not perfect, maybe sometimes I look over the spell check, even when the red line is under the word. I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be a professional writer. If I was I would have books in Barns and Nobel book stores.

I did agree to donate, but after the verbal abuse, and just continuing none stop. I am like wow. Even after explaining we were at family outings the text continued.

Chong wants me to go file a restraining order, I am going to hold off and see what happens. Right now I have other things to worry about.

I had an investor who did not pay my taxes for two years, so I just cut the IRS  a huge check, that really put a dent in my savings. I do work and I am looking for work, that is only because I did not want to touch my savings. Even after explaining everything going on, WOW.

What I write about is from my heart, my past experiences, relationships. Okay I do not have a degree. I have never needed one.

Okay my blog is not professional I do understand this, the grammar is not perfect, like others I read. I admire them.

What I do have a a group of loyal followers, even those who will stand up and speak out when someone bashes me for a post.  She states she would not want my readership, the people who follow me are stupid.

I highly disagree. So what is a PHD the Definition means you can pile it higher and deeper.

What does my blog do for me. It is a way to relax, get things off my chest.

I had been spinning into a state of depression, which chong pointed that out, I was becoming with drawn from people. I can see that now, and I can fix it. I lost a Aunt sometime ago we were really close this is when it started, and I did not catch it.

I was not looking for followers, but I am glad for the ones I have, some of use are real close, we email back and forth. I enjoy that, we send voice emails, which I find very nice.

Today in six months I will reach 30.000 visitors , okay many have surpassed that. I find it to be an incredible feat….

I write, but I am far from a professional. I want to thank everyone for your support.



11 Responses to “I am not a Professional Writer”

  1. Your words are true and heartfelt and that is why people follow you.. why I follow you. 🙂
    Thank you.

  2. You are well loved and respected Vile..Who needs a PHD for that? 🙂

  3. Anyone can learn to spell & use good grammar. Sadly it’s harder to teach some people the value of good manners, class & a kind heart.
    I know which I would rather be around, and I think you’re streets ahead of this ‘friend’ Vile!

  4. None of us care about your grammar or your spelling…we care about your thoughts and your words…you’re a good man, Vile, and it’s a pity that some people can’t see it and if they can, that they choose to try and take advantage of it..

  5. Fulltimebrat Says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and your grammar does not need to be perfect to have something great to say! Keep writing!

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