Does everyone Deserve A Second Chance

I think about this often really, what if I had giving some a second chance, while some give two and three chances for the most I have been a one strike man.

Then again it depends on the severity of the situation. Two things I will not forgive, infidelity , and lying, those are the two unforgivable things I will not forgive.

I do understand people do make mistakes, I make mistakes, I would like to say I am perfect often I think I am, but in reality I am not. I would like to say I know everything, but in reality I do not.

I believe everything can be worked out, if the two are willing to sit down and communicate. Even vanilla seem to forget about communication. Once we are in a relationship for any length of time we become comfortable, this is when we take things for granted  , we look over things we did not in the beginning.

In the BDSM world. kinks may differ, likes and limits may differ, but with proper communication anything can be worked out.

Many times a slave has needs, but the needs do not fall under the Masters criteria of needs. Many times the Master looks over ones needs, not wants. The needs are met first, the wants are earned.

There is a huge difference between forgiving, and forgetting the first is easy. The forgetting part is very hard, we tend to place things in the back of our mind and we use it for ammunition. We know it is there, and we wait in the dark to use it.

So if you are willing to forgive, it should never be brought up again, no matter how angry one gets, that closet has to stay closed.

My forgiving is very limited, and far and few between. If I care about you I can forgive in time. I have a soft heart for subs and slaves, with the exception of the two listed above.

You have to realize that we as people make bad decisions at times, we follow our brain and not our heart, or we ignore our first instinct. This happens all to often, we go with the second instinct, and it takes us down a path of destruction.

You cannot live your life with a what if? What if they will change? What if I can change? The world would stop if everything was based on what if.

There are those who do deserve a second chance. Those who I have chosen not to, well you are pretty much erased….



6 Responses to “Does everyone Deserve A Second Chance”

  1. We all have our limits, don’t we? 🙂

  2. Well, I do not know if that is going to work for me, however definitely proved helpful for you! Excellent post!

  3. openyourlips24 Says:

    Your firmess and strong moral structure is admirable..

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