Slave at the bus station Update

I spoke with her family on Wednesday , the conversation did not start out well, but I quickly gained control, then it was me talking.

I truly had no idea a woman would jump on a bus and travel 2000 miles. I did not believe a woman would just drop her life, and runaway and want to hide.

So I went to the greyhound station and sure enough , she was sitting cross legged in a seat.

I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be deaf, seeing the world around you, but not really knowing what is going on. A great deal of patients is needed. Sometimes I had to repeat myself several times before she understood. I can see where some would get upset. The thing is no one thinks about being in her shoes.

My story’s on Stockholm Syndrome , and the Breaking of Sabrina, is what caught her eye, she thought I could be that man. She thought I could be that cruel, that is what she wanted, nothing more nothing less.

So I am speaking with her sister in law who was really not listening, she was going back and forth reading the text I had sent her. I had copied and pasted some of our conversations, not everything. Somethings I did not do because well some was personal, and I did not want to break that trust.

I told her the things that were needed, if everyone does not follow through she will leave again.

One structure is needed, she needs to know what is going on at all times. She needs to be included in family visits, which for what ever reason was not happening.  She needs daily task no matter how small, but you have to be consistent. I told her someone had to check after the task were done, find something wrong, do not yell, but point it out. She will be more than happy to do it again.

The one thing she did not like was being forced to convert to his religion. Then when she wanted to dress as a traditional muslim she was denied. She wants to stay covered up. To have her convert, is one thing, but after six years he had not taking the time to learn sign, that is really really sad.

Will things change for her? Maybe for 30 days, maybe 60 days, then it will be back to the same ol same ol.

She will leave again, she knows now, she has the strength.

I believe the kicker was, I could not be the Dom she needed. The Breaking of Sabrina, was strictly fiction, nothing more.

I truly hate to see women abused, not cared for. It happens some leave, some stick it out.

I do hope things work out. She is a very special woman.


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