I have a Hard Time Just Making Love

I have tried several times to make passionate love. To be slow, take my time, crawl on top, and just do the slow grind to Isaac Hayes. I cannot, I have tried over and over. It does not work for me.

Last week in the shower, I love getting head while taking a shower I am not sure, what it is but I just love it. Then I just grabbed her by her hair, turned her around, and just started banging like there was no tomorrow. Then from the pussy right into the ass. One hand had a hand full of hair, and the other was around her throat, just fucking as hard as I could.

So you can imagine I am not very romantic or so you would think. Well the truth is I am in other ways. I enjoy cooking having her sit at the table while I serve dinner. I love to bath, I also love brushing hair. I guess I show my appreciation in different ways. Before bed many nights ill rub lotion on her back. Then conversation. I love talking before going to bed, anything and everything. This is free time, game on, you can talk about anything. Get things off your chest, or Titties.

I love sleeping with a handful of titty, like a security blanket, I love breast anyway, firm, not so firm, does not matter.

What really gets me off? Face Fucking, the control, the humiliation of it. I love tying up, then use a blindfold, pull to the edge of the bed, and just face fucking until, well you know.

The making love thing, I do miss, maybe the intimacy of it, I will take it my foreplay is different from Johns next door.

When on top I am the one in control. I have to be choking , maybe a little face slapping, something. Now there are exceptions, not everyone is into being choked, so you have to respect ones limits. Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

The truth is if I am not pulling your hair, spanking your ass, calling you my little bitch. Man I do not know.

Any input ?



16 Responses to “I have a Hard Time Just Making Love”

  1. I used to think I wanted the slow grind, until I experienced what you described. I can’t imagine it any other way now. So I guess my input is that it works both ways.

  2. thegirlpashn Says:

    Sounds like a fun time!! 🙂

  3. Tying and blindfolding ask for a different kind of intimacy 🙂

  4. BondageGirl Says:

    Sir isn’t well with making love either. But, like you, he shows his affection in other ways which is fine by me. In previous relationships I got tired of the same thing and I much prefer being truly fucked..

    • I do love your attitude. Although sex is not a major part of the relationship, it does help when it is heart pounding..

      • BondageGirl Says:

        Exactly. But, I know I have friends who always complain about their sex lives to me..it’s something where I just smile and shake my head because I know it isn’t everything but since we’re all so young they tend to think it is a lot….

  5. Do not get me wrong, I love sex. Even at my age, I can still hold my ground.
    Relationships that start out on a first date fuck never last.
    It is a shame many Dominants demand such a thing, or those who say they are.
    A relationship runs some much deeper, in time they will see.

  6. I think I understand. I have never seen you as an unromantic or blunt person, actually. People into BDSM, at least in my experience, often express “romanticism” in other ways than by having soft sex.
    I am often very cruel to my Experiments, especially during sex, but I try to bring a sense of safety and protection into the relationship too. I want them to feel cared for next to dominated.
    There is hardly something wrong with not “making love”… No one made himself or his own sexual preferences, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a loving partner. A relationship is so much more than just the physical.

  7. Reblogged this on Musings Of Me and commented:
    So I had to reblog this. Only because I think while making love at first is fine.. by the end I want to be screaming, holding onto something, panting, swearing and sore. I must rather be fucked and fucked well… have a read folks and thank you Vile for yet again a great read and info. 😀

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