I do not expect you to agree with everything I write

I am difficult, I know this. I am not an easy man to live with. I also I know. It is not that I am abusive, I am far from it. I cannot think of the last time I raised my voice at a woman, submissive or slave.  I have never I repeat Never hit a woman out of anger.

I did have a female who got under my skin about a week ago, and I finely told her to go fuck herself, in text we never talk on the phone.

I do not have anger issues. What I do have is Honest Issues. I tell it like I see it. If you ask a question prepare yourself for the answer because your going to hear the truth.

My blog is my opinion, nothing more. My blog is about some of my past experiences . My opinion means my thoughts. Disagree with me, speak your mind. I am not dating anyone off of wordpress. Although there are a few I do like but I keep my comments to myself. I would think only proper.

Something I am way out in left field, well that is not the truth either. I am me. I speak what I think, what I feel, and I will continue to do so.

What if I wrote what everybody wanted to hear, then found out later it was not me, I was portraying to be someone else. I would lose what little respect I have gained .

I want to thank all of you,who take the time out to read what I have to say. I do try to get around to other blogs, but I am not just a clicker. If I visit you and I click Like. I read what you had to say.

Many times I get ideas from other blogs I read, some like it some do not. It is almost impossible to blog daily every other day about BDSM.

Almost two weeks I finely got my phone back.


3 Responses to “I do not expect you to agree with everything I write”

  1. thegirlpashn Says:

    well, AMEN to that! I like it!

  2. honesty is the best policy…always

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