I had a Deaf Submissive visit

This month has been pretty wild, for me two visitors, and very interesting. I do know a lot of people, and since she has returned home, I have had several out reach programs stop by here to talk to her about different training.

I have a very good friend who is an attorney who happens to be blind, called me last night and wanted to offer her a job has a paralegal , since she had just completed some courses. well she is back home now and I wish her well.

She is really one of the most awesome sub and women I have met in a very long time. Very smart and really pretty hot. Very dedicated.

I am not going to go into why she chose to visit, I do keep somethings private, but I truly hope things work out, if not she always has a place…


5 Responses to “I had a Deaf Submissive visit”

  1. LLoyd Tress Says:

    I once corresponded with a deaf submissive girl, named Sherri. She was a brunette, from Illinois. We never met, but in talking with her, I learned that she worked at a law firm in St. Louis. Just curious — could she be the one you met?

  2. You will have to email me directly for me to receive attachments
    If it is her I may have a way to contact. Do not get excited but I just may.

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