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Those Three Words

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I will admit I really feel different. I feel like I am alive, like I have gone through a rejuvenation process. I am not as grouchy towards other people, I have even become somewhat sociable, not to the point of actually liking people, I am not just as cold when it comes to speaking. I have very few people who I really call my friend. I do have one I email often I do call a dear friend. What friends I do have we are like a close family.

Rob called me yesterday, and said he was parked out front, he was taking me to lunch. I never turn food down, more so when someone else is buying. During our lunch it seemed we both were able to open up a bit more than usual. Rob began telling me about some changes he was going through with his slave. His slave met Tish two weeks ago for the first time. She is very well mannered, speaks softly, and really digs Tish. I am not big on sharing, Tish is really not Bi, but would do if she was told.

I probably would not force her in that direction, while fun at that moment for me, it could cause harm to Tish, in a mental way, so I am thinking the outcome would not be good.

Rob said he has seen some changes in me, he did not go into detail, and I did not ask, he just said more perky. Yea I am not much on perky.

He shared a lot about his slaves past, I was really shocked because I could just not see the things he was telling me about her. He has been good for her, and in two years she has really come a long way. My hat goes off to him.

He then asked me about Tish. How I felt about her, was I in love.? To be honest I cannot even remember the last time I used that L word.  I told Rob I had not even really thought about it, although Tish and I had spoken about her feelings.

I think when it comes to love, I tend to show it more with actions, than what I could ever explain while speaking. I am very caring, and loving , and I do believe it shows. I am not the romantic rose type guy, nor do I do the candle light dinners.

I asked Rob does it really matter how I feel or what I am thinking? I would think not. I just want to go with the flow. When you use the love word, that is like you have just opened a new door. The door could be wanted or not wanted, but once you use that word you are committed, to what ever the next step would be.

Rob then asked me if I had ever been in love? I do believe once, although when I look back today I am really not sure any longer, maybe I just cared a lot. The biggest issue I have is trust, I really trust no one, except for myself. Even close friends will screw you if giving the chance. I mean even if your in a relationship in the back of your mind there is always doubt. We as people have changed so much in the last twenty years, we have drifted apart, we are no longer social. Everyone is out for what they can get out of someone. To much greed. People today are money driven, nothing else matters.

So Rob and I left Denny’s and he had to exchange some things at Kohl’s, I must of missed that part of the conversation, I just heard lunch. Again the question came up, why I have trouble being in love. What am I really with Dr. Phil today has he taken over Robs body, wow. Again my actions. To me actions speak louder than words. After all you can tell if someone truly likes you, if they are really into you, or even care. It all boils down to actions.

Right now Tish’s actions are speaking louder than words. is she in love? I really doubt it? Will she be? Who knows, I am not going to press the issue. I will say it is almost impossible for a submissive or slave to fully submit or trust, unless the love is there. That is just my opinion.

Tish did meet my ex wife Friday as well as my son. To my surprise my ex liked Tish. Why did it surprise me? Because she has never liked anyone I have dated in the past. My son who is 14 liked her. Tish was able to see , that there was no drama between the ex and I. We get along very well. She just talks to fucking much, it is really hard to get a word in. She also made it clear to Tish I was a man of my word. I am drama free and I like to keep it as such.

I do consider Rob to be a very good friend, even though we do not see eye to eye on many things. I still keep my distance, when it comes to being able to open up. Something I do not mind sharing, but something are meant to stay home. My personal business stays at home, I have also made this very clear to Tish. Sharing things that are personal , is a big no with me.

Right now things are good. I feel like I am on a level playing field. I am very content, I am at peace. Life is good.


Tish Moved In

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I know it has been only a short time, but here we go. I was set to move, I was going to move to Tennessee so I could be closer to my dad. He is in the first stages of Dementia, and my step mother, did not want the responsibility. Although my brother is close by, he has somewhat of a temper, and we all know yelling does not get you anyplace.

My step mother, was forgetting to give some medications, which would land my father in the hospital, for several days, until they got his meds straightened out.. Then at one point she had him committed , because she said she was scared of my dad.

So I called my step mother, which I do not do often, we clash really bad, because I see through her. She knows I think she is as worthless as a screen door on a submarine.

She handed me a sob story how she has been dealing with his condition for two years. I said your a fucking liar, 8 months ago he was well enough to buy a 350.000 dollar house, and a 42.000 dollar car, and a hand gun from a gun show. She wanted to put him in a VA nursing home, because for my dad it would of been free, and she would have his retirement all to herself. I made a few phone calls to his doctors , I explained everything, and now things are going well. She will text me but no calls. I will visit as often as I can. I already had a house picked out,  found a job, but you know things happen, and they happen for a reason.

Tish approached me I guess late last week, and posed the question about moving in. Her lease was just about up anyway. I told her I thought we would get along very well. The way we clicked, the things we had in common, our communication,and most of all I truly understood her.

Her lease was up in February , and I was fine with that, but the more we talked and spent time together, she began to have separation issues, she had to be with me every night. It was getting to the point she did not even want to go to work. So to keep things on a steady flow, I agreed.

It has really been awesome, we get along like we have known each other for years, we have a lot in common, with the exception of music. Tish is more into Pop music, while I am more into the loud Ted Nugent type rock, but I am fine two cannot like everything.

Tish and I had talked the other day, she was having issues with just being away from me for even a couple of hours. She had a lost feeling, she would become insecure, an empty feeling. She explained I was like her security blanket….

This is to all those who are submissive or a slave, those feelings are normal,and they do get worse before they get better. The feeling is like a rush, a rush you have never felt. The good news is in time, it does ease up.

Many subs or slaves are codependent, we as dominants need to understand. If you  want such a relationship with a sub or slave, then you need to be able to take them for who and what they are including all the baggage if they should come with any.  Being codependent is something a dominant needs to accept, in some cases being insecure even when there is no reason. The need to be clingy in another big one, and we need to be willing to listen.

Tish is really amazed at how well I am about remembering everything. I forget nothing. Another good trait a Dominant has, we not only hear but we do listen, even it seems we are not.

Tish was worried about the commute , her CRV has a lot of mileage, so last week I started looking for a car that got better gas mileage, and lower miles. I found a nice Grand Am, that fits her perfect, and with only about 73.000 miles on it. Rides much better than her CRV, and she says it is fun to drive. When we are out, she drives anyway, I really hate driving.

So I have implemented 25 rules. They were structured toward Tish as I stated before. As I learn more about her, I may take some away and add new ones.

Now have I gave Tish my collar? Not as of yet, that will take time, she will have to earn the right to wear my collar. How long will that take? Well that depends on her. I am going to say six months maybe a year. A collar is earned, it is not just giving. There is no way a Dominant could possibly know someone in any shorter than six months to ask a sub or slave to wear his collar.

Tish likes being bound at night. I bought a chain and pad lock, this really makes her feel secure at night, it also gives her the feeling of being owned, more so than lets say leather cuffs. So at night be ask permission to enter the bed, and she hands the chain to me. I lock it around her



I love Beautiful Woman.

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I admire beautiful women. You do not have to be a size 4 to be beautiful. Beauty comes in different forms ,shapes and sizes. With me , there are many factors, one being the personality, how she carries herself, communication., it just goes on and on. Has been following me for sometime. His Blog is strictly about Beautiful women from all over the world, and the kicker is he knows many of the ones he post. On my facebook He has pointed me in the direction of a few who needed likes. I do not normally pimp someones page , but I am going to make an exception.

Check out these two women and click the like button, I know not many women will, but there are a lot of men who perv my blog, and I do thank you…. I also hope everyone continues to enjoy my post.. So here are the two.

Enjoy these women are really hot..


My World My Slave

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I was single for well over a year, during and prior I made a couple of mistakes and bad choices in partners, and there are those I wish I had never met, and those who are total nightmares.

When we do not take the time to think clearly, our heads get fucked up, it is almost like a cloud settles over our brain, and it causes us to have bad judgement. Sometimes we settle for less just so we have the companionship, even though we know deep down it is not going to work. Then at times we put to much effort into a relationship when we know the same thing, it is not going to work.

While in a relationship some may think my way is a one way street, I suppose if you looked at it from the outside I could see where one might think that. One might get the impression I am selfish, I can also see that. The truth is you have to really get to know me. I told Tish the same thing. You have to watch, listen and observe, because I am not going to tell you everything, if your truly interested you should want to do so. So far things are going perfect.

I run the house no questions asked. I make all the decisions no questions asked. What I did make clear however , because we are all not perfect. If she was to see an easier way, or maybe I am about to make a mistake, I want to hear her point of view, and I would listen. I have made mistakes in the past and I have paid the price. If I am at anytime wrong, I will be the first to admit it.

I was looking for a slave, not a submissive, a real slave who was true or wanted to learn about the lifestyle , and my way, and only my way. I am not going to change. I tried once before when I got married, the worst mistake I had ever made, but I was a man and stepped up to the plate. I was not out fucking behind any ones back. Ive gone over this before no one really seems to give a fuck so I am going to drop it.

I am Dominant 24/7, I just cannot turn it off like some are able to. I wanted a slave who was a slave 24/7, not just in the bedroom. That is like finding a Buddhist monk , that lives in an Amish town, yea next to impossible.

I found one, or she found me to tell you the truth. She is beautiful, stable, a little emotional at times, but aren’t all women at times, fuck even some men are. She has a good career, has been employed at the same place now for 13 years. Did I mention she is beautiful, and hot, with a body built for sin. Yea.

Tish craves submission , she craves accountability , she craves structure, she craves guidance. Tish needs all of the above. She needs rules, which were structured toward her needs and not mine. Tish craves consistency, Tish craves communication, Tish craves attention, she wants to be held at night, during the day, she wants to know she is number one, and the only one. I cannot understand a Dominant or top who has to have more than one at his feet. All my needs and then some are being met, without question or hesitation.

When I say slave, I am not looking for a house keeper, a cook, or someone do do my laundry. I did all of that before I met her.

Like me Tish is big on protocol, Protocol is part of her submission, again she not only craves she needs, this falls under acceptance.

She truly enjoys being spanked, Everyone knows I love bare handed spankings, back to my ass fetish. She loves bondage, which I love, she loves control. At night she has the need to be bound, being bound makes her feel safe. So we went to Home depot, I purchased a 5ft chain and two pad locks. One end goes around her neck, and locked, the other around the bed frame. This makes her feel safe, secure, but most of all owned. At night she sleeps like a baby, and she knows should she have to go to the bathroom she can wake me.

If and when company arrives she greets them, offers them a seat, at this point and time, Tish goes into a service mode, she offers drinks or what ever the guest may need. If I tell her to sit she does if not she stands behind me. Although I am big on protocol, she needs this, she has the need to please.

Our daily routine, we wake. I make Tish a cup of coffee and we sit and talk, until it is time for her to go to work at which time I make her a cup to go. Through out the day I receive text from her, I want to know how she is doing. Breakfast she tells me what the choices are and I choose what she is to eat, lunch the same thing, she will text me the options and again I choose. I cook a lot so I do most of the cooking, I enjoy cooking. I fix her plate then mine, we sit at the table. She is not to begin eating until after I have taking the first bite. At that time she may begin, this is public or private. After dinner, this is our talk time. She is allowed to say anything that might be on her mind. I want to know in more detail about how her day way. I want to know what is on her mind, any concerns she may have. Our talks usually last about a half hour. Then depending on how she is feeling its play time.

The above is an everyday ritual , all of the above that I have mentioned is what Tish told me she needed. I am consistent in our daily activities , there are no exceptions.

When out to eat I order her food and drink which is water most of the time, again she does not begin to eat until after I have taking the first bite. She does call me Master public or private. She is not a bedroom slave. I choose the clothes she is going to wear, I will pick the pants or skirt and I let her show me the different tops and I choose.

Safe word, many are going to get upset about this. I do not use a safe word. Why?  I started out in the lifestyle as a sadist, I was a sadist for about 12 years or so, then I slowly began to calm down, my needs changed. My wants changed as well. After Bea and I went our separate ways. I could clearly see the mistakes I had made, and it was or is my full intentions on not making them again. Now the safe word thing.  If you really care, you can tell by her eyes when she has had enough, her body movements, or even verbal. If she had asked about a safe word I would of allowed. She will tell you I have never hurt or caused any pain.

What do I get out of all of this? What are my rewards? Well pretty much anything I want or need, although sex is not the main part of a relationship, it is there for my taking, at times it is about me, but most of the time I make sure Tish is pleased. Her needs are met. I have an awesome friend, someone I can talk to, an open line of communication. Someone who likes to go out . She loves to give head, she loves anal, and at times I love the female on top, most subs or slaves do not like that, but she rides it is just wow, and she is able to cum in that position.

The structured rules I put in place, at some point and time I will add more as I see fit. It is important not to try and overwhelm someone with a bunch of since less rules, that does not benefit the slave in anyway . To many since less rules can set one up for failure, more so if they are just sexual based.

Tish has learned a great deal in a short time, she has or is learning it is okay to say NO. She is learning it is okay that not everyone likes her. She has learned it is okay that she does not have to gain acceptance from everyone around her. She has learned that while not with me, it is okay to put her foot down, and stand her ground. She has learned that when she feels there is to much on her plate, I can take some of that away, and let her know there are options.

This ladies and gentlemen is what the lifestyle is about. As much as I would like for it to be a one way street, it is not.  There is no arguing, none, the main reason being we know where we both stand. There is no verbal abuse, no physical abuse, no mental abuse.

The relationship is not about us Dominants it is solely about the sub or slave. They gives us their needs and we implement a structured plan, to insure they are getting everything they need out of the relationship. The relationship is clearly not all about me. The relationship is about Tish and only Tish. I insure her needs are met at all times. I highly believe in aftercare, proper aftercare can and will prevent sub-drop.

I am very structured as well. I have zero drama in my life, and I will not allow or stand for it. I have recently let a few friends go just because of their drama. I have zero anger issues. I take care of problems before they become problems.



I Was Somewhat Annoyed Last Night

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Tish and I had just finished Dinner, and a knock at the door, a very good friend of mine came over , but she did not recognize him because he was not in uniform, once he told her who he was I told her to let him in. He has a habit of just showing up, but we are really close so I do not mind.

He had his slave with him, I guess they had just returned from Orlando. I could tell almost immediately that their main focus was on Tish, so I just kinda went with the flow of things. We have been really good friends for a couple of years, soI tend to look over a lot of things.

I could see him looking at his slave, as if he was waiting on something, and the subject of sharing came up again. We had already been over this or I thought,, maybe I did not make myself clear the first time.

I am not going to post pictures of Tish on here, but I did post one of us at Seaworld on my FB in my group. You have to be a member to see, sorry about that. Tish is really smoking hot, a little taller than I am, as a matter of fact I am the shortest man she has ever dated.

Anyway I just cannot believe the subject even came up again, with my friend knowing how I feel about sharing. I forget what we were talking about, and out of the blue his slave says so you do not share. Tish was standing by in the service position, and I had to remind her about offering company drinks. I did not really say anything Tish is still in the learning mode, and it does take time.

So again I explain why I do not share. Now if for some reason Tish wanted to be with a female, which she does not, I would allow, and I would not take part in anyway.. She has been with a woman before, and does not really care for it.

If I just out right told her to she would, and not even hesitate, but it would only be to please me.

Here is the thing, we as Dominants are to take care of ours. I have been mentoring a young couple who both has anger issues, but the male when he gets upset, he tends to say some very nasty things. that are very hurtful.

So I asked him, give me one good reason why you two should argue? I am just asking for one reason. He could not answer, as a matter of fact anyone reading this cannot give me a reason. She on the other hand gets angry because he has trouble telling the truth. that I can somewhat understand, but it is still not a valid reason to argue.You call him out on it confront and let it go.

Ladies, subs and slaves, here is my way of thinking. A woman no matter what her status is, vanilla, submissive, or slave. Cooks the mans meals, does his laundry, keeps the house clean. Here is the kicker, she lays on her back spreads her legs, sucks his dick, gives up the ass , and the male is going to disrespect her, get the fuck out.

Now I love to cook, I do not mind doing the dishes, I will even throw in a load of laundry, not much on folding. I was looking for a slave not a house keeper, or mother.

So if your woman is going to lay on her back and take pretty much what ever you want to do, why would you as a male, Vanilla or Dominant even think of putting your woman down, be it verbal, mental, or physical.

If your a Dominant and you have anger issues, maybe you should rethink your status.  I am not going to say I do not get upset, because I do, I even get angry, I will cuss like a sailor, but never I repeat never at my property. I would never disrespect her in anyway shape or form. Now if you are not in my circle, I do not even see you, I want nothing to do with you, I could really careless. If you are my friend, I will bend over backwards to help you.

So the couple last night are very religious, I do not understand the sharing, but both are very christian like. I started to explain in Viles words.

Look I love to eat pussy way to much, to be down there, and I have this mental picture of some dude banging my bitch. I love to kiss, so thinking of her sucking some dudes cock, well that is not going to happen.

They did exchange phone numbers, and fetlife id’s . Tish received a text about a half hour later. Tish likes to be restrained at night, so I bought her a chain and padlocks , she explained in the text, her chain was ready and she was turning in for the night.

Okay even if I did want her to be with another female, knowing that is really not her thing, is that really fair to Tish. Could it be detrimental to her well being? Sure it could.

As a Dominant, I am suppose to lookout for Tish, not only physically but mentally. , if I force her to do something she really does not want to do, what kind of Dominant does that make me? Will she still respect me after it is all said and done? I think the feelings would change somewhat. I broke my word, from the start I made it clear I do not share. I do not mind someone looking, but hands off. If you were to see Tish’s body you would understand why I do not mind someone else looking.

I was somewhat disappointed in my friend because he had his slave ask yet again, he knew I would not say anything out of the way to her.

I do want Tish to make friends with other Subs and slaves in the lifestyle. I think that is very important for her growth. So she has an understanding of how others live. I would think that would be something every dominant would want.

So call me greedy, stingy, but the bottom line is my pussy is just that my pussy. My friend who was over last night is not the first, it is like dudes are coming out of the woods. WTF.

I just do not get it.


Seven Most Common Types Of Submissive’s. What are you?

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I ran across this article on Tumbler , Hmm I forgot I even had an account there. Southernbarbie asked me to post about a Brat, which I think fits her really well.

What this article did not cover in the Brat section was, most brats when around other females are usually pretty rude, they can be somewhat cold, and short to the point. The brat needs to be the center of attention. Most times a brat is hard to control, but can be tamed with the right partner, but at times she can still be somewhat defiant, stubborn, and if she has any rules, she does not think twice about breaking one. The brat worries about the consequences at a later date. Most of the time the brat thinks she can talk her way out of trouble.

With the right partner she can however be controlled, when in the company of her Boy friend or Dom.The truth is most brats are very loyal, and very seldom stray, the same with a slave. Both know it is very hard to find someone who truly understands them.The true brat comes out mostly when he is not around , this is the the true brat emerges. In most cases if a female is not in her circle of friends, she looks down on other females. She has the need to be spoiled, the center of attention, and only hears what she wants to hear. Most brats are shopping addicts, and they have a fixation with shoes.

Anyway I was able to reblogg this on tumbler, which Until a few minutes ago, I did not know I even had an account, and I do not forget very much.

By BDSM Tourguide via A Submissive’s Journey

Although each submissive has their own personality, quirks, flaws and merits, each will usually fit into one of the following seven categories of submissive behavior.

Please do note that these are only the most common types of submissives; others do exist, but to much lesser degrees.

Type One: The “Little Girl” Submissive – Ever-blushing and ever-giggly, the “little girl” type of submissive is the consummate child actor. She will usually use every cute little hair twist and every sweet little smile in her arsenal to make sure everyone finds her to be the sweetest little girl in the whole community. These little girls typically ooze sweetness and often make dominants and other submissives in the community wonder what they’re really up to. Little girl types usually do not get along with other little girl types at all, as they typically crave attention and one little girl trying to muscle in on another little girl’s turf is an open threat to the incumbent little girl’s monopoly on attention-getting. For this same reason, little girl submissives do not usually do well in polyamorous relationships, preferring to be the sole object of their partner’s attention. A positive aspect of little girl types is that they are usually unwaveringly devoted to their partners and once they find a partner, they are unlikely to leave that person. From a purely psychological perspective, one has to wonder if the little girl type uses her wiles and charms and craves attention to cover up self-esteem issues.

Type Two: The “Tame Me” Submissive – The “tame me” type of submissive is overly rebellious, overly strong-willed and overly confrontational with dominant types. They want to find, in their own words, a strong dominant to break their spirit and make them be the submissives these girls just know they can be. This type of submissive doesn’t seem to realize that most dominants enjoy a spirited submissives and don’t actually want to attempt to train a wild pony only to have it turn into a old gray mare once they saddle-breaking phase is completed. A submissive that shows qualities of rebellion, will and spirit are often looked upon appreciatively by dominants, but the tame me type of submissives tend to take these traits to the next level. Ordinarily, once a tame me type is actually tamed, she becomes bored with her relationship and begins looking anew for better challenges. These submissives do not often form lasting relationships within a BDSM community. A positive thing about the tame me type of submissive is that they are really fun for the first couple of months, but after they have been tamed, they tend to settle into predictable ruts until they are ready to leave the relationship, then they will begin to act out again in hopes that someone, who is not their current partner, will attempt to tame them once again.. Psychologically speaking, one wonders is a tame me type is merely playing hard to get in order to find a partner that will put up with them and not become overly baffled when the submissive ceases to be a challenge and then leaves for another person that will do it all over again.

Type Three: The “SAM” Submissive – A “SAM” type submissive, also known as a Smart-Assed Masochist, is just that, a smart-talking submissive with a quick tongue. These submissives are usually only SAMs, or Sammie, to their partners or people they know very well. Usually, their Sammie behavior isn’t actually a cry for attention; it’s just their way of being playful. In fact, most SAMs when actually threatened with punishment will back off, saying that they were only playing and that they didn’t mean anything by it. Occasionally, this behavior can be incredibly frustrating to their partners who, by the time the SAM has agitated their partner into frenzy, are looking to string the SAM submissive up by their toes and see how many fresh red marks can be created. Interestingly enough, most SAM submissives are not actually masochists. They actually do not want to be punished for their actions as, to them; they were just playing around to begin with. The positive thing about a SAM sub is that they are usually great fun and very playful partners. Occasionally, they are playful to an infuriating level and will occasionally push their partners until their partners are ready to torture them just to relieve the stress. Psychologically speaking, a SAM is probably not actually looking for punishment or attention, but just wants to show their affection by acting the way they do. The SAM is usually subdued by a couple of harsh words, because once they realize they have stopped being fun, they do not enjoy the feeling associated with causing their partner actual distress.

Type Four: The “Brat” – The “brat” is different from the tame me type and the SAM type in the fact that they are overly-aggressive, smart-mouthed and frequently rude, they have no intentions of submitting to anyone’s authority or discipline, except that of their partner. This fact, however, does not stop the brat from continuously harassing every dominant and most submissives with which she comes into contact. Oddly enough, to their partners, brats are, almost unanimously, not bratty. The brat knows full well that their partner can and will punish them, and probably would if their partner caught them acting the way they do in a community. Brats are usually very good submissives once they find a partner, but their confidence in knowing full well that they have a partner and no one else can lay a finger on them typically causes their behavior. Anyone that’s ever fallen victim to the behavior of the brat can usually stop the brat’s behavior toward them with a well-worded email to the brat’s partner, along with any specific bratty remarks copied and pasted into the text of the mail. The good thing about brats is that they are, almost unanimously, actually very good submissive. They usually behave very well to their partners and are usually very easy to get along with in relationships. Psychologically speaking the brat probably acts the way she does, because of the sense of security afforded to her by the knowledge that she has a partner and no one else is allowed to touch her. The brat, once reported to their partners for their behavior, tend to settle down and treat the person that has reported them quite respectfully. The brat will normally only push the people she knows she can push.

Type Five: The “My Master is God” Submissive – Also known as they “I have a master and you don’t! Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah” type of submissive. These submissives are of the opinion that their masters can do absolutely no wrong and that their master’s word is as good as law and that their masters know everything there is to know about everything. The “My Master is God” type of submissive frequently spends inordinate amounts of time talking about their masters, what their masters have done to them, or for them, or with them in the past, or any other tidbit of assumed wisdom their masters have ever passed along to them. Suffice it to say that conversations with these types of submissives can get old very fast, and most people would almost rather eat broken glass than converse at length with this type of submissive after she has related her favorite “My Master did this” story for the third or eighth or hundredth time. The good thing about the “My Master is God” submissive is that they are very, very devoted. These submissives are usually crazy about their masters and hang on his every word. Mostly, it seems, this type of submissive is usually very new and inexperienced, and frequently their masters are, too. Psychologically speaking, one wonders if these submissives are under the effects of psychoactive drugs or mind control, because most sane people are not this devoted to their partners. This type of submissive is frequently very new and very inexperienced, and therefore has nothing much of value of her own to add to a BDSM-related conversation. Her master, too, might be inexperienced, but as long as he treats her well and what he says seems to make sense, she will hang on his every word, believing that he knows more than anyone else possibly could. People in disagreements with this type of submissive will often find that, unless they have at least five documented, proven bibliographical sources to back up a claim or opinion that differs from this submissive’s master’s claim or opinion, then this submissive will never believe a word of it, choosing to believe instead that anything her master says is the absolute truth.

Type Six: The “I am Slave, Hear Me Roar!” Submissive – These are absolute, prodigious, epitome of any submissive type. Don’t call the “I am Slave” type a submissive, though, they don’t like that very much. In these slaves’ opinions, there is no other submissive group that can possibly equal their level of commitment, sacrifice, talent, experience or will to submit. To this slave archetype, submissives merely play at being slaves, and anyone not in a 24/7 TPE-type relationship cannot possibly understand what it really takes to be a slave. Somewhere along the way, the slaves falling into this category forgot that the traditional, BDSM-defined slave is supposed to be demure, servile and meant to be seen and not heard. The good thing about the “I am Slave” type is that they are often very committed, very talented, willing to sacrifice anything for their master and willing to submit to any kind of torture, torment, punishment or practice their masters desire. These slaves rarely safe word out of any situation, and frequently don’t even have safe words. Psychologically speaking, the level of ego required to drive a self-proclaimed slave to this level of verbosity and fervor seems directly contrary to the actual personality required of accepted, established slaves. It is likely that, if an Old Guard Master ever found himself in care taking or in possession of this type of slave, he would first begin her experience under him by gagging her or taping her fingers together to prevent her from vocalizing or typing exactly how great of a slave she is.

Type Seven: The “True” Submissive – The “true” submissive is often the culmination of the desires of every dominant figure around this person. The “true” submissive is often shy, under spoken, docile, servile and absolutely willing to do anything asked of her. The true submissive is usually aware first of the wants, needs and expectations of the dominant figures around her and not concerned as much with her own wants, needs and expectations. The true submissive is frequently inexperienced, untaught and looking to be pleasing by being perceived as the ‘expected’ norm that a submissive should be. The true submissive will serve anyone and allow herself to be disciplined by anyone claiming to be dominant. The true submissive will usually be found off to the side and out of the way of everyone, rather than openly interacting with people. The good thing about the “true” submissive is that they can be educated and trained out of these types of behavior. Through training and education, these submissives often find that they are allowed to say no to people. They find out that they can get involved in conversations and don’t have to be wallflowers in social situations. They also find out that they are allowed to want, need and expect things as any other person would. All they need is some encouragement. Psychologically speaking, there’s nothing at all wrong with the “true” type submissive, other than they need some guidance and that they probably got some bad advice from an online dominant or an online submissive. With good advice and guidance, these submissives can easily turn out to be fine submissives, or they can turn into one of the other six types mentioned here.

There are also, of course, the “normal” submissives that enjoy carrying on conversations, are very openly opinionated and very capable of handling themselves in social situations. It is to these kinds of submissives that others would do well to look to as role models and advice-givers.

(source) A Submissive’s Journey

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If You Are Not Submissive

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This is a problem that happens all to often, more so with those who are submissive, not so much with dominants and you will understand why.

A female meets someone she is interested in, it seems like they have much in common. With the one exception. He is Dominant, and she is not submissive. I am a lot of female friends who are not submissive, and I really prefer to keep it that way. It gives me an out at times, just having someone out of the lifestyle, that I can just hang with. While in a relationship not so much, I prefer my slave to be by my side when I am out.

So the female is not submissive, but she is interested in someone she has met. When it comes to the time for him to explain who and what he is about, sometimes a relationship has already bloomed, more so with the females feelings.

While I did medical transport, at times a nurse would accompany the patient, and I would see the nurse on a regular basis, sometimes I would get asked out, because I never crossed that line at work. This was my time to come clean, I felt like I had to expose part of my life to someone who was somewhat a stranger.

So I explained part of my lifestyle, 99% of the time, a short conversation was all it needed to make one change their mind. Then the 1% I had to go into more detail. Most of the time once I explained myself, we just remained friends, but there were those who seemed somewhat interested. I did not pursue anything with the ones who were interested in experimenting , I just left it at that.

Then at times words are not enough, some Dominants feel that just maybe things can work out. Once into the start of a new relationship, the Dominant see’s that such a relationship is not and would not be fair to the female. The Dominant comes to realize, that he would be doing more damage than good.

Many times a female who thinks they are submissive or at least want to give it a go, once into the swing of things she see’s the light. She comes to terms that this type of relationship is not for her. She then wants the Dominant to change, change who and what he is. This is not going to happen, and many times everything comes to an abrupt end, including any friendship that was left.

At times it is best to remain friends, and work on keeping any feelings both have developed , at bay.

While I do understand, because I am guilty, when I was married I was trying to change. I wanted a family a nice house, a child. It did not take long to realize that I had made a very bad mistake. I could not change who I was. I was not happy being me. I was a fake, Cook outs with the jone’s, the Smith’s. Drinking beer with Bill. That was not me. I needed the control, the kinky sex, the bondage, most of all the spankings.

I was man enough to come clean about who and what I was. My then wife asked for a divorce. I can say while married no matter how unhappy, how depressed, or miserable I became. I remained LOYAL at all times. Although I did meet Bea before my divorce, we had dinner three times, but no contact of any kind. It was not until I was divorced and out of my then house on the beach did I pursue a D’s relationship.

The guilt I felt was a heavy burden, I felt like I had crushed someones life at the hands of my selfish needs. I was only thinking about me and no one else. This is how I felt.

Then after much thought, I was not being selfish. The fact of the matter was, I was not being fair to my wife. I was leading my wife on, I was not able to give her the life she wanted. I was holding her back.

I agreed to seek counseling, I only did this to make me feel okay. I wanted to give my ex-wife the benefit of the doubt. Even after I explained to the pastor what my feelings were, he just said I was selfish. No I am being selfish by staying .

After Bea and I had split, I entered several short term relationships, knowing fully well, they were not going to work. These were with single woman I had met through work, some lasted only a couple of weeks.mainly because I was asked to change , and I refused. I was not going to let my cock run my life. I needed to find that special one.

I searched for over a year and a half, to find a slave who fit my needs and my needs only. I laid all the cards out on the table. I made it perfectly clear what I expected in a relationship, I was upfront about everything. Low and behold Tish agreed.

I expected Tish to just walk away, but that is not what happened. Each day we grow more and more, and we are both moving forward on a positive note.

If you are not submissive, find a partner who wants to explore in the bedroom, maybe then you may want to expand out of the bedroom.. Be who you are, you do not need to change for anyone. Be yourself, most of all be happy.