Our Kinks

Even in the lifestyle we tend to judge people, we look down on others who seem to have out of this world kinks. We do not understand so we judge or ask are you crazy?

I would imagine that is why there are so many who are afraid to speak up, or attend local event.

I remember many years ago when I first met sherry, while I knew she was a masochist I surely did not understand. While she was my first and the beginning of my sadist journey, I did not understand what made her click, more so I no longer understood me.

We tend to make fun of people when we do not understand, and instead of asking questions, we just shun.

What if a submissive told her Master she wanted to wear diapers at home, and he made fun of her or told her she was crazy. That would make her feel pretty stupid.

While I somewhat understand pony play, I do not judge or make fun of, adult baby’s I far from understand, but we all have to have a release, a safe haven, and be with someone who understands.

I know a couple local who is into K9 play, no not puppy play real K9. I have watched at a party. While I do not really get it, it is not for me to judge, it makes them happy, I would never want to get into that type of play, and I am not sure what I would do if I was approached by a partner who wanted to try something like that. I would have to think long and hard. While to each their own I do have limits in place.

I do understand the masochist now, the release of pain, and endorphins a place to go in your mind. While I would not want that type of relationship now I do understand them much better.

I am at a point in my life, I do not wish to see that kind of pain in ones eyes. I care to much. I was not in love with sherry that is what made it so easy.

I now what to feel ones pain but in a different form, I want to hold and caress, I want to feel what is inside. yea um kinda of mushy there huh.

So the next time we are told about someones kink, google it, try to understand them and support them instead of making fun of or not even considering them as a friend.

I have talked to subs, and I showed an interest in a daddy , daughter type relationship, and the conversation ended right then. We all know it has nothing to do with incest.

I myself being a Dominant, may not enjoy or like some kinks a slave would, but I would go there because I knew it was a need, just like there will be thing I enjoy she would not, but would be willing to go the extra mile.

So lets all just stay kinky and have fun while doing it..



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  1. here here Vile!

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