Submissive’s Who Have Children.

I go through phases where my Fetlife gets blown up with messages. I am seldom on there, when I am it is just to see what friends are doing, or when the next munch is.

I had a couple of emails one a submissive, one a slave, wanted to know if I was still looking for a partner, both had children. I emailed back, and said I was open, we could email for a while see where things go.

The first question was, do mind if I have a child?  Well that would depend, you except someone for who they are, if you click and they have a child, I would not see why not.

The reply was, as soon as I tell the Dom I have a child, she gets dropped. He is no longer interested. Cramps his style, does not want the responsibility. Or maybe because she was not able to stay nude 24/7.

Then the question, this is fucking real but sick. What role would my child play in the relationship? Are you fucking joking? Are you serious? You have to ask a question like this. Some Dominants well I am not even going there. Fucking incredible.

If you are interested in someone, or you think you would like to have a relationship a child should not make any difference, but to want to include in anyway is just sick, and should be reported.

All to many times when a submissive or slave is abuse, be it on the first meet or leaving a relationship. he should be brought out in the open, and exposed for who and what he is, no exceptions. If he abused once he will do again. Theses are predators, who prey on subs and slaves because he see’s them as weak.

The problem is, most just shake it off as a bad experience , shake it off, and continue looking. This leaves the door open for him to make a repeat. To stalk, prey and abuse again.

Although I am not looking for anyone with children I have not ruled it out, who is to say who one is attracted two and not. At my age I would prefer not, but I cannot say never.

If more spoke up, and exposed those who are fakes, it would make it harder for them to abuse again. The BDSM community is really small, word spreads fast.

Not long ago, I made a mistake with a slave, it was a lack of communication on my part. If it had not been for me being know in the community, and people knew who I was and what I was about. My name could of been ruined. It was really nasty breakup.

I was not concerned until friends started calling me, and telling me what was being said. She thought by calling people I know in the community would make me look bad, but in fact it made her look pretty stupid, but if I had not known people, and people did not know me, it could of turned out pretty bad.

I may blog about that here soon.


4 Responses to “Submissive’s Who Have Children.”

  1. Agree, kids should no be a problem when it really clicks. I have 2 daughters, one stays at my place 2 weekend a month. Princess has 5 of them but that is a different case as I’m not yet able to come over to her place, the kids don’t want me to, still in grief for their father.
    So when we are together, Princess and I, we are alone most of the time.

  2. […] didn’t think to include this as until I read Vile’s post today; Submissive with children, made me think about what if any Dominant I met or was interested in would the fact I have children […]

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