A New Slave Has Come To Light

I told everyone not long ago I was seeing someone. The relationship is really starting to take off. Things are going well. She comes with no Drama, really no baggage , very smart, a nice career , takes good care of herself, very beautiful, inside and out, and incredible to be around.

It is really hard to find someone you are compatible with in the lifestyle. Some will bend or even give up some of the things they cherish when it comes to needs. We all know this does not work.We have to be who we are, and be with someone who excepts us for who we are.

I will be the first to admit I am not the easiest man or Dominant to live with. It is not that I set up for failure, that is far from the case. I want a slave to excel , I want her to be all she can be. I want to support her in anything she wants to do.

There are many slaves more so those new to the lifestyle who are led down a road of destruction, those who are just used and abused,and when they are no longer useful, they are tossed out like a bag of garbage. Waiting to be used by the next, because the slave knows no better.

I can imagine it must be pretty confusing to a slave who cannot find normal ground to stand on, and thinking there has to be more to what I need.

I am very positive this will work. I have looked for over a year, for the right one. The one I click with. The one I can have conversation with, the one who enjoys having the right to open communication. A slave who was able o sit down, and express her needs.

I have told everyone I am old school, a lot of younger Dominants do not agree with me on a lot of things. Times change, people change. I am not a man of change. I refuse to be someone I am not.

Many subs or slaves that follow me here, most think I am out of touch. I was chatting with Gemini the other day, and just from reading my blog she had me pegged, on who I was and what I needed in a relationship.

When a slave enters a relationship she is looking for certain things to make her complete. Number one is structure. Two someone who is honest. Three someone who truly cares for them. Four. someone who is not abusive, be it physical , mental, or verbal. Five Consistency, stay one track be who and what we say we are.   A slave or submissive never really ask for a lot. So we as Dominants should be able to step up to the plate.

I remember first entering the lifestyle, young and dumb. Full of ego. When I spoke to a slave she asked what rules would be in place, not knowing any better, I would copy and past the basic 128 rules. Those who had been in the lifestyle anytime , they knew I did not have a clue. Those rules have been a joke for years.

Well it seems today their are those Dominants out there that are still using these rules. Tish’s last Dom used them, who had been in the lifestyle for 20 years. Married to his slave of course. Took away a few and added a few of his.

How in the fuck is a slave suppose to remember 128 rules, and not break one. In my opinion rules are meant to be about positive reinforcement, to help, to guide, not to set up for failure.

Then the almighty Hypno Dom, I posted about yesterday. He preys on new subs and slaves because they do not know any better.  This is not the slaves fault, it happens.

So the slave continues to seek out the one who meets her needs. It may take a few mistakes before making that connection. The end result is truly life changing, when you find the right one.



10 Responses to “A New Slave Has Come To Light”

  1. A very good piece here. I do not always agree with all your thoughts, but then again, we would not be human or have a personal consciousness if we did now would we. Your five points should be read by all Dominants, particularly the newbies. I wish you and Leticia great success in your new found life-style connection. She certainly has found a wonderful experienced Dominant to pursue her dreams with……..

  2. Thrilled for you Mr. Vile. Be good!

  3. Wishing you all the the very best Vile my friend and his new lady Leticia. She has a very nice blog too : )

  4. I am very happy for you!

  5. […] else came up with. Which is why when I saw mention of ‘the 128 Basic Rules’ on THIS post over at The Kinky World of Vile I was intrigued! There are basic rules? Who knew? After […]

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