A Slaves Trust

When a Slave first meets a new Dominant, she is at her most vulnerable time. The slave has much they want to share. They want the new Dominant to know everything about them, they have the need to open up. The Slave wants you to open their book, and read every page of their life. The Slave wants you the new dominant to except the good, the bad, and even the mistakes they have made. The Slave spills their heart out, lays everything right in front of you.

Can you even imagine, how a Slave must feel after sharing every detail about their life, and the pause, and silence waiting on an answer how they must feel. The slave has no idea how the New Dominant is going to react, or what his answer may be. If the dominant is going to get up and walk away, or will he simply except the slave for who they are.

A slave shares details about their life, they have not told family or friends, laying all their cards out on the table, looking for acceptance. acceptance is need , it is a must. I can imagine how their heart must be racing. Waiting on those words. I understand.

If anyone has met a slave or submissive that did not come with any baggage, I would like to meet them. We dominants offer our hand, we can make everything alright, or so we think. At times the road is a bumpy ride, at times with the right amount of patients it is smooth.

The relief a slave must feel after spilling her heart, and knowing you the dominant has excepted her for who she is, the mistakes one has made, the needs. The slave is now starting off with a clean slate.

Then the breakup, it happens. Whose fault is it, the Doms, the slaves? Does it really matter?

This does not give us the right, to use what was intrusted to us, to use what was shared as ammunition. We as dominants are suppose to be better than that. We are held to higher standards. After all we excepted the slave for who they are, not what they did.

These past few days I have read some emails that has just blown me away. Emails from a dominant with twenty years experience. I have never seen anything like it. I could not imagine myself stooping so low, trying to verbally dismember someone. To break what little was built up

When a slave meets her first dominant, it is seldom permanent , the slave is deep in love.The slave has found the one. That is the slaves intentions anyway. The fact is a slave seldom stays with her first. Six months a year maybe. Any dominant who has been in the lifestyle any length of times knows this as well. Now there are exceptions, I know a Master and Slave who have been together for 25 years or longer right out of high school. So it does happen.

So I have been able to take a bad situation, and turn it around. After a couple of days o nasty emails. We are now being civil. Speaking of Tish’s ex Dom. The reason being I did not blow up, I maintained who I was, and I stayed calm. Once he saw he could not get under my skin, his tone changed. I am guessing at some point he will now apologize for his actions and his words. I did not blow up, I do not roll like that.

Still not admitting he may have done something wrong, or maybe just maybe he could of handled things a bit different.

I wanted so badly to post a few of the emails, but I am not going to drag Tish deeper into a bad situation. Words really do cut, and they cut very deep. While a bruise can heal, words never fully heal.


I put the blame on no one. Things happen, but you do not use things that were told to you in confidence and throw it back in someones face. I suppose I think this way because when I was much younger, I was guilty of the same thing.  I have grown, I have learned to stay calm and in control.

Today shall be an awesome day.

4 Responses to “A Slaves Trust”

  1. From what little you have said sounds like he has major issues, I am glad your lovely lady is out off the situation. Many hugs & kisses to you both.

  2. I am glad you are taking the high road with this.

    “Words really do cut, and they cut very deep. While a bruise can heal, words never fully heal.”

    Words can warm the room or burn down the house. Most do not understand this. Words simply cannot be taken back….even if the actions change.

    Blessing to you both.

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