A Starving Tish

Three weeks and counting, it seems like we are just in the flow of things now. Our communication is like no other.

I set time aside every night to just talk. This is free time to say what ever is on her mind. The subject can be anything, usually a half hour to an hour. It is less stressful when a slave knows she can be open and let her feelings flow. Knowing she is not judged or having the worry of getting into trouble.

Tish’s ex Dom and I went round and round for a couple of days, but I was able to take a bad situation, and turn it around. My emails are now welcome.

I went from being an asshole, to I was someone who did not know what I was doing, I did not have a clue to what Tish needed.ย  The emails were pretty abusive towards Tish.

Now he thinks I will be good for Tish, he now see’s me being a positive factor in her life. He finely admitted he may have messed up in some areas. He is there is I need any advice.

The problem was while in a D’s relationship, the vanilla part was absent. It was Master and Slave only. Tish does have a mild depression problem, and when she was emotional, his answer was take a pill and lay down. When your acting normal we can talk, or do not email me when your being emotional.

So the other day Tish asked me about rules. You cannot just meet someone over dinner and hand out a load of rules. This takes time to put into place, because you have to learn the slave.

Her man focus is structure, simple task, and a few rules. So I sit down and thought about Tish. I did not think about me. What was it Tish needed.

Twenty basic rules that fit Tish’s needs. The rules had nothing to do with me, like the 128 basic rules. The rules were all about Tish.

Last night we were talking, I like her facing me, eye to eye. She said where is your strictness at. You always speak of being strict. The fact of the matter is, I am very strict, but if I were to just dump a load of stuff on her mind, it would be like an over load, and here comes the crash. I explained she had to not only get use to the twenty rules, she had to implement them in her everyday life. I started with little task. One of the main ones was for her to start going back to her mediation class on Sundays. This is good down time for the mind.

She feels very comfortable being with me, now she is able to talk, and it is just not Master and Slave. At night she likes to be bound, I love the body tape.ย  When bound she sleeps very peaceful, she feels safe. She likes to be held, and touched, she loves the feeling of being owned, and cared for, knowing she comes first.

As Dominants we have to put our slave first. We have to stay focused, more important we need to stay consistent, which Tish did notice that about me, and thanked me.

Tish’s Ex Dom told me of all these problems he had with her, her emotional break downs, just on and on. I have seen none of these as of yet, and we are together almost everyday.

Earlier this year Tish went through what one would, some trials and tribulations , made some mistakes, a few bad judgement calls, but to me it was really normal because , at that time it is what she needed. Of course all of this was thrown back into her face, when she finely broke things off with her Ex Dom. She would fly to Ohio almost every weekend , and I am guessing that was stressful alone.

All in all things are going well. Better than I expected. Last year was not a good year for me, I went through a couple of bad relationships, my error. When we just want to fill a void, we tend to settle for less, knowing from the start it is not going to work. It is good at that time.


11 Responses to “A Starving Tish”

  1. Vile,

    I am glad you taking baby steps, wishing Tish and you all the best with next couple of steps.

    Hugs & kisses to you both


  2. southernbarbie Says:

    Well I am glad to see you are doing well my bestie. Tell Trish I said hello ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My bestie. How are you? I hope your feeling better after having all your teeth pulled. The false ones will look ok. your hubby will thank you. Yes I will check out her blog.

      • southernbarbie Says:

        Wisdom teeth dot need false. Omg I dont want ppl thinking I have fake teeth pahahahabha
        ๐Ÿ’‹I have been well and you Bestie๐Ÿ’‹

  3. I am very happy for you, Vile. ๐Ÿ™‚

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