You Must Take My Pain

I have heard these words many times from an inexperienced Dominant. You must take my pain to show your owner appreciation. You must take what I give to show you are true to me.

The upper statement is truly a shame, and many subs/slaves suffer at the hands of these predators. Even young Dominants who are trying to be true , and acting without a Mentor believe the same thing.

I cannot understand a man who can lay a slave down, and beat until her body is covered with bruises , and even think that a small portion of this is right.

Once the sub/slave has had enough, and finely gains the courage to leave, they are now thinking if I wish to continue, what is in store for me with my next relationship.

The question then becomes is this what BDSM is really like? Is this all I have been waiting for all my life? How can a man be in control, when all he wants to do is beat on you, and then wants you to thank him.

This is a conversation Tish and I have had, from her two previous experiences . Both basically explaining the same thing. You must take my pain to show appreciation. You must submit no matter what.

You will clean my apartment, you will cook for me, you will do my laundry, you will have sex with me, and you will take my pain. All of this without any real communication.

The truth is, once you have come into contact with a slave who has been abused, the slave is much like a whipped puppy. They tend to shy away, and it takes a good long while, for the new Dominant to help repair, what has been damaged, more so to gain trust.

No matter how much you try to exploit those kind, the fact is , a new slave or submissive pops up daily. These men see those as easy prey. Targets, an open line for abuse. While it is true, until these Dominants can get a grasp on things, they do not believe what they are doing is about abuse. So much junk has been published over the net, it is hard to determine what is real, and what is fiction.

Once you sit a submissive or slave down, and you begin to talk, they feel very stupid. Stupid is not the case, because they simply knew no better. Some are so needful they will stick out the bad, and hope some good will come of the relationship, but the sessions come more frequent, and much harder.

While in the past, I have enjoyed some impact play, it has never been against someone’s will,and I have never pushed one to the point of what would be called abuse.

In three and a half weeks, going on a month, Tish has learned more than she has learned in a year. She now has a greater understanding of the lifestyle. She now knows it is indeed a very loving relationship, and it is much different when one does listen, to their needs.

Do not ever let anyone tell you. You must take my pain. to show appreciation.



11 Responses to “You Must Take My Pain”

  1. Your candor, mixed with balls, shows how attractive you are. A confident, dominant man that loves women …. how desirable! 🙂

    • You are a good ego booster Green eyes. Thank you for your words. I only speak the truth, and nothing but the truth,
      I suppose I could just tell people what they want to hear. The world of D’s is perfect, how would that make me look in the end.

      I do love all women from all walks of life, I have great respect for women. In my 50 yrs Green eyes, I have never hit a woman out of anger, and I cannot remember when the last time I raised my voice.
      Be it submissive or slave both are very special, strong, and so willing to give. Why abuse?

  2. I wish you could be channeled Mr. Vile. You have a lot to teach & evidently there might be those thy have a lot to learn! Have a great weekend with Tish!

  3. You are an amazing example for young doms. Seriously. There is so much crap out there that sometimes even I think “what am I fucking doing”… There should be more like you!

  4. I haven’t dropped by in a while. I hadn’t realized how long it had been. I’m glad to see you’ve found someone. May there be balance and joy for you both.

    • This has really been awesome. It has been a very long time since I have been able to click with someone, it is a good feeling.
      Although we went to seaworld Friday and I almost died, we had fun.
      Thank you for dropping back in…

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