We as Dominants need to have Patience

Patience is the key, patience can unlock most any door. I believe among Dominants Patience is the greatest asset we have when it comes to a relationship. Patience is expected from us because we are held to a higher standard. Patience allows us to gain trust, patience is a communication opener.

I posted last week, that I had exchanged several emails from Tish’s last Dom. The email exchanges were pretty nasty on his part. He spent much of his time bad mouthing Tish and her problems, which in fact are not really problems. Why? The keyword patience.

I did not know what I was doing, I did not have a clue about the lifestyle, I did not understand Tish. The two of us would never work. I was stupid. I would never be able to handle Tish. Tish is to emotional blah blah blah.

After a couple of emails, he saw I was not going to fall victim to his childish ways, he became more polite, and calm. He then admitted maybe I would be good for her, just maybe I did understand her more than he thought.

Patience and control is something we as Dominants must be consistent with, just as the rules we lay out and expect to be followed. Both is how we gain trust and respect.

Yesterday Tish and I went for a walk, I have walked more in the past four days than I have in four months, anyway someone I knew said hello so I walked over, he asked how I was doing, and someone visiting him was making rude remarks to Tish, I ignored him Tish did as well, I looked at the source. The fact of the matter was, he was going to jack off thinking about Tish, and I am the one fucking her, so his words really meant nothing.

After she left, I walked back over and confronted him. I told him what a piece of shit he was. I told him you cannot even afford the jeans she is wearing, and I have seen the women you date. Next time I would not be so nice. He apologized and assured me it would not happen again. It pissed me off, but in front of Tish I maintained control, I did not blow up.

Tish does get emotional, that is her, so being there for her, being able to communicate, showing patience has really gone along way.

The Ex Dom would tell her, not to email him when she is emotional, or talk, because she did not know what she was saying, when in fact this was the time the truth was coming out, and it was the time to listen. The more one listens the more one understands.

Patience is suppose to be one of our key traits. We are suppose to listen, even when we do not want to, no matter how small we think the subject is, this is an agreement we have made.

All to many times we spend to much time telling one what they want to hear, instead of being truthful. We think with our little head, and not the one with the brain.

Not one of you can give me an example , on why two people should argue. scream at each other, or fight. I have asked that question many times, and I have never gotten an answer. Why? there is no reason, most do not think before they speak. If you think about what your going to say before saying it, if it sounds bad, change the wording up.

A couple of people who follow me have emailed Tish, and she will tell you, what I write is me 100%. I walk the walk,and talk the talk. hmm is that the right wording? You get what I am saying.

Patience is the Key.



6 Responses to “We as Dominants need to have Patience”

  1. Rubber Bound Princess Says:

    This is so very true, my Master needed so much patience when we first began our journey, even yet sometimes I push him to the limits of his, but he never shouts,he always listens,this is what a truerelationship like this is about,listening and understanding because that is what love is built on x

    • I truly admire the relationship your Master and you have. I believe it is much more deeper than mine.. Thank you for dropping in again. I agree communication is needed and the fact he does listen. That is what makes the relationship work. All subs and slaves push from time to time, if you did not what fun would that be..

  2. Patience is truly a virtue. For s-types need to extend the same to the(ir) D-types too. No one is perfect even if we wish them that way…

  3. You are so right… For the Dom as well as the sub.

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