Tish Moved In

I know it has been only a short time, but here we go. I was set to move, I was going to move to Tennessee so I could be closer to my dad. He is in the first stages of Dementia, and my step mother, did not want the responsibility. Although my brother is close by, he has somewhat of a temper, and we all know yelling does not get you anyplace.

My step mother, was forgetting to give some medications, which would land my father in the hospital, for several days, until they got his meds straightened out.. Then at one point she had him committed , because she said she was scared of my dad.

So I called my step mother, which I do not do often, we clash really bad, because I see through her. She knows I think she is as worthless as a screen door on a submarine.

She handed me a sob story how she has been dealing with his condition for two years. I said your a fucking liar, 8 months ago he was well enough to buy a 350.000 dollar house, and a 42.000 dollar car, and a hand gun from a gun show. She wanted to put him in a VA nursing home, because for my dad it would of been free, and she would have his retirement all to herself. I made a few phone calls to his doctors , I explained everything, and now things are going well. She will text me but no calls. I will visit as often as I can. I already had a house picked out,  found a job, but you know things happen, and they happen for a reason.

Tish approached me I guess late last week, and posed the question about moving in. Her lease was just about up anyway. I told her I thought we would get along very well. The way we clicked, the things we had in common, our communication,and most of all I truly understood her.

Her lease was up in February , and I was fine with that, but the more we talked and spent time together, she began to have separation issues, she had to be with me every night. It was getting to the point she did not even want to go to work. So to keep things on a steady flow, I agreed.

It has really been awesome, we get along like we have known each other for years, we have a lot in common, with the exception of music. Tish is more into Pop music, while I am more into the loud Ted Nugent type rock, but I am fine two cannot like everything.

Tish and I had talked the other day, she was having issues with just being away from me for even a couple of hours. She had a lost feeling, she would become insecure, an empty feeling. She explained I was like her security blanket….

This is to all those who are submissive or a slave, those feelings are normal,and they do get worse before they get better. The feeling is like a rush, a rush you have never felt. The good news is in time, it does ease up.

Many subs or slaves are codependent, we as dominants need to understand. If you  want such a relationship with a sub or slave, then you need to be able to take them for who and what they are including all the baggage if they should come with any.  Being codependent is something a dominant needs to accept, in some cases being insecure even when there is no reason. The need to be clingy in another big one, and we need to be willing to listen.

Tish is really amazed at how well I am about remembering everything. I forget nothing. Another good trait a Dominant has, we not only hear but we do listen, even it seems we are not.

Tish was worried about the commute , her CRV has a lot of mileage, so last week I started looking for a car that got better gas mileage, and lower miles. I found a nice Grand Am, that fits her perfect, and with only about 73.000 miles on it. Rides much better than her CRV, and she says it is fun to drive. When we are out, she drives anyway, I really hate driving.

So I have implemented 25 rules. They were structured toward Tish as I stated before. As I learn more about her, I may take some away and add new ones.

Now have I gave Tish my collar? Not as of yet, that will take time, she will have to earn the right to wear my collar. How long will that take? Well that depends on her. I am going to say six months maybe a year. A collar is earned, it is not just giving. There is no way a Dominant could possibly know someone in any shorter than six months to ask a sub or slave to wear his collar.

Tish likes being bound at night. I bought a chain and pad lock, this really makes her feel secure at night, it also gives her the feeling of being owned, more so than lets say leather cuffs. So at night be ask permission to enter the bed, and she hands the chain to me. I lock it around her



8 Responses to “Tish Moved In”

  1. Congrats to you both, I hope all works out. I’m looking forward to reading about this as they progress.

  2. Smooth sailing, Master. I’m excited in continuing to learn Your ways.

  3. Congratulations.
    I’m happy for both of you…
    Also, I can relate to the being-bound-at-night thing, No.7 sometimes asks me the same. 😉

  4. Butterfly Joy Says:

    How wonderful! I feel so happy for you dear friend! Happy New Year!

  5. Wow! Congratulations to you and your lady love! Happy New Year to you both.

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