Our Emotions.

Our emotions tend to run wild. Our brain is like a runaway train. Our mind is traveling at the speed of sound, trying to piece everything together, and at times it seems we have hit the wall of mass confusion. We try to sort to many things out at once, but it never works. Then at times we are not even sure what we are even thinking.
So this week I will introduce some new training techniques to Tish, those that are tailored towards Tish, and only Tish.  Just being with me a short time, then the move, I have been pretty lax in the training process, and even giving correction when needed. The last thing I want to do is cause any type of stress. I do not want to make her feel she has not done good, because she has.
At some point Love plays a part in the relationship. In the past I have made mistakes. My last long term relationship fell apart due to my bad judgement.
So as a Dominant we cannot let our emotions get in the way of Discipline, no matter how much we care, or what we are feeling. If we set a rule, and it is broken, then there should be consequences. Why have rules or guidelines if we are not going to enforce them.
A submissive or slave comes to us seeking guidance , understanding, and structure. We as Dominants have to be strong, caring and loving, but all with a firm hand.

I myself do not like to punish, when I have to it really hurts deep inside, I feel like crap for a very long time, and I even become emotionally drained, and at times guilty, but if I do not follow through, then I am not the Dominant Tish has been looking for.

So what I see is perfection, a slave who is trying to be her best. Forgetful at times, but those are the times I look over, things are still new to her and my ways. I have not need to sit around waiting on her to break a rule. That would set her up for failure.

The first of next week I will start introducing new rules and task in small segments, to insure she is not overwhelmed, or to cause to much stress.

So no matter how emotional we become, we must continue to be who and what we are, as Dominants we must stand firm. We must praise when needed, and punish when needed.



5 Responses to “Our Emotions.”

  1. Rubber Bound Princess Says:

    Love should always play a part, becasue true love isnot found it is built between two people x

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