Slave Clothes

Tish / Arianna has been having thoughts about how she does not feel completely owned. This is not to say we are not doing well because we are.  I would also say you cannot feel owned 24/7, although you are in that frame of mind.

So I bought a few dresses , dresses that normally a 65 year old woman would pick out. Yes they are really ugly, like long thick night gowns. I have Tish / Arianna wear often.

The purpose is to give the slave feeling. I pick out her clothing everyday once she gets home, or when we go out.

Although I am not Gorean I do follow and implement much of the protocol. The protocol has not been a task on my part because Tish / Arianna is probably the most compliant slave I have ever met, there has been no resistance at all.

So Yesterday I was doing some reading, trying to figure out what I could implement to give more of a slave feeling. I have been told to call her a whore, a cunt , a stupid bitch. To keep reminding her she is not equal, blah blah. Do not get me wrong, I do believe humiliation may be needed at times, just not in those forms.

So I googled John Norman, and started to read, and it hit me. The art of speaking in thirds, this is a practice used by those who live the Gorean Lifestyle. Speaking in thirds is a constant reminder of who and what she is.

The speaking in thirds is not something I will use as permanent training method but temporary, and until she has become comfortable speaking in thirds without having to think about what she is saying.

To those who have never heard of speaking in thirds. It would go. May this slave sit, May this slave get master anything, may this slave go to the bathroom, so on .

The speaking in thirds is a reminder to her just about every time she speaks of who and what she is. Makes her feel humble. I am glad to say so far it is working. At some point and time I will stop it, when I feel she has reached that point.

Tish / Arianna has been going through many changes, changes that are personal,and challenging , and those not so personal. I have introduced her to a lot of people in the lifestyle in the area, next month we are Orlando bound.

Tish / Arianna has really come along way, and together we have worked through many things that have come out. The key is we have worked together, and through communication. She is not only very beautiful, but she is very smart, a smart woman is a huge turn on.

Tish / Arianna has informed me she would like to start another blog besides the one she has, she would like to take on more of a role in my blog.

I am not going to post any nudes of her, nor am I going to get really personal, out of respect. I have posted some pictures on my facebook, non nude.



One Response to “Slave Clothes”

  1. I love to read how your relationship evolves… The speaking in thirds is a very smart tactic I believe. It’s humbling but not insulting.

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