If A Bitch Will Lay On Her Back

I use the word Bitch loosely. To me it is a pet name nothing more. One thing I will not do is use pet names out of anger. I was sitting around the other day talking to Arianna and I was trying to remember the last time I truly lost my temper. A month ago I did come close someone was really getting on my nerves, but actually mad I cannot recall.

There has been a couple staying with me for about 4 months, they are getting ready to move. A Dom in Daytona Beach called and asked if I could help them out. What a fucking mess it has been. He is stupid I do not like him at all. She is very sick a lot of medical issues going on.

She has had me try and talk to him, he has a real bad temper, and I have had to step in a time or two and put him in his place. I have never met a man who is so self centered, non-caring, and selfish. You get the picture, last week she had to beg him to spend five dollars on a Bra. New shoes are flip flops.

Anyway I tried to have a talk with him several times. and I put it like this. If a Bitch is going to lay on her back, spread her legs, and take what ever you have to dish out. You need to man up and take care of your woman. You need to put her first no questions asked. You need to make her your number one priority. If she ask for something buy it. I am not talking a car or something outrageous, but to deny the basic needs, is just wrong.

You should never at anytime lay a hand on a female , okay out of anger, to call one a stupid cunt, a sorry ass bitch, then expect her to lay and spread that night. Man please.

I know a lot of people that follow my blog think I am out there somewhat, maybe to strict. I am strict, and again very big on protocol, but the word abuse is not in my vocabulary, nor has it ever been.

The submissive or slave is the back bone of a D’s or M’s relationship. What is a Master without either? I truly believe the submissive or the slave gives the Master the drive, if that makes any sense.

I am not just speaking about BDSM I am speaking about Vanilla relationships as well. I see abuse more in Vanilla relationships more than a D’s or M’s. Maybe I just have not noticed it in the D’s community as much.

The bottom line is. If A Bitch Will Lay on her back and give her all, then take care of her.



13 Responses to “If A Bitch Will Lay On Her Back”

  1. Thank you for being the person to say it…

  2. Rubber Bound Princess Says:

    My Master thinks exactly like you, we may argue over things and get upset, but never has a hand been laid on me, never have I been called names, My Master knows he needs me just as much as Ineed him, and we respect that, Im so glad that you wrote this, x

  3. Rubber Bound Princess Says:

    Its pretty random sometimes, but hey ho its who I am x

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