Collaring Arianna

Collaring a Submissive or Slave is a very serious step. Once the collar is placed around the neck it should not be taking off. How often do you take your wedding band off. It has the same meaning.

If you are a working professional then something should be picked out so you can wear it while at work or at home. Again the Collar should not be removed at anytime.

I have giving Arianna a Training collar which I was against from the start. I suppose over the years BDSM has changed, and after much pressure from other Dominants I guess I gave in. Back in the day there was one collar. Today there is a consideration collar, a training collar, then a collar. A bout six months ago a submissive asked me if I knew anything about a promise collar, wow really?

Arianna’s protocol is very high, she follows all without question, public or private.

So Arianna and I have passed the three month mark by a few days. I must say things have really progressed , and we are moving forward. Our communication is really awesome, and on the weekends we stay pretty busy.

I would also say I probably know Arianna better than anyone else has in the past. Most of the time I understand her, but at times she does throw me for a loop, but it does not take me long to get back on track.

I have not spoken to Arianna about collaring her, the subject has come up while out with others though.

I do at this time see us as long term, and nothing less. You have to go into a Master and Slave relationship with a positive attitude. You have to want it to work.

Before I met Arianna I would not even think about a collar until a year or so into the relationship. Things are different now for a few reasons. Arianna is the most compliant slave I have ever met. She truly starves to please, she has the need to please.

So I have been looking for the perfect collar. The thing with Arianna she is not ashamed of who or what she is, she wears her training collar 24/7 now. A tight choker with small handcuffs attached to each other..

I would not pick a collar that just stood out and said slave, but what ever I offered I am sure she would except and wear.

ImageArianna’s training collar. she wears 24/7


9 Responses to “Collaring Arianna”

  1. Rubber Bound Princess Says:

    A collar is a precious gift x Mine means the world to me

  2. Some do not see the value of a collar, what it means to their submissive. I am glad you & Arianna are doing well! Amanda

  3. How do you feel about having two collars? I have one that I wear around the house and to bed and things because it’s flexible and leather. Then I have one that’s metal and looks more professional and low key, but would bend if I wore it at night. The only time I take it off is when I shower. But, it does bother me that my Master isn’t always the one who puts it on and takes it off.

  4. Butterfly Joy Says:

    Congratulations Vile. I feel so happy for you and Arianna. 😀

  5. Congratulations.
    I am happy for you both. 🙂
    Her collar is very pretty.

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