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Anal Training Really ?

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I am a hands on man, I am a in person visual man. I do have an ass fetish, be it anal sex, or rimming. To rim I really have to be into you. Pictures do nothing for me, although Arianna has sent me a few from work, that I did not mind it was not a request from me. Video’s to nothing for me. Now I do take in a porn flick from time to time, but it is not a need. I do no take pictures of Arianna nor do I take videos. Why should I she lives with me?

There is also a respect factor, a man not a dom I did say a man, because a real Dominant would never ask for such a thing. He would not put his submissive or slave in a mind altering position. If she does agree to such a request she is only doing it to please, nothing more. She gets nothing out of it. I could not date anyone who would allow to me to spank, or tie her up, if she got nothing out of it. If the man really cared for his sub / slave he would not make such request to begin with.

This is a pet peeve of mine, and every time I hear the words ANAL TRAINING I just shake my head.

So you get a call from your Master, and he tells you he wants to talk about something, or maybe he sends an email.

We are going to begin your training, and we are going to start with anal training. Your going to buy a dildo and every night your going to fuck your ass with it. I also want pictures, if you can make a video that would be better.

Really? Really? Really? Are you serious? Where did one come up with this type of training? Is it really needed? Is there a purpose for it?

None of the above. Ladies, those who are submissive, and slaves. The Anal Training is a joke.

Now is this a bad thing, in my eyes yes, but just my opinion. There are those who need to please and will go through great links to do so. Okay some are just slutty enough, some enjoy anal, cant get enough.

The truth is your mater is not the only one who is going to see the pics or the video, all his buddies while at the bar drinking some beers are going to see everything.

Dominants who have no experience , or fakes use this technique, as a way to show authority , as a way to prove who is in charge. A real Dominant would never ask a submissive or slave to do such a thing. Think about those two words ANAL TRAINING. Just like the Dominant that uses the 128 rules. WOW. How do I know all of this, well at one time I was young and inexperienced, and yea Anal Training popped into my mind.

Training is not meant to be sexual, training is meant to be towards self improvement. Training benefits the submissive/slave. Why would you as a Dominant want to use and exploit  your submissive / slave? Why would you want to put them through that kind of stress.

I can agree that if one is not use to anal sex it may take some time for them to get use to it. I would think one would want to do this in person. The two of you working together. Show you care. I love anal sex, I will be the first to admit I get rough at times does Arianna enjoy it, I would say no. She does love anal sex if I take my time.

I have made Arianna insert a butt plug but again I was hear, all hands on.

If you have a Dominant making such request, you need to rethink your relationship. I am speaking as a man and Dominant. Do not think you are the only ones seeing the pictures you take, or the videos you send.



Every Man’s Dream

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A couple of months ago I had an old friend contact me on Facebook, we have sent a few MSG’S back and forth. She asked for my number in case she ever wanted to talk. So yesterday I received a text from her, asking me if I would consider having another slave.

The first text came in around 2.30 or so and Arianna could tell I was deep in thought. When she asked me what was wrong I explained to her what the other slave was texting me about. It is not that Arianna would be against the idea, it just takes her a few days to digest everything.

I thought about the in’s and out’s, the pro’s and cons, the good and the bad, the advantages and disadvantages, and my answer was no.

Arianna told me she would be open to the idea, and would be willing to give it a try. She writes everything down so she can soak it in and think about it.

Wow okay two slaves, sex anytime I want, not that I do not get that now. Okay head anytime I want. Well I get that as well. Well anal sex anytime I want, well I get that now. A best friend, well I have that now. Someone who is loyal, well I have that now.

Here is the thing. I micromanage Arianna, this is what she needs and wanted. Would it be fair to bring another in. This would surely take time away from Arianna. I would not be able to give the attention that Arianna needs.

I explained to the other slave she would be number two, she would never be number one. Arianna would always come first, and she was good with that. Again after much thought my answer was still no.

Okay walking into a munch with a bitch on each arm, that would look awesome, more so since both are hot.  Then I could brag about what I have. Okay two waiting on me hand and foot. Why do I need two.

I am not ego driven, I was told by another Dom I was stupid to pass up such a great opportunity.  I just shrugged my shoulders.To each their own.

I do not believe one Dominant can handle more than one slave at a time. A slave requires so much one on one time. A slave is very needy a slave needs constant attention.

Now if I was to bring another into the picture, I would think it would make Arianna feel somewhat inadequate, like she was not able to fulfill my needs, this could really be Detrimental to Arianna’s self esteem, and our relationship.

Okay two slaves giving me head at the same time, or fucking one while the other is eating the other out. , a million and one things crossed my mind, but in the end I am thinking why more than one, what is the need or purpose.

I have lived in a triad before, it is not easy. While living with Chong and Beth, Beth was Chongs toy. In almost seven years I never fucked Beth, nor did I want to. That situation was totally different, that was Chongs need not mine. In the end Beth wanted to be number one and I put her ass to the curb.

Wow waking up with two women, every man’s dream. It is not what most think. In about six months time they are both on their period together, who wants that. Who wants a case of tampons under the bathroom sink.

Some men would like to have two slaves but not the responsibility , not the headaches that come with the two. You cannot split your time between the two, because at some point jealousy is going to kick in.

We were at a munch and I was talking about Chong and Beth, I walked in the house one day and both of them were fighting , I mean fighting, on the ground slugging it out, so I just stepped over both of them, and said I guess you two are having a bad day. I made a sandwich, walked back over them sat down and turned on the TV. I did not try to break it up, nor did I take sides. When this happens you have to let the two work it out, if they cannot, then you take number ones side.

The answer I got was, well you beat both of them. Well no the answer is not to always beat your slave, spank. I see that as abuse, and nothing more.

So I am good, I do not need another, nor do I want another. If sometime down the road if Arianna posed the idea to me I might be open, but for now we are two..



Our Collaring Ceremony

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Well there comes a time when something just feels right. In the world of BDSM a Collar is earned it is not giving. A submissive or slave must prove they are worthy of wearing their masters collar.

How is one worthy? The truth is there are not many who are truly submissive or a slave, far and few between. Then there are those who are only submissive in the bedroom. That is fine and good for those such a lifestyle fits.

Being compliant is first on my list, adjusting to my surroundings is second. Adjusting to my way is third, following my rules , my protocol. You never question my actions, unless I am about to make a mistake, which is very seldom. I think things out clearly before acting. The way one acts in public, as well as private. The willingness to please and serve, but the main thing of course is communication, an open line of communication at all times. If I ask a direct question, I want a direct answer, not an explanation. If it is a yes or no question that is what I want, not an explanation.

To a submissive or slave adaptability is most important, most can and have no problem, but there are those who are somewhat high strung. In time that can be fixed.

The Dominant must stay on a consistent role. The Dominant cannot give rules that are out of touch, or reality. The Dominant cannot change rules midway to fit his needs. The Dominant cannot just sit around and wait on one to make a mistake. Beating is not always the answer. In five months I have punished Arianna one time. I had to think about it before hand, because it was something I truly did not want to do. On the other hand if I had not followed through with the punishment I would not of been the Dominant Arianna thought I was or what I had told her. Punishing her made her respect me that much more.

Arianna is the most compliant slave I have ever met, she craves to please and serve, she does not want to, it is a deep need. Arianna also knows I look out for her best interest. Arianna knows she can come to me about anything and speak freely and openly. Arianna knows at times I let her stumble, but I pick her back up. If you the Dominant only knows the word no, how fair is that to the submissive or slave. You have to say yes sometimes , and if it turns out to be a mistake we fix it, then we explain.

The truth be known last month I asked Arianna if I could collar her. Her answer was she was not ready, I understood, and I agreed after we talked about it. Well something changed this month and she explained she was ready to take the next step. She would gladly except my collar. She went one step further and she proposed. I declined for now on the proposal, only because I have to really think about that.  I do see us as long term, I see neither of us going anyplace anytime soon. We fit like peanut butter and jelly. I just may take her up on that.

So I began looking for a collar. It had to be special, and unique. I really love the Eternity Collars, but they are made in mass production. So I contacted houseofcollars. The man was awesome. I measured Arianna’s neck, and he made it to fit. There are some imperfections in the collar but that is what makes it special. I ordered it last Tuesday and it arrived Saturday. It has a removable O ring which is much better. Stainless steel in a Matt finish. It locks and only I can remove it.


We are having the ceremony in Orlando. I have a very good friend, I want to perform the ceremony. We are expecting 25 to 30 people, a small ceremony.

I bought Arianna a long Back Dress, to wear, nice but simple, it almost touches the ground. She will wear simple flats. She wants to order a cake, a red velvet with the BDSM symbol in the middle with our names on it.

The ceremony is very special. It is called The Ceremony of the Roses.

The formal lifestyle is filled with traditions and ceremonies that are seldom witnessed by the outside world and perhaps one of the most moving and meaningful is the “bonding ritual” or Ceremony of the Roses. This ceremony is steeped in symbolism and mystique that dates back for centuries. Here is a brief description of what it involves and means

An Eternal Bond A couple who has decided to remain together for the duration of their lives and beyond will often opt for this ritual as a symbolic statement of their eternal commitment. It is sometimes used to renew a relationship that has gone through a difficult time and survived the test. There are many variations and couples often choose to add special touches to make it uniquely theirs.

The ceremony is never public. Most often only the couple and one or two of their closest associates attend. The submissive carries a single white rose, not quite in full bloom. The Dominant holds a single red rose that is opened almost fully. Both roses must have thorns on their stems and be freshly cut. To perform two other parts of this ritual, a 6-8 foot length of light chain is also required along with several candles or an alcohol burner (or other liquid fuel , such as a good serving dish might use).

The couple, along with one or two of their closest friends, stand facing each other. The submissive, wearing a simple dress, holds her single white rose. Her Dominant, holding his red rose, removes her collar. He passes it quickly through the flames of a small burner and returns it to her neck. As he fastens it securely, he makes a declaration to her that he will protect and guide her for all of eternity.

With a thorn on the stem of his red rose, he pricks her middle finger and lets two drops of blood fall on the white petals of her rose. She then offers the thorns of her rose to him and he pricks his own finger. He lets two drops fall to her rose, one alone and one on top of a drop of hers.

Their witnesses or friends take a length of light-weight chain and pass it quickly though the flame and wrap it around the couple. They again make their vows to be bound by their souls for eternity. The roses are touched together, letting the blood from hers kiss his, and are then exchanged. The chain is removed and wrapped carefully in a cloth to be given to the couple when the ceremony has ended. The roses are put into a single vase and will later be taken to their private chamber to remain as a reminder to them as they contemplate their new bond that night while joining their bodies.

In the morning, they share their hopes and dreams of being together for eternity and pluck the petals from the roses to place them in a container together. These petals are kept for the lifetime of the couple and a portion of them are buried with each in death. The chain is passed down in the family or given to an honored friend who will use it in their own bonding ceremony.

The Symbolism Revealed

The significance of the roses.

The ceremony will take place on the 26th or April possibly the 27th. I will know the exact date here in a couple of days.

The collaring of a submissive or slave should be very special, not in some Hotel room or over at your house and the Dominant says here put this on. The Collaring should be very special, something to remember..



So You Want To Be A Slave

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I did not write this article , it gives you the first glimpse into a slaves transition, into the life of a slave. I did email her to ask If I may use but the mail was returned as an account that had been expired but will still give her all the credit where it is due.

The truth be known many women, dream of the chance to be able to give up full control. Many women dream of being controlled, being used for ones pleasure, but you have the communication problem.

Many men for what ever reason shy away from such a relationship, and many look at it as a form of abuse. I posed the question to a guy I know. What if you could just snap your fingers and a bitch would drop to her knees to suck your cock? His answer was no. What about a relationship where you are in complete control, and there is no arguing. His answer was no.

There are a few of you who email Arianna on a regular basis. She will tell you in the five months we have known each other and been together we have never had an argument, I have never raised my voice towards her. In five months I have only punished her twice, one was corner time, and although I do not generally spank for punishment, I felt it was needed, so I spanked her while she was completing a task. With each movement she felt the belt across her ass unto she was finished. I do not like to punish, I truly feel bad, and somewhat guilty. I believe as long as you have strong communication, and the Dominant stays consistent punishment is not needed. When I explain something I go into great detail, not leaving any doors closed so the slave has a full understanding of what I expect.

So you step into the life of a slave. This should be a slow moving transition. We begin by implementing a few rules. Such as bath time, bed time, If you impose to many rules at once you can cause a crash. What we want is for the slave to excel. If you had the slave 128 rules, you are setting her up for failure. Thus all your work is down the drain and you have to start at the beginning  again.

You must take the time out to get to know the slave, her likes and dislike, food, drinks, favorite colors, her clothes, which you will probably change.

When out to eat, the first thing you do is order her food, do not ask what the slave wants just order, the same with the drink. You are slowly taking freedom away. You are slowly taking the control the slave once had.

You may want to pick a hair style, a hair color, new nail polish if any, lipstick. You are now molding a slave to fit your needs be it domestic or sexual.

This is something I have never understood. I have a very good friend who is a Dom, his magic number for slaves to live with him is four. Why would one need four. You find one slave you have a lot in common with, and you mold her to fit your needs. Dress, cook, clean, how you like your cock sucked, how you like to fuck. Someone you have awesome communication with. Why would you need more than one? The thing about the lifestyle is everyone is different, and we all have different needs or is it just ego?

I myself being in a micromanaged relationship I do not have time for another, all of my time is consumed with one. On the other hand my rewards are well I cannot even begin to explain. Although sex is not on top of the list it is there for my taking.  When and where and how I want it no questions asked.

I wish I had wrote this article it is really good, I hope you enjoy it…

So You Want To Be A Slave: The Realities
By miria hunter

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I decided to write this article because I have seen so many submissives come into the lifestyle expecting everything to be dream-like and perfect. I don’t wish to ruin anyone’s dreams, or turn them from the activity, but what I wish to do is to explain how things really are. Being a slave can be, and is for me, a wonderful life. It’s everything I wanted it to be. It is also more than I ever expected, and had someone explained the realities to me prior to my decision, it would have made my transition so much easier. For the purpose of this article, I am addressing issues related to being a 24/7 slave. These comments are from my viewpoint, which is that of a female slave with a male Master. By no means do I wish to exclude Domme’s or male slaves. For them, I cannot comment from personal experience. This is just my view from a real-time experience.

First, there are a few things you need to discover for and about yourself. Do you wish to be in this type relationship 24/7? Perhaps you only wish to be in it during the scenes. Maybe you want to role-play at only during certain times. There are many ways this activity can be done, but you have to figure out what is right for you.

Second, you need to learn to be honest with yourself. Figure out what you will and will not do, and what is a “maybe”. Search inside yourself for what you really want, and when you find it, be honest to anyone you talk to. Don’t agree to something long-term that you know you will not be able accomplish. Ask yourself some hard questions. The rest of this article will give you aspects to contemplate so you can base your decisions on reality, and not someone else’s dreams of how it should be.

Are you prepared to surrender 100% control of your life to someone else? 24/7 slaves do this. Role-playing would mean entering into this relationship only for the time agreed upon that the Master would have the total control. Once the scene is over, everything returns to normal.

Do you enjoy country music? Maybe you love Rock and Roll. Consider this. The Master who’s collar you will eventually wear, may only like classical or another type of music that you don’t enjoy. Are you prepared to give up those selections and only listen to His music? This type sacrifice can apply to many other things you currently enjoy. For myself, I love old love songs of any type, and my Master is into Hard Rock. Because of His preferences, I rarely get to listen to my songs. But, when I am a good girl, at times, He does permit me to listen to my choice of music, as long as I get my assigned tasks and chores done. Note, I said, “permitted to”. Something as simple as listening to the radio is a reward for me. It is not a given that you will be permitted to enjoy even this little pleasure whenever you wish. These limitations can apply to many areas of your life such as TV, choices of food or friends, just about anywhere anything! Is there a certain style of clothes you love? Certain colors and scents you wouldn’t be caught without? If your Master doesn’t approve of them, you may be wearing a totally different style with colors you never would have dreamed of. He may lay your clothes out for you every morning. Are you prepared to abide happily by His choices? If He asked you to wear something very skimpy to someplace simple like the grocery store, could you do this without hesitation? I am lucky in the fact that my Master lets me chose my own clothes most of the time. But at anytime, should He decide that He wants me to wear something else, I am to change immediately. Trust me, He does exercise this right. I have learned to always ask Him what He would like me to wear if we are going someplace special.

Are you prepared to change your hairstyle, length, or color to please your Master? All of these will belong to Him once you accept your collar as will everything else that once belonged to you. You will no longer own anything. From the time you take His collar, everything will be His. It will no longer be “your” car or “your” clothes, but “His”, on loan to you as He sees fit. If He should so choose, you will not be permitted to wear clothes at all. This will be HIS choice, not yours. Remember, you will have given up all rights to make these choices for yourself.

You have a favorite chair, or a certain way you like to sit or walk? Your Master will decide whether you sit on furniture or on the floor. He will have the say if you are to cross your legs, or sit with them spread wide-open. You will have to ask permission to even climb into bed, or sit on a chair. Most slaves are allowed a cushion on the floor that they do not need permission to sit upon, but very little else. You will even need permission to eat at the table with your Master.

It’s been a long hard day at work. You get home and want nothing more than to relax in a tub and go to bed early. Well, you won’t be able to. Being tired, ill, or just in a bad mood does not excuse you from your required tasks. You are still required to do them: prepare His meal, and go to bed when HE tells you to. Retiring for bed usually occurs at a set time, even if you are not ready to go. There will not be an “I am too tired” or “I don’t feel well”: nothing of the kind. Unless your Master has excused you from your tasks and chores, you will remain responsible for making sure His needs and wants are filled: no matter what. It is your job to inform your Master of your physical health status. One of your main jobs will be to take care of and protect, His possessions. You being are the most prized one He owns. As long as you let your Master know how you are feeling, He will make sure that your tasks will be appropriate to your capabilities.

Many come into this lifestyle looking to be used sexually, to service their Master at His whim. They never consider other aspects. The main part of being a slave is to be of service to your Master, and not to be serviced for yourself. However, being readily available to Him at ALL times is also an unspoken expectation. The old excuse “not tonight dear, I have a headache” doesn’t work in a D/s relationship. In order to provide Him pleasure, you must also express to Him the pleasure of the moment for you as well. NEVER make your Master feel this is a chore to you: something you would rather not do, but will only because you have to. If your Master tells you to do something, it will not be up to you to question Him. You will be required to respond with no questions asked. At a later time (if this is permitted in your relationship), you may ask Him for permission to speak on an equal level. If He gives permission, this will be your opportunity to ask your questions. However, it is important to ask in a way so as not to question His authority, but at the same time to satisfy your curiosity.

Do you feel being a slave is to be coerced: forced into servitude? Do you think you couldn’t do this unless you were? Then think again. Slaves enter into this relationship of their own free will. This is not the day of forced slavery; it is a matter of choice. YOURS! You are the one who will decide to give over your power to your Master. You will be doing this, not because you are forced to obey, but because you need to. Yes, during the course of your relationship there will be times you will be forced to do something, but it will never be something that goes against who you are. Your Master may feel obeying this command will help you to grow into the best person you can be, or will help you break out of an inhibition you have.

How is your temper? Are you quick to fly off-of-the-handle when you are upset? Or are you laid back, accepting anything and everything, and then go off to sulk because your feelings were hurt? A Master does not wish to have a doormat for a slave nor does He desire to be told how things should be. Learning when and how to say things will become very important in your relationship. If you do not tell your Master when something is bothering you, then you have no right whatsoever to become upset. However wonderful and omnipotent He may seem, He is not a mind reader: unless you tell Him, He won’t know. The key, as I said a moment ago, is in how you tell Him.

Your self-discipline is very important in this relationship. Do you tend to put things off until the last possible moment? You won’t be able to do this when you are owned. There will be chores and tasks your Master will assign that He expects to be done in a timely fashion set by Him, not by you. Your Master’s wants and needs will be put before your own. Self-discipline is similar to self-control. Your ability to follow complete assignments made by your Master will be very important. As a slave, you will need to be able to control your own actions well enough to be able to remain within the boundaries set for you by Him. If He says you can’t do something, simply, you can’t. Doing it anyway, and not telling Him doesn’t make it right. In the case of a Master/slave relationship, what you don’t know CAN hurt you, as well as the relationship you have worked so hard to build. Even a simple “white lie” can destroy the trust so necessary to really establish this type relationship.

As to wants and needs of your own: do you know the difference between the two? If not, I strongly recommend you figure them out before entering into servitude. Sometimes the two are hard to distinguish, but it will become important that you do so. Your Master will ensure all your “needs” are taken care of, but the “wants” will be His to allow or not, as He sees fit. Needs are the necessities of life that are required in order for us to remain mentally and physically healthy. They allow us to grow emotionally and spiritually. If you can survive without something, then it is a want. Wants are usually given as a reward for good behavior.

In order to be a slave, there will be many things you have to learn to accept within yourself and adapt to. Your primary purpose in life will be to see to your Masters pleasure (both mentally and physically) in any manner He should desire. In order to do this, you will have to learn your Master well. Find out what pleases and displeases Him. By this, I do not mean just sexually. You will learn that sex is but a small part of your relationship. Learn to anticipate His every need and desire without being pushy. His needs and desires will encompass intellectual stimulation, physical pleasure, emotional support, and many other things unique to Him. Remember – physical does not equal sexual. Physical pleasure may include, but is not limited to, touch, favorite foods, textures, clothing, and colors as examples. It will be your job to make sure His physical pleasures are met in everyway. Think of the five senses, and make His environment pleasing to all of them. Never forget – the most pleasing thing in His environment should be you.

As His slave, it will be up to you to figure out what pleases your Master. He should not have to ask constantly for the basic things – you should have learned them. If His glass is empty, quietly and unobtrusively refill it. Remember, you are doing this for His pleasure not your own. Just because He does not notice and praise you doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong. Look at His smile. Is He comfortable? If He looks happy and content, then you have done well, and should bask in His content. Always remember that you do this for Him and not for your own satisfaction. Your happiness should come from serving Him and His being happy.

As I said in the beginning of this article, I am not trying to scare you away from the world of D/s. My goal is to make sure that, when you enter our lifestyle, you do so with your eyes wide open, fully knowing what to expect. The road will not be an easy one. You will have to re-learn much of what you once took for granted: things you just did without thinking, like simply sitting in a chair. These are habits we never even think about anymore. That is, until we find a Master.

Everything else you learned before reading this article is probably true. Being a slave is a wonderful life: one where you are taken care of. Most decisions are out of your hands and in those of your Masters. But, many choices will still be left up to you. Most Masters want a slave who is smart, has a sense of humor, and a will of their own. There is no pleasure in owning a doormat who just sits or is only walked upon. He will become bored very fast. Being yourself is the best advice I was given, and I have found this to be absolutely true for me.

You will find being a slave everything you dreamed of and so much more if you enter this life knowing more of what to expect. If you are meant to be in the lifestyle, you will find that, where you were once only walked through life, you will be gliding on air. Parts of you that never were complete will then become whole. In relinquishing control, I have found freedom: freedom to find and be the person I am inside.

It is my hope that, after reading this article, you will be able to make a more informed choice about entering this lifestyle. Never forget that, one of the most important requirements for existing in this lifestyle is honesty. Honesty with yourself first. However, you will find that this is not as easy as it sounds. Once you learn to do this, you will find yourself at peace and able to enter your servitude with clearer mind, knowing where you are and where you want to be. When you accept your Masters collar, you give up all your rights. Your friends, your life – nothing will remain yo urs. Being a slave means giving up so much more than you would if you were only being submissive. You give up all rights in your life. Slave isn’t just a word; it’s a way of life, a defined action. Be well, my friend, and I hope you enjoy this lifestyle as much as I have come to love being in it.

Rick’s miria

Copyright 2000 miria hunter



Slave Collars , Submissive Collars

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Arianna and I were laying in bed last night talking, while she was surfing Fetlife and she pointed out a group called Old Gaurd. Which we all know I believe in. Anyway something else crossed my mind and that was collars.

Saturday we attended a munch on rope torture, they had a couple come in and do a demo, I did like to knots but I failed to understand about the torture method, maybe I lost something while stepping outside a few times to grab a smoke.

The majority of the time the girl was just screaming, the Dom was explaining where to put the rope and where not to, but he failed to give its purpose.

Anyway The Old Guard group that Arianna pointed out for what ever reason made me think about the munch , well not just this munch but all of them.

While out, I am very observant I want to know my surroundings , not really interested in meeting anyone knew, although I did speak with a nice couple while outside.

While being Observant I began to notice little things, even while most of the submissives were running off at the mouth, shouting across the room, making little comments everything that girl screamed, hoping it was going to hurt more.

The lack of respect again to blew me away, I was speechless. If you cannot control your bitch in public , what is she like in private. The way some of the Doms let their subs dress in public, was just unreal. We had to pay a cover to get in, and the submissive taking the money made the comment on how well Arianna always looked. How nice she was always dressed, and she was dressed like a million dollars.

What I am getting at. This munch had about 80 people attend, as I was scanning the room, it did not hit me until last night. There were only a few who were wearing a collar.

The couple I was speaking outside, she was dressed very nice, and very respectful. She was talking about how her master had picked up some un-treated Hemp rope and was treating it himself, which I thought was very cool.

Back to the Collar.  As I was scanning the room people from all over the world, different cultures. One thing that stood out we all live the lifestyle differently. We must respect what other do and believe.

The Collar is the beginning , the collar has meaning, the collar is a sign of ownership. It has almost the same meaning as putting a ring on your finger. Somehow though all of this has been lost. The collar is looked at as kinky, a fetish, there is no sentimental value.

Surely there are those who take the collar serious. Arianna wearing her collar daily, and yes even to work. There are those collars that cannot be worn to work, but something can be worn, not only as a sign  of commitment, and loyalty, but a sign of ownership, and a reminder of who and what you are. Even to wear a collar if not owned is okay, it is a full reminder of who and what you are.

The Dominants need to step up as well, not only with the collar, but the dress and protocol. It seems more and more Dominants are losing control. They tend to be more after the pussy than anything else. Things have changed so much in the last ten years or so. Most munchs have nothing to do with BDSM any longer. It is mostly about kinks nothing more.

Arianna suggested I start a new munch in the area since there are not that many real BDSM munchs. MAST is a good group Masters And Slaves Together. MAST is nation wide, but more poly orientated. Everyone wants a piece of someone else’s slave , everyone wants to bang everyone.

The fact is I enjoy eating pussy way to much to let some other dude bang my slave, not to mention all the crap going around. You cannot just get a shot today.

The way I see it, if you truly love and care for someone, how can you share her, or watch her lay on her back for another man. Now on the other side if it is something the female needs then fine, but do not let it be a one way street. SAFE , CONSENSUAL, AND SANE.

I am not ragging on those who are submissive, and I respect your choice. I am mainly speaking of slaves and the respect for the collar.

It kills me to see a new submissive or slave meet a Dom and if not the first night a month later she is wearing his collar.

A Dom who collars one to soon is using it as a way to get what he wants. most of the time these tend to be cheap leather collars. He will use it as a tool to make one feel special, a leather pussy getter.

I am not so much ragging on the submissive about wearing a collar. Many submissive’s are not 24/7, and most only submit when they want, which is not a bad thing. We all live the lifestyle differently.

The collar is a respect thing, when it is giving it is like a man kneeling to ask your hand in marriage.

Wear your collar daily , and with pride.



Is Old Leather Guard Just A Myth ?

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Arianna and I attended a New Munch yesterday, in hopes of finding a permanent group, both of us were really disappointed. Although the people were really nice and welcomed us with open arms, it is just not what we are looking for. We may give it another chance but I truly doubt it. The munchs we attend are solely for Arianna. I myself believe it is very important for ones slave to interact with others alike. I also believe it is very important for the Master or Owner to insure there is growth within the relationship. Just my opinion.

Every time we have left an event Arianna has made the comment. I cannot believe the way the other slaves acted, or the way they talked back to their Master. Well she is correct, I go back to what I call Old Guard. There was Honor, Respect, and yes again Protocol.

Although I am a smoker, there was never smoking allowed in a Dungeon , or drinking before play. Most of all a Slave would never make rude comments to her Master even jokingly.

Arianna is always dressed very nice. A comment was made from another submissive we had met, on how good Arianna always looked. This is the truth, I dress her. I tell her what to wear, how I want her hair, and makeup, and what shoes to wear.

Last month we left a munch and another Dominant made the comment, maybe I should just find a slave I could dehumanize. Wow really I knew the comment was made towards me. While I did not take offense to the comment, I found it to be somewhat expected coming from him.

Okay maybe just maybe I am somewhat unorthodox , in the way I believe a house should be ran, maybe I am a little to strict, maybe I expect my slave to excel, no matter what she is doing. Maybe I do control every movement, right down to what she eats and how much. Maybe just maybe sex is on my terms. Last night I allowed her to come, I am guessing it had been a little over two weeks. I made her masturbate while giving me head. I could tell she was in heat, so I allowed her to get on top. It took her all of thirty seconds to cum. Then afterwards I heard a very soft , Thank You.

Old Leather Guard started off within the Gay community in the early seventy’s and quickly spread through out the community. Why? the respect, honor and protocol.

I would also like to say I am not a suck my cock Dominant, my cock does not run my life, although Arianna does have awesome skills when it comes to oral. Getting my cock sucked is not my only thought.

The truth is, it is about me, and only me, and I will explain. Being a Dominant is not just a game. A male cannot wake up one morning and say I am a master, or just because you are in a D’s relationship does not make you a master. If your a master and your with a submissive or slave and your her first dominant or she thinks your a dominant , but your just using her to get your rocks off, eh not so much of one.

The care that goes into owning a slave is a great responsibility, my day does not end until after I have tucked Arianna into bed for the night. The last thing she does before going to sleep is the reading of my rules. Then I can relax for the night. That is my down time kick my feet up, and maybe watch a little TV. In the morning I wake , I turn the coffee pot on, my cup and the bowl of sugar is sitting next to the pot.  Once Arianna wakes she makes the request to get up. I then make her a cup of coffee and we set and we talk, about her dreams or we plan out the day. I keep Arianna busy with small task through out the day as well.

Today everyone is more interested in getting what someone else has. I have been asked numerous times if I share, and the answer is no I do not share, nor will I ever. What is mine is just that mine.

Where is the respect factor when it comes to other Dominants. Okay so Dominants my age are a breed who is slowly dieing out. I have been turned away from munchs by a twenty year old Dom because I was to old for the group. Again where is the respect. It is not like I was showing up for a piece of ass. Where is the protocol? All of the above is gone right out of the window.

Okay your a twenty year old Dominant a master. What are you a master of. What could you of possibly learned in such a short period that has taking me twenty years to learn, and the truth is I am still learning. Everyday I learn something new. To be turned away by a twenty year old, WOW.

Am I unorthodox in my way of thinking. I will tell you the answer is no. I will say this I have gone through a line of subs and so called slaves to find the right connection. The right Slave who could fit my needs. See yes in the end it is about me.

Old Leather Guard. At one time Dominants were very close, Masters and Owners. Information was passed along , great conversation, even a warning list of fake dominants. There was no criticizing on how another dom did not know what he was doing. After all we each have our own way of training. At one time Dominants really got along. Respect to this day you will hear me address an older Dominant as Sir. I am not submitting I am being respectful.

Am I unorthodox ? When I met Arianna she handed me a book, the book was about her. She told me to write another one, she wanted everything erased. The book would be based on how I see a slave. So I grabbed an eraser , and I began to edit Arianna. The process only takes about a month. This is just a start, you begin by taking old habits away and introducing new ones. This cannot be done if you are not 24/7 or you do not see someone on a daily basis.

First and foremost the Slave not only has to be true, but willing. The slave has to truly want the change. It is like I have tried it on my own and it does not work, so here I am.

I run an old Leather Guard style home. To most I am to strict. Arianna has no say so in anything. There is one exception here and only one, and I have made this perfectly clear. If Arianna sees that I am about to make a mistake, which is unlikely to happen, but in the event of me making a mistake, Arianna does have to right to voice her opinion. At that time it is up to me to listen to her. I do value her opinion.

Our relationship is based on respect, our relationship is based on the truth, and nothing but the truth. Our relationship is based on communication. Our relationship is based on the desire to make the relationship work.

Do I get tired? Sure I do mentally tired, not overwhelmed though because I do enjoy the lifestyle and the relationship I am in.

So we are talking a month to get the basics down. I am not talking about handing out a handful of rules that will cause a crash. The first thirty days tells everything, will the slave be able to stick it out or will she run for cover, and find another dominant who is not so strict, or one who does not expect so much.

I have been asked if the Old Leather Guard is real. My answer would be yes, although there are many who would disagree.

If the Master truly cares for his. He will take the time out to teach his way. If the Master truly cares he will listen, he will find the slaves needs. He will care about the slaves emotions. He will want to hold her, and talk and listen.

The rewards at the end of the rainbow are truly there, it is a lot of work but it is there.



I have been Busy

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I have been busy and I have slacked off on my posting I have three I am going to publish tomorrow.

Everyone have a kick ass weekend Vile style