Is Old Leather Guard Just A Myth ?

Arianna and I attended a New Munch yesterday, in hopes of finding a permanent group, both of us were really disappointed. Although the people were really nice and welcomed us with open arms, it is just not what we are looking for. We may give it another chance but I truly doubt it. The munchs we attend are solely for Arianna. I myself believe it is very important for ones slave to interact with others alike. I also believe it is very important for the Master or Owner to insure there is growth within the relationship. Just my opinion.

Every time we have left an event Arianna has made the comment. I cannot believe the way the other slaves acted, or the way they talked back to their Master. Well she is correct, I go back to what I call Old Guard. There was Honor, Respect, and yes again Protocol.

Although I am a smoker, there was never smoking allowed in a Dungeon , or drinking before play. Most of all a Slave would never make rude comments to her Master even jokingly.

Arianna is always dressed very nice. A comment was made from another submissive we had met, on how good Arianna always looked. This is the truth, I dress her. I tell her what to wear, how I want her hair, and makeup, and what shoes to wear.

Last month we left a munch and another Dominant made the comment, maybe I should just find a slave I could dehumanize. Wow really I knew the comment was made towards me. While I did not take offense to the comment, I found it to be somewhat expected coming from him.

Okay maybe just maybe I am somewhat unorthodox , in the way I believe a house should be ran, maybe I am a little to strict, maybe I expect my slave to excel, no matter what she is doing. Maybe I do control every movement, right down to what she eats and how much. Maybe just maybe sex is on my terms. Last night I allowed her to come, I am guessing it had been a little over two weeks. I made her masturbate while giving me head. I could tell she was in heat, so I allowed her to get on top. It took her all of thirty seconds to cum. Then afterwards I heard a very soft , Thank You.

Old Leather Guard started off within the Gay community in the early seventy’s and quickly spread through out the community. Why? the respect, honor and protocol.

I would also like to say I am not a suck my cock Dominant, my cock does not run my life, although Arianna does have awesome skills when it comes to oral. Getting my cock sucked is not my only thought.

The truth is, it is about me, and only me, and I will explain. Being a Dominant is not just a game. A male cannot wake up one morning and say I am a master, or just because you are in a D’s relationship does not make you a master. If your a master and your with a submissive or slave and your her first dominant or she thinks your a dominant , but your just using her to get your rocks off, eh not so much of one.

The care that goes into owning a slave is a great responsibility, my day does not end until after I have tucked Arianna into bed for the night. The last thing she does before going to sleep is the reading of my rules. Then I can relax for the night. That is my down time kick my feet up, and maybe watch a little TV. In the morning I wake , I turn the coffee pot on, my cup and the bowl of sugar is sitting next to the pot.  Once Arianna wakes she makes the request to get up. I then make her a cup of coffee and we set and we talk, about her dreams or we plan out the day. I keep Arianna busy with small task through out the day as well.

Today everyone is more interested in getting what someone else has. I have been asked numerous times if I share, and the answer is no I do not share, nor will I ever. What is mine is just that mine.

Where is the respect factor when it comes to other Dominants. Okay so Dominants my age are a breed who is slowly dieing out. I have been turned away from munchs by a twenty year old Dom because I was to old for the group. Again where is the respect. It is not like I was showing up for a piece of ass. Where is the protocol? All of the above is gone right out of the window.

Okay your a twenty year old Dominant a master. What are you a master of. What could you of possibly learned in such a short period that has taking me twenty years to learn, and the truth is I am still learning. Everyday I learn something new. To be turned away by a twenty year old, WOW.

Am I unorthodox in my way of thinking. I will tell you the answer is no. I will say this I have gone through a line of subs and so called slaves to find the right connection. The right Slave who could fit my needs. See yes in the end it is about me.

Old Leather Guard. At one time Dominants were very close, Masters and Owners. Information was passed along , great conversation, even a warning list of fake dominants. There was no criticizing on how another dom did not know what he was doing. After all we each have our own way of training. At one time Dominants really got along. Respect to this day you will hear me address an older Dominant as Sir. I am not submitting I am being respectful.

Am I unorthodox ? When I met Arianna she handed me a book, the book was about her. She told me to write another one, she wanted everything erased. The book would be based on how I see a slave. So I grabbed an eraser , and I began to edit Arianna. The process only takes about a month. This is just a start, you begin by taking old habits away and introducing new ones. This cannot be done if you are not 24/7 or you do not see someone on a daily basis.

First and foremost the Slave not only has to be true, but willing. The slave has to truly want the change. It is like I have tried it on my own and it does not work, so here I am.

I run an old Leather Guard style home. To most I am to strict. Arianna has no say so in anything. There is one exception here and only one, and I have made this perfectly clear. If Arianna sees that I am about to make a mistake, which is unlikely to happen, but in the event of me making a mistake, Arianna does have to right to voice her opinion. At that time it is up to me to listen to her. I do value her opinion.

Our relationship is based on respect, our relationship is based on the truth, and nothing but the truth. Our relationship is based on communication. Our relationship is based on the desire to make the relationship work.

Do I get tired? Sure I do mentally tired, not overwhelmed though because I do enjoy the lifestyle and the relationship I am in.

So we are talking a month to get the basics down. I am not talking about handing out a handful of rules that will cause a crash. The first thirty days tells everything, will the slave be able to stick it out or will she run for cover, and find another dominant who is not so strict, or one who does not expect so much.

I have been asked if the Old Leather Guard is real. My answer would be yes, although there are many who would disagree.

If the Master truly cares for his. He will take the time out to teach his way. If the Master truly cares he will listen, he will find the slaves needs. He will care about the slaves emotions. He will want to hold her, and talk and listen.

The rewards at the end of the rainbow are truly there, it is a lot of work but it is there.



26 Responses to “Is Old Leather Guard Just A Myth ?”

  1. There is pure joy and respect I feel each time another post of yours unfolds under my eyes…

  2. Vile Sir,
    I’ve been reading you for quite some time now. Most of what you say reminds me of Master (God Rest) and the way we lived our life before his passing, which I am at peace with. I just want to thank you for writing about your life and being a Teacher so that other Men/Dominants can try to emulate you and our lives done the right way and slaves can have a standard by which to set the things they are seeking. (leave comment does not let me paragraph, please forgive if this seems to run on and on) After Master passed, I threw myself into teaching new slaves/subs and then at some point I simply left the lifestyle because no one could ever compare to the standard that he set for me. Which I see as a wonderful thing. I’m lucky to have had him in my life. After five years or so, I decided that I couldn’t breathe in a vanilla relationship and set out to meet someone new. It was like the Old Guard of the past had simply vanished. I was perplexed and thought perhaps like minded people had gone underground and I set out to find them. Sadly, all I’ve found in the last year to year and a half is a lot of younger folk who see ‘what we do’ as a sexual kink and do not understand the responsibilty of both the Master and the slave to one another. I don’t really want to make a blanket statement saying that ‘all’ that I’ve met are this way but I will say the old ways seem to be a rare breed and I’ve yet to find someone with the same belief system. I’m OK if I never find that with a new Dominant. I know that I had something beautiful and wonderful at one time and those that can’t or won’t strive for the TPE just do not know what they are missing! But it is really nice to see your life written in print (along with the life of your arianna) I agree that the Munches seem to have taken a bizarro turn and I, too, have been told that I am ‘old’ at 42. A girl never expects to outlive their Master… I could ramble all day but I should close here. I just wanted to express to you the importance of your writing about the Old Guard. I think it’s so important that those of us that know that aspect of our lifestyle share the essence, for lack of a better word, to the new generation/s. So Thank You.
    – carol dsMF

    • Wow I am somewhat speechless. I am touched by your words. I am more sorry for your loss as well. I cannot even imagine to know or try to understand your feelings.

      I will say this as well, after Bea and I split which I have blogged about, my first true love at the age of 37, I to compared each and everyone. Not one could fill her shoes. So I set out on a journey refusing to settle for less as I have in the past, and I searched and searched.
      I received an email from a Dom in Orlando telling me he knew a slave who wanted to me Vile, yes Vile.

      She sent me an email and we exchange for a couple of days, then met at a public restaurant. No I did not demand she wear anything special. I insisted she make a safe call once there.
      It was like we had known each other for years, I could feel this easy feeling in my stomach. I could finely communicate with someone, and someone was really listening.
      A lot of Dominants call me unorthodox in the way I run my house to strict, ego driven, but this is not the case. I am not posting pics of arianna, I do not go into details about our sex lives.
      Jealous perhaps, maybe they are ego driven. I do not boast about who or what I am but I hide nothing, you can like me, or you can hate me I will still sleep at night.
      I wish you well on your search, it will happen just as the door opened with me, it shall open for you.
      As I stated I to compared, small things the way they ate, walked, talked, their manners.
      I knew I would never be able to fill that void settings these things aside was hard, but I had to do it.
      Yours shall come my Lady
      Much Love

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    This was posted sometime ago and I wanted to share it again……

  4. Reblogged this on CinnamonAndSparkles and commented:
    I am a babygirl and little, and I agree 100% with this post.

    Great post and reminder from Vile on protocol and respect.

  5. Sir Vile:

    i am a slave, an older slave who has been in the life for over 20 years. i am appalled at behavior i have witnessed all too often.
    Thank You Sir, so very much for expressing what is out there and how it demeans, degrades and extinguishes all some of us have worked towards in O/our lives for so long.

    slave j/sunshine

  6. “Our relationship is based on the desire to make the relationship work.” – Yes, yes, yes!!! That’s what has kept us together for decades, still loving, still growing, still learning.
    Thank you, Vile, Sir for reposting this.
    And the comment from Carol – I am so moved by her words.


  7. My friend, in this, we’re going to have to agree to disagree on some things. Not because you’re wrong about your feelings and opinions, more about the facts of how “old guard leather” started. I’ve been listening/reading/learning from folks like Race Bannon, Vi Johnson, Guy Baldwin, Hardy Haberman and folks local to Chicago who were there in the 60s/70s/80s and they do a lot of talking about “old guard” leather. But… I don’t like to start discussions like that on someone’s blog/comments without some agreement that it’s OK to present an alternative viewpoint, so I’ll leave this here for now. I’ll respect your decision either way. 🙂

    • Thanks again for stopping by , and as always comments from you are welcome.

      I think my main focus was how the lifestyle has changed so much over the well last 10 years or so , and I do not see the trend slowing down anytime soon.
      There has to be leadership that is first and for most, within that leadership there needs to be some type of structure , and then comes rules.
      Like it or not we all have rules we have to follow.

      The wide spread of a lack of respect , who knows maybe it is just me , maybe I am blowing things way out of context. Maybe I am not seeing the whole picture.

      I have not read any of the above books but I shall make it a point to…

      Thank you

      • Appreciate that – and I believe that a lot of what we see in our little niche of sexuality actually is a reflection of society in general – a decay and a lack of consideration and appreciation of others in general.

        Specifically, though, with regards to how the Old Guard myth started and is not really about the Boy Scout values that get associated with “old guard” –

        Let me point you to three articles that might shed some light: (This one, I was present at when he gave the speech and it was electric.)

        The last one is most relevant — for most people, they will take bits and pieces of what they’ve been through and make it of importance to themselves. That’s WONDERFUL. However, that’s a personalization or regionalization of something – not the be-all, end-all, one-true-way. Nor is leather particular about the Boy Scout values – old gay leather was about fucking and hot dirty, nasty, rough sex.

        What happened, and this is partially my opinion and partially from elements from the articles above and being around those folks, is that LG women/men had to form collectives, form families, form close bonds and ties with others of like mind. Call it clubs, gangs, what-have-you, but that in those elements, a code of conduct naturally had to form. We see it in any society. Those rules, those codes of conduct, they get passed along and they get mythologized.

        What we see today as honor and respect was true in some part, but it also reflected that leather men/women stuck together and for each other. It wasn’t as much Boy Scout American Apple Pie as much as it was “I’ve got your back, you’ve got mine.”

        So that today, when I see folks throw those terms around, I mentally check myself – we are the “settlers” and we’re going to take what went before and interpret it, but let’s not mistake our interpretations of what we want out of a “leather lifestyle” – rather we should know that those gay men and women were fucking hard and forming support networks that were ravaged in the 80s, and today, we have a far different viewpoint because we have come after, and we stand on the shoulders of sex giants.

      • exactly I got your back , That I do believe for the most is long gone.
        I also agree with the publications you shared with me.
        Yes they were fucking and using the PVC pipe with hamsters I am sure.

        Yes I also agree they were clubs , clubs with protocols.

        I suppose what I was trying to reach out and say is how much we have changed, we are no longer, I got your back , now it seems everyone is out for themselves and nothing more.

        I like many I do need to enter action with those in the lifestyle, mainly because that is my circle , I have nothing in common with the jones next door.

        It has just been over the past 10 years maybe not even that long I have seen the respect and protocols all but vanish.

        I do realize times and things change , so maybe I just bite the bullet and deal with it.
        Even the MAsT has changed over the past 5 years , because it seem they are more worried about numbers than quality.
        Then again maybe I am wrong , maybe it is just me getting old and cranky.

        You know it was not long ago before anyone could come to a function they were met someplace else and interviewed.
        If they did not fit they were not allowed.
        Believe me I am taking in what you are sharing..

      • I truly appreciate your input I really do.

        I also know my way is not the only way, my way works for me and probably only me.

        We to have created a bubble you have spoken about as well..
        I find it difficult to let even friends in.

  8. I read your post with interest. I read some of the comments too.
    It looks like, to someone in the lifestyle, what you write rings true.
    But for someone like me who was in a very vanilla but abuse relationship, something irked me tremendously.
    I want to state that I don’t judge. I am sure that what you have with your slave is beautiful and consensual.
    But when I read that you allowed her to come and she was thankful… that’s not for me. I am just discovering the joy of coming. Not about to pass that one up. What really bothered me though is when you said that “you weren’t sure how long it had been. 2 weeks?” That scares me. How can you say you care for her needs but are not even sure of the last time she was allowed to come? That, I only just discovered, is one of the most beautiful and best thing for your health too.
    That denying her is part of your mutual game, I can understand. That you don’t seem to care bothers me…

    • I am sorry you were in an abusive relationship, abuse is something I do not tolerate , physical or mental.

      Ahhh the cumming part yes I can see where that would bother you , but believe it or not orgasm control is a fetish to some people and more so when it comes to women. Orgasm denial yes just google it.

      and believe it or not I did care in my own way.
      Sex is beautiful but it is on my terms or any Dominants for that matter.

      While I have a healthy sexual life , sex is not the main focus of our M’s relationship..

      Thank you for your comment I do love it when people do not agree with me..

      • And thank you for both your post and your response. It makes for some hard thinking on my part, soul searching and so on, and that’s how I get to know more about myself.
        I do understand that orgasm denial is fun for some people. Heck, I think I could enjoy it once in a while. But for two weeks? No, thanks, not for me!

        Yes, I was in an abusive relationship for most of my life, as a child to my father and then to my husband. 40 some years later, it feels good to finally be free.

      • Sorry, WP froze, I couldn’t complete my reply.

        I know that all true Dominants do not tolerate abuse. This is probably one of the first things I learnt. I do also understand that sex is not the most important part of a D/s relationship. At least I understand it now, after reading blogs and educating myself for a few months, almost a year now.

        As I told Arianna, I believe the main issue I have with your post is how it may be perceived with vanilla people who have absolutely no idea about M/s. I had some inkling and it made me feel uncomfortable. So I imagine someone who has no clue. I guess that’s what I was trying to say more than anything.

        I am glad that you have found the perfect someone to complete you and you her. I wish you both lots more enjoyment together.

    • I am thankful and grateful for all that Master Vile does for me. He gives me more then 100% of himself. I said thank you after Cumming not because he’s a type of Master that gets his kicks out of denying but because he is the opposite of that. His enjoyment partly comes from meeting my needs and desires while my enjoyment comes from pleasing him. It’s a win win circle. Believe me. I am lacking in nothing. No worries mate. But i do see where you could balk at such a writing but the view point is skewed by your past. Congrats on joining the club of fantastic orgasms. Long live the clit. 😉

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong Arianna, I enjoy all of my orgasms now, clit, nipple, vaginal, anal… all of them 😉

        I did realise that you were happy in this relationship, but thank you for stating it again.
        I suppose what I mostly wanted to point out it that the way it was written probably didn’t help explain it to people who are not in the lifestyle. At least, it didn’t do it for me 🙂

        I do agree that the view point is skewed by my past. But so may be the viewpoint of everyone who isn’t M/s.
        I totally get you enjoying pleasing him and him pleasing you. I am like that too. I need to serve, this is something I’ve realised not long ago. But I still couldn’t go for slave and I realise that is partly because of my past. And I do realise that it works for others, like you for instance. And I’m fine with that 🙂

        Thanks for replying to my comment 🙂

  9. Hello. I’ve been wanting to comment on your blog for a few weeks, but I was on an imposed blogging break, which was lifted just a few days ago.

    Respect has dropped dramatically across every facet of society. Those wet behind the ears 20 year olds run home to mommy at the drop of a hat. Hell, if they get fired from a job mommy and daddy call the employer to complain! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Too much coddling and entitlement. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that you got turned away.

    Coach is all about rules and protocol, but far from any real or perceived Old Guard Leather. This is just his natural way of being. He will impose disciplinary actions on me because a spanking isn’t going to correct anything for me. He wants structure and order and will give me a series of tasks that will emphasize that. He believes it’s his way or the highway. I’ve seen him kick athletes off the team with just one word. He’ll say “leave” and that’s it. He gives opportunity for development and if you get on board with the program your life will change because he has over 30 years of cultivated experience and he’s an amazing coach. He has been taking many of his coaching principles and applying them toward our D/s relationship because he wants what we do to be uniquely us. Some see it as being too strict and I’ve had subs voice that to me. They think he’s too hard on me, but many just want the fun part of D/s, and like the 20 year olds, don’t truly understand respect. To Coach, respect is Rule #1 and everything else will follow.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes I even get the same thing from other Dominants.
      Dude you are way to strict , give her some room to breath. Yea they really do not have a clue what our relationship is about or the time I invest on a daily basis.

      Arianna does not understand those who are submissive or part time subs, and she has a real hard time relating to them, many think she is just stuck up but when you have nothing in common and all you want to do is bad mouth your owner, go figure.

      Our whole society has changed and it has changed for the worse. Our world now is about greed and who we can fuck next nothing more.
      Families are even fallen apart because of greed.
      Thank you for your comment

      • Sometimes I think I have more in common with slaves than submissives. Oh Lord, I couldn’t/wouldn’t EVER mouth off to my Dom…especially in public!!! We have always had a rule, and we’ve been together a total of 27 1/2 years, that we NEVER speak unkindly, or worse, dog each other to friends, family, or even strangers. We don’t say unkind words to each other as well.Doesn’t mean we never disagree or even have some heated moments, but we have lines we don’t cross.

  10. I believe we strive for this same strictness/protocol. We are not yet there, but we both want it. It is difficult seeing others who have such a different Dom/sub relationship as the one that we strive to have or to not find others like us at all. 🙂 TY for your post. I’m happy to have discovered your blog.

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