Slave Collars , Submissive Collars

Arianna and I were laying in bed last night talking, while she was surfing Fetlife and she pointed out a group called Old Gaurd. Which we all know I believe in. Anyway something else crossed my mind and that was collars.

Saturday we attended a munch on rope torture, they had a couple come in and do a demo, I did like to knots but I failed to understand about the torture method, maybe I lost something while stepping outside a few times to grab a smoke.

The majority of the time the girl was just screaming, the Dom was explaining where to put the rope and where not to, but he failed to give its purpose.

Anyway The Old Guard group that Arianna pointed out for what ever reason made me think about the munch , well not just this munch but all of them.

While out, I am very observant I want to know my surroundings , not really interested in meeting anyone knew, although I did speak with a nice couple while outside.

While being Observant I began to notice little things, even while most of the submissives were running off at the mouth, shouting across the room, making little comments everything that girl screamed, hoping it was going to hurt more.

The lack of respect again to blew me away, I was speechless. If you cannot control your bitch in public , what is she like in private. The way some of the Doms let their subs dress in public, was just unreal. We had to pay a cover to get in, and the submissive taking the money made the comment on how well Arianna always looked. How nice she was always dressed, and she was dressed like a million dollars.

What I am getting at. This munch had about 80 people attend, as I was scanning the room, it did not hit me until last night. There were only a few who were wearing a collar.

The couple I was speaking outside, she was dressed very nice, and very respectful. She was talking about how her master had picked up some un-treated Hemp rope and was treating it himself, which I thought was very cool.

Back to the Collar.  As I was scanning the room people from all over the world, different cultures. One thing that stood out we all live the lifestyle differently. We must respect what other do and believe.

The Collar is the beginning , the collar has meaning, the collar is a sign of ownership. It has almost the same meaning as putting a ring on your finger. Somehow though all of this has been lost. The collar is looked at as kinky, a fetish, there is no sentimental value.

Surely there are those who take the collar serious. Arianna wearing her collar daily, and yes even to work. There are those collars that cannot be worn to work, but something can be worn, not only as a sign  of commitment, and loyalty, but a sign of ownership, and a reminder of who and what you are. Even to wear a collar if not owned is okay, it is a full reminder of who and what you are.

The Dominants need to step up as well, not only with the collar, but the dress and protocol. It seems more and more Dominants are losing control. They tend to be more after the pussy than anything else. Things have changed so much in the last ten years or so. Most munchs have nothing to do with BDSM any longer. It is mostly about kinks nothing more.

Arianna suggested I start a new munch in the area since there are not that many real BDSM munchs. MAST is a good group Masters And Slaves Together. MAST is nation wide, but more poly orientated. Everyone wants a piece of someone else’s slave , everyone wants to bang everyone.

The fact is I enjoy eating pussy way to much to let some other dude bang my slave, not to mention all the crap going around. You cannot just get a shot today.

The way I see it, if you truly love and care for someone, how can you share her, or watch her lay on her back for another man. Now on the other side if it is something the female needs then fine, but do not let it be a one way street. SAFE , CONSENSUAL, AND SANE.

I am not ragging on those who are submissive, and I respect your choice. I am mainly speaking of slaves and the respect for the collar.

It kills me to see a new submissive or slave meet a Dom and if not the first night a month later she is wearing his collar.

A Dom who collars one to soon is using it as a way to get what he wants. most of the time these tend to be cheap leather collars. He will use it as a tool to make one feel special, a leather pussy getter.

I am not so much ragging on the submissive about wearing a collar. Many submissive’s are not 24/7, and most only submit when they want, which is not a bad thing. We all live the lifestyle differently.

The collar is a respect thing, when it is giving it is like a man kneeling to ask your hand in marriage.

Wear your collar daily , and with pride.



2 Responses to “Slave Collars , Submissive Collars”

  1. An interesting post Vile 🙂 I treasure my collar as much as I treasure the precious metals around my ring finger. Out of curiosity, where did you find the image you used at the end of your post? It’s beautiful!

    • The collar pic was on esty I believe. When I do a post I try and put a pic that relates to the post as much as I can so I just google images.
      I am glad you are one of the few who seem to cherish their collar, if you are active in the lifestyle I am sure you have noticed if not just look around.
      I did order a collar for arianna today it looks like an enternity collar.
      On the 5th of next month we will have a ceremony and I will give it to her..
      Thank you for stopping by..

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