Every Man’s Dream

A couple of months ago I had an old friend contact me on Facebook, we have sent a few MSG’S back and forth. She asked for my number in case she ever wanted to talk. So yesterday I received a text from her, asking me if I would consider having another slave.

The first text came in around 2.30 or so and Arianna could tell I was deep in thought. When she asked me what was wrong I explained to her what the other slave was texting me about. It is not that Arianna would be against the idea, it just takes her a few days to digest everything.

I thought about the in’s and out’s, the pro’s and cons, the good and the bad, the advantages and disadvantages, and my answer was no.

Arianna told me she would be open to the idea, and would be willing to give it a try. She writes everything down so she can soak it in and think about it.

Wow okay two slaves, sex anytime I want, not that I do not get that now. Okay head anytime I want. Well I get that as well. Well anal sex anytime I want, well I get that now. A best friend, well I have that now. Someone who is loyal, well I have that now.

Here is the thing. I micromanage Arianna, this is what she needs and wanted. Would it be fair to bring another in. This would surely take time away from Arianna. I would not be able to give the attention that Arianna needs.

I explained to the other slave she would be number two, she would never be number one. Arianna would always come first, and she was good with that. Again after much thought my answer was still no.

Okay walking into a munch with a bitch on each arm, that would look awesome, more so since both are hot.  Then I could brag about what I have. Okay two waiting on me hand and foot. Why do I need two.

I am not ego driven, I was told by another Dom I was stupid to pass up such a great opportunity.  I just shrugged my shoulders.To each their own.

I do not believe one Dominant can handle more than one slave at a time. A slave requires so much one on one time. A slave is very needy a slave needs constant attention.

Now if I was to bring another into the picture, I would think it would make Arianna feel somewhat inadequate, like she was not able to fulfill my needs, this could really be Detrimental to Arianna’s self esteem, and our relationship.

Okay two slaves giving me head at the same time, or fucking one while the other is eating the other out. , a million and one things crossed my mind, but in the end I am thinking why more than one, what is the need or purpose.

I have lived in a triad before, it is not easy. While living with Chong and Beth, Beth was Chongs toy. In almost seven years I never fucked Beth, nor did I want to. That situation was totally different, that was Chongs need not mine. In the end Beth wanted to be number one and I put her ass to the curb.

Wow waking up with two women, every man’s dream. It is not what most think. In about six months time they are both on their period together, who wants that. Who wants a case of tampons under the bathroom sink.

Some men would like to have two slaves but not the responsibility , not the headaches that come with the two. You cannot split your time between the two, because at some point jealousy is going to kick in.

We were at a munch and I was talking about Chong and Beth, I walked in the house one day and both of them were fighting , I mean fighting, on the ground slugging it out, so I just stepped over both of them, and said I guess you two are having a bad day. I made a sandwich, walked back over them sat down and turned on the TV. I did not try to break it up, nor did I take sides. When this happens you have to let the two work it out, if they cannot, then you take number ones side.

The answer I got was, well you beat both of them. Well no the answer is not to always beat your slave, spank. I see that as abuse, and nothing more.

So I am good, I do not need another, nor do I want another. If sometime down the road if Arianna posed the idea to me I might be open, but for now we are two..



8 Responses to “Every Man’s Dream”

  1. It givese the deepest satisfaction to know that You are truly fulfilled with my service. I have given You everything I am. Thank You for Your continued guidance, Caring and love. You are the center of my universe.

  2. Its good you happy with just her 🙂

  3. Such decisions can’t be made quickly and it seems you put a lot of thought before reaching yours.
    Glad you both are happy with your decision.
    I do have to say you made me laugh about both being on their period… True true. 🙂

    • Many men for what ever reason feel they have the need for more than one. I am not sure why.

      I would think the key is to find one who fits ones needs

      • MaríMar Says:

        That is the key but most can’t meet all of their partners needs and maybe that is the reason they add a third.

        I think, men are genetically made to want more than one…
        whether they choose to pursue that is up to each individual man.

        Right or wrong is how I am thinking right now. 🙂

  4. As always I do agree, some do need more than one, but I do not understand why..

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