Anal Training Really ?

I am a hands on man, I am a in person visual man. I do have an ass fetish, be it anal sex, or rimming. To rim I really have to be into you. Pictures do nothing for me, although Arianna has sent me a few from work, that I did not mind it was not a request from me. Video’s to nothing for me. Now I do take in a porn flick from time to time, but it is not a need. I do no take pictures of Arianna nor do I take videos. Why should I she lives with me?

There is also a respect factor, a man not a dom I did say a man, because a real Dominant would never ask for such a thing. He would not put his submissive or slave in a mind altering position. If she does agree to such a request she is only doing it to please, nothing more. She gets nothing out of it. I could not date anyone who would allow to me to spank, or tie her up, if she got nothing out of it. If the man really cared for his sub / slave he would not make such request to begin with.

This is a pet peeve of mine, and every time I hear the words ANAL TRAINING I just shake my head.

So you get a call from your Master, and he tells you he wants to talk about something, or maybe he sends an email.

We are going to begin your training, and we are going to start with anal training. Your going to buy a dildo and every night your going to fuck your ass with it. I also want pictures, if you can make a video that would be better.

Really? Really? Really? Are you serious? Where did one come up with this type of training? Is it really needed? Is there a purpose for it?

None of the above. Ladies, those who are submissive, and slaves. The Anal Training is a joke.

Now is this a bad thing, in my eyes yes, but just my opinion. There are those who need to please and will go through great links to do so. Okay some are just slutty enough, some enjoy anal, cant get enough.

The truth is your mater is not the only one who is going to see the pics or the video, all his buddies while at the bar drinking some beers are going to see everything.

Dominants who have no experience , or fakes use this technique, as a way to show authority , as a way to prove who is in charge. A real Dominant would never ask a submissive or slave to do such a thing. Think about those two words ANAL TRAINING. Just like the Dominant that uses the 128 rules. WOW. How do I know all of this, well at one time I was young and inexperienced, and yea Anal Training popped into my mind.

Training is not meant to be sexual, training is meant to be towards self improvement. Training benefits the submissive/slave. Why would you as a Dominant want to use and exploit  your submissive / slave? Why would you want to put them through that kind of stress.

I can agree that if one is not use to anal sex it may take some time for them to get use to it. I would think one would want to do this in person. The two of you working together. Show you care. I love anal sex, I will be the first to admit I get rough at times does Arianna enjoy it, I would say no. She does love anal sex if I take my time.

I have made Arianna insert a butt plug but again I was hear, all hands on.

If you have a Dominant making such request, you need to rethink your relationship. I am speaking as a man and Dominant. Do not think you are the only ones seeing the pictures you take, or the videos you send.



18 Responses to “Anal Training Really ?”

  1. I would say that depends on the relationship. I live with my Master – and from time to time, I do send him pics or video, just for the ‘thrill’ factor or because I’m trying to whet his appetite. I know he isn’t showing those to other people. He isn’t that type of man – and any picture he’s shared on a place like fetlife, I know about in advance.
    Would I do it for someone I’ve only met online? Heck no. At least, not without the realization that he could possibly be showing it off to others. If that’s your thing – more power to ya. Just, ladies and gents alike, be aware of possibilities.

  2. You know I respect you, Vile, so when I say this, it is with complete respect…I disagree with some of what you’ve said.

    For my previous Sir, I did a bit of anal training. He introduced me to anal training and I enjoyed it. Our first attempt at anal was a failure, so we instituted the training. And yes, I did send him pictures, but I enjoyed doing so, and I trusted him (still do) not to do anything with them. He may have destroyed them by now.

    I guess my point is that every situation is different and while yes, you are right there are some out there who are fakes, there are a few who are legit who do the anal training thing.

    • While I respect Lion it is something I do not agree with. You did enjoy which is a plus. I would not want you to agree with me on everything, this blog would be no fun then. I am to be objective to make some people look at the big picture

  3. Well, who wants to anal train with a cucumber? That’s just silly! 🙂 tee-hee!

  4. No one is going to judge you Amanda. No one has the right to judge you. Only one person has that right you know who he is.

    You need to be happy, you need to be you, but not with some fake dude who thinks with his cock. He preys on women who will do things his wife will not do, or he feels to guilty or stupid to ask or talk to her.
    If he wants to dominate someone let him buy a blow up doll, instead of walking over innocent women

  5. MaríMar Says:

    “I can agree that if one is not use to anal sex it may take some time for them to get use to it. I would think one would want to do this in person. The two of you working together.”
    Exactly. Thank you for writing that and the post.

    I never done the anal training, I don’t need to but if I was inexperience in having anal sex I know for a fact that I would need Him to be by side. Next to me… with me encouraging me. That connection is very important to me.

    Still with that said to each their own we are all adults and if that makes them happy then continue. it’s their life after all. 🙂


  6. Thanks for the tips !. Give,s me some thinks to think a about ,. May all find happens

  7. i wanna anal trained. i want fingers and tongue, toys, machines, and of course, cocks, even gangbangs. i just have this fetish forever and only watch anal porn, and like you, those two words makes me shiver all over. i do not find anyone to teach me though 😦 i wish i could find a dom, a trusty one, and that knows what is doing. if any of you know some in atlanta-georgia area please mail me.

    • Thank you for stopping by, anal training can be fun if in the physical company of someone who loves ass play……
      While I do not know of anyone in Atlanta I do know Doms in Fla , and Texas…

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