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So You Own A Slave

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Probably one of the greatest responsibility’s one could ever have. You the Dominant are in full control of ones life. You have to the right to say yes or no. The relationship is not a Democracy. Although the two may talk, the Master and owner has the final word. Many times the slave might not agree with your final decision , but they know they have giving up their rights for the most.

You now have to look out for two. You have to protect what is yours/ You as the Master are responsible for the well being of the Slave. Be it physical, or mental. The Slave has turned over any rights she she had, trusting that you will not cause them harm.

You can dress the way you want, and although the slave may not like your choice of clothing, they comply just to please. Everything within the Slaves mind is about pleasing, the Slave has not only the want, but the need to please. Pleasing gives them purpose, the feeling of being needed, and wanted.

The Master your sexual needs, and wants are met. A snap of the finger and the slave is on their knees sucking cock. Sex can be just about the Master, crawl on top get off and walk away. The slave gets pleasure knowing her owner is pleased.

Unlike most Vanilla women or even those who are submissive, a Slave will go out of their way to please. Pleasing is what gives them the drive. The want , and the need/ A Slave is not selfish, when it comes to their Master. The Slave in most cases bonds with one. The Slave sees one thing in their life, their owner. It comes to a point where the word no is not even in their vocabulary. Most Slaves have very few friends, this is because their main focus is on one. This is why communication is needed.

Owning a Slave should not mean a housekeeper, someone to cook your meals, do your laundry. I myself prefer to cook, I pickup behind myself, and yes I even do laundry. I will also do dishes.

If you the Dominant would sit down and try standing in a Slaves shoes and think about what they go through daily, it would seem you would want to step in and give a hand. Most of those who are a Slave are highly intelligent, smart, witty, and will jump through loops to insure their Master is Happy.

Most Slaves are Codependent. Most Slaves are needy, and no all Slaves do not have a low self esteem problem, although some do and should be handled. Positive reinforcement, constant praise, on a daily basis if not hourly. A Slave will depend on their Master for everyday needs. The Master has to know the Slave well enough to meet their needs.

Being codependent is not a bad thing, if in a long term relationship. Being codependent is not a bad thing if the Master is looking out for their Slaves best interest. Being codependent, is not a bad thing if the relationship does not consist of any abuse, and the Master is not taking advantage of his property. No one can tell either of you the Master or Slave what is right or wrong. Only the two of you know what works for you.

This is a huge plate for one to digest, this is a huge plate for one to carry on their shoulders.

How many men can be watching TV, and tell their partner to go in the bedroom and spread, you walk in , you fuck, dump your load and walk back out. How many men can tell a woman to drop to their knees. The answer is not many. Most women have the say so when it comes to any type of sexual activity, when, where and what. The male being pussy whipped will suck it up and get what he can, then walks away pouting. A man who is pussy driven, is a disgrace. You deserve what you get.

Most Slaves have no rights, although I have the final say, I like to keep the communication open. I want to know what Arianna’s feelings are, her thoughts and concerns. Many Masters in a long term relationship be it with a Slave or Submissive can become to comfortable in a relationship. Once we get to that point we as Master begin to take our relationship for granted, we no longer care about our property’s needs. The end result they may love and care about you, but if their needs are no longer being met, they will pack up and leave. You the Master should be willing to sit down daily to just talk, about anything and everything. You the Master needs to listen and take in all information, more important you need to retain the information giving to you.

The Master must be willing to drop what he is doing, at the drop of a hat. You the Master will need to not only take care of your problems, but any problems your Slave may have come up. It is the Masters responsibility to make sure the Slaves surroundings are safe at all times, Drama free at all times. If you are a Master of good judgement and you are responsible the Slave will never question.

Most Slaves are introvert’s , most Slaves do not like being around large groups of people, most Slaves do not thrive on having a house full of friends over. Most Slave do not like to be out alone. Most Slaves do not like shopping alone, most Slaves do not want to make daily decisions. Most Slaves want their days planned out. Most Slaves are visual, allow them to write their thoughts down, in some cases a Slave will plan their own day if they write it down and check things off as they go. This becomes a daily routine. Most Slaves become overwhelmed very easily. If one becomes overwhelmed this causes confusion, and can lead to a manic state.

Once a Slave is comfortable in a relationship, and they come to know what is expected, it becomes a routine without thought. A Slave needs to know what is expected. A Slave needs to know, they can depend on one, their owner. A Slave needs to know you the Master are not going to change rules midstream.

On the other side, the Master must be consistent. The Master must be truthful at all times. The Master must not change rules to fit his needs. The Master must communicate with the Slave, most Slave cannot read minds. The Master has to give the Slave a sense of security, they must feel safe at all times.

Our day does not end once we get off of work. Being a Master you are 24/7. Your day ends once you have put your slave to bed. Then and only then can you put your feet up, pop open a cold one, and let your mind wonder. I know myself at the end of the day I have a great feeling of satisfaction.

There is no need to argue, scream, yell, call names, degrade, make one feel less human. Slaves are very docile, very giving, loving, caring. A Slave will go out of their way to insure their Master is Happy.

The most important part of the relationship, well one of the most important parts, you cannot bog your Slave down with senseless rules, such as the almighty 128 Basic rules, that is just insane. You the Master do not have the right to tell a slave they have to memorize every rule, when you the Dominant cannot even do that. I do however have Arianna read her rules nightly. I do not sit and watch hoping she breaks a rule. If a Slave does break a rule, I can guarantee it was a mistake and was not done on purpose. In almost six months I have punished Arianna once. It hurt, that was something I was not looking forward to, it was something I truly hated doing, and I felt guilty for hours, but you have to stand by your word.

You the Master and owner must be truthful at all times. You the Master must be honest at all times. This is the way trust is built. You cannot tell your Slave she must be truthful, and honest at all times, if you the Master are not willing to do the same. This is how we earn respect. I have a friend who told me once that he demanded his slave respect him. The bad news is, it does not work that way.

A Slave will give and give and give, until they see it is a one way street, no matter the love, they will leave. The Slave will insure their needs are being met.

I have dated those who are submissive, I have lived with a submissive. Because I understand their nature, and knowing they have the ability to say no. I cannot live that way. When I want to fuck I want to fuck. When I want my cock sucked that is what I want. The submissive although rarely can and will say no. The submissive will refuse to wear clothing you have picked out, they have that right to say no, and it has to be respected. You the Master has agreed to that type of relationship.

In the past I have made a mistake is saying the Master must mold his Slave to fit his needs. That statement was wrong. If you the Master will teach and guide, you are up front about your needs, you stand by your rules, your guidelines , and yes protocol, the Slave will Conform to your ways. The key is everything has to be laid out on the table.

In the end the rewards are great, you cannot ask for a better partner. You will have a partner with unconditional love, you will have a partner who will always have your back, and they will pounce if they feel their Master or surroundings are threatened. The Slave will protect what is theirs. The Slave will be loyal without question.

It can be an awesome relationship, if both work together.



A Slaves Name

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To me this is one of the most difficult task that one can be asked to do. Once a Slave is giving a name as long as the Slave and Master are together, that is the Slaves name. The slave may or may not like it, but this task falls clearly on the Dominant.

The truth when Arianna and I entered the relationship the Slave name never really crossed my mind, then I was asked by two or three Dominants what I was going to name her. I gave it a great deal of thought, I did not bend to peer pressure.

A slaves name is special. A Slaves name makes the Slave stand out, recognition , I think it makes one complete. I am not talking about pet names we all have those, I am not talking about Bitch, Whore, Cunt. A name That describes your Slave.

I thought about the name for a week, while I was receiving emails from other Dominants giving me ideas on what Arianna should be called.

In many ways a name can go as far as the feeling of a collar laying around the Slaves name, a sign of ownership and being owned.  There are some Dominants who do not take the naming serious, or could really careless. At times it is all about the Dom, but at times you have to think of the Slaves feelings as well.



Being depressed Is Not The End Of The World.

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Your laying in bed one night reading erotica , and you stumble across a BDSM story. You find it intriguing, interesting. You go to sleep , and the next morning your thinking about the story. During the day the story you read really makes you think. Hmm maybe just maybe this is me. Maybe I am a Slave, maybe this is what I have been missing.

Books are a great source of information, but you are only getting ones opinion. The same if you are depressed and your seeing a doctor, you are only getting ones opinion, you see another doctor and more than likely you will get another opinion. Sometimes in life you have to take what you see, read, and hear with a grain of salt. The Story Of O is a great book. This is the story of ones life. It can give you ideas and thoughts on how you want your life to be, but the truth is you have to find your own Story. You have to start out with an empty book and write it yourself.

I will agree that many of those who are submissive or slaves can be late bloomers. There is a hidden trigger in your brain, and something just flicked the switch, now the search is on. In my time I have never met a Submissive or Slave who did not suffer with some type of depression, anxiety, maybe bipolar, you get the picture. There is a switch in your brain and something turns it on.

Something from childhood, may have happened at a very young age, and your brain has now blocked it, maybe abused at a young age. More extreme raped, or even molested. I have heard all of the above.

I was recently told by a Medical professional that someone who suffers from being bipolar and depression, as well as other mental issues, can live a very healthy life while in the lifestyle under the right conditions. Fucking listen, THE RIGHT CONDITIONS.

Stability is a major factor, a stable home. Structure, in a stable home. Communication in a stable home. The Dominant must try to understand the illness. The Dominant must take part in all treatment. The Dominant must ask questions, after all you are concerned about yours.

The Slave must be honest when seeing Doctors, counselors, Psychiatrist, you have to be honest. Never be ashamed of who and what you are. If you do not talk about your lifestyle, your treatment may not be effective.

I actually thought while speaking with this counselor, I was going to be hammered, I was going to be giving the third degree, just general conversation, but still when she began to explain how under the right conditions a BDSM lifestyle can be healthy. Again this was only ones opinion.

In most cases the Submissive or Slave will bond with one, that being the Dominant. She is looking for support, guidance, structure, and someplace safe and stable. They are afraid when out alone, at times they get manic, the anxiety  level is at an all time high, and mass confusion hits.

There are things a Dominant will have to do in such as relationship, if he truly cares he has to step up to the plate. You know sending your slave to the store cause Anxiety. So you have to make the trip with your slave. Most who are Submissive or a slave cannot handle confrontation, guess what the Dominant has to step up to the plate. If the Submissive or Slave makes a mistake, the Dominant has to fix it. The Dominant may have to make phone calls. The Dominant may have to do most of the cooking, stepping up to the plate.

If you are in the lifestyle as a Dominant just for the pussy, the kink, the physical abuse, you are really not going to give a fuck. What you are doing as the suppose to be Dominant is causing more damage, you are turning on more switches, then poof your going as fast as you came.

Very seldom do you see a Dominant as a late Bloomer. The majority of Dominants have been Dominant since childhood, it is in your personality. Once you become interested in the lifestyle , it can takes years to master your Dominance. As I have stated before I had a few great mentors. Today I have two I confide in.  To this day when I am speaking to an older Dominant you will hear me call him Sir, out of respect.

A man cannot wake one Morning and say I am a Master, that does not happen. You cannot wake one morning and be ready or willing to take on the responsibility of someones life. Be able to guide, put structure into their life, guidelines and be consistent it cannot happen. This is not old school talking this is common sense.

Most who are Submissive or Slaves tend to trust to fast. They truly believe they have found the one. Early on they spill their heart, they share all the good, the bad, and the mistakes they have made. You as the Dominant must take all this information in, you digest it, then you put your plan into motion.

I have seen Dominants use what has been told to them as ammunition, and at some point in the relationship they throw it back in their face causing more hurt. Why would you as a Dominant do such a thing, when you were trusted? The Submissive confided in you, the submissive was being honest.

We as Dominants must be supportive, we must encourage, guide, and walk hand in hand. Although in some cases we do have to allow one to stumble, not fall, at times we have to say Yes, we have to let one make a mistake. You cannot spend your relationship saying no.Even when they stumble we still need to praise the effort that was put into what ever the Submissive or slave was trying to accomplish. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. Stumble but not fall. If for some reason they do fall, we have to be willing to pick up, dust off and continue walking.

Here is the kicker, and this takes much thought. You as the Dominant are getting ready to enter a new found relationship. The Submissive or Slave has just spilled their heart. They suffer from all of the above. You know you are going to have to spend a great deal of time with yours. You may have to give things up in your life, bowling night, Bar night with the buddies, Because you now have someone glued to your side.

You are entering a relationship , you have to think long and hard if you as a Dominant want this type of responsibly, because once you start you are committed. You as the Dominant have giving your word. You will be there no matter what. The crying, the confusion, the midnight phone calls. You cannot complain because you made a promise and a commitment. You have said Play Ball.

Just like the Slave or Submissive the Dominant cannot read a book, if you are a true Dominant what you have is already there. A good mentor can bring the best out, but what you are taught, you have to take bits and pieces and put your own to work, your own style. The way you run your house, your own rules, and protocol. You have to be you.

If you are a Sadist, find a Masochist. Do not take someone who is not into pain and force one to be willing to explore your needs. Physical abuse is not tolerated, and that is what you are doing. Never force one to do something that is unhealthy. In many cases a Submissive or Slave will do things just to please, without thinking of the consequences. You as the Dominant may think everything is fine, when in fact it is not. They will not say anything and let you continue, and what you are doing is chipping away at wood, and eventually the wood will be gone.

Having an illness is not the end of the world for the submissive, they can lead a very productive life, under the right conditions. Please do not think that everyday is going to be cake and ice cream, because if you do you are living in a fantasy world.

You as the Dominate must step up to the plate it may be full or only half. When a problem arises you have to be willing to work through it. Most of all if you really care, you may have to adjust your whole life around the submissive.

It is up to the Dominate to dig deep, what kinds of medication? What are you taking them for. Listen to their story, take it in, digest it, and put it to good use.

You as the Dominant make have to make all the decisions, in everyday life. You have to be willing to accept this task. No matter what you must never complain. Take the Ball and run with it.  Most of all never use their sickness against them, never throw anything back in there face. If you do what you have built you have just destroyed. Everything you have built is now gone, you have to start from scratch, if the submissive will allow you to.

You the Dominant must be in control at all time, there is never a reason to yell, scream, argue, put down, degrade, abuse. You must be in control and not controlling.

Down time is very important. This is needed not for one but for both. I know once I put Arianna to bed, I take a deep breath and then and only then can I relax. This is my down time. It is good to suggest hobbies, allow them to go out for a day without breathing down their neck, the mall, a book store, or just taking a nap. Down Time is crucial and it is a need. This allows the Submissive or Slave to breath, relax, take in the fresh air.  You as the Dominant should suggest the down time, encourage. Allow some freedom, when they are out don’t be blowing their phone up . Allow them to have friends, see family Go with them if asked. Don’t make an excuse why you cant. Do not seem like you are thinking about their request just do it.

With the exception of a few illnesses you can have a healthy relationship. I would say someone who suffers from Paranoid schizophrenia would be a huge no no, unless you have been in a relationship for a very long time.

Most who suffer from any type of illness are visual people. You will see many times a submissive or Slave writing things down. This is the visual. When they are trying to make a decision you may have to communicate the logic part to them. Allow them to be visual encourage them. Writing things down they can see the pros and cons, talk to them about what they are feeling.

You can live a very happy life, if you the Dominant are willing to take the right steps. If you are there just to use, you need to sit back and think of the damage you are doing or have done.

One thing you cannot and must never do is remind the submissive or slave what you have done for them, throw back in their face well where would you be without me.

Karma is a Mother Fucker.



Erotic Humiliation

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I have blogged about How Humiliation can be good, this also shows the bad side.

Erotic Quest

What is Erotic Humiliation, really?

Fascinating topic! In part, because it has so much to do with a person’s mental state and the way they see themselves. Sexual humiliation can affect a person’s self-confidence, and possibly do some damage to their psyche, if not done correctly. I say this because I myself have experienced humiliating sexual experiences that adversely affected me. It wasn’t until later on that I was able to transition to Erotic Humiliation as a fun, empowering form of play.

I believe that there are 2 fundamentally distinct scenarios, which I will nickname “healthy” and “unhealthy”

“Unhealthy” Erotic Humiliation

Let me get this out of the way first. Earlier in my life, I participated in sex where I was humiliated by a partner who had no respect for me. I was also not in the right state of mind, because I was under the influence of…

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My Love For Eating Pussy Goes Far Beyond A Fetish

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I was at a Munch a couple of years ago and a Sadist showed up, I had never met him before. He said he was from Ocala and he ran a Slave camp. Anyway we were all still eating, the food sucked, and somehow we got on the subject of eating pussy, and my eyebrows perked up.

This Dom stood up and started yelling,  A man who its pussy is submissive, eating pussy is a submissive act. A man who its pussy is no real Dominant. I am thinking wow this guy is a real nut case. So I asked him when his ship landed? Did you miss the ship with ET.

Let me tell you my side of performing oral sex. You have your woman on her back, spread eagle, her pussy and ass is exposed, how much more submissive can you get, well okay you could be a Domme forcing some dude to eat you, that is the other side that is submissive.

Most women feel submissive just being nude, then you add the spread factor. I am fascinated with the pussy, each pussy is different, lips, no lips, butterfly lips. Tiny clit, medium, and Damm.

I know if I could be a chick for just one day I would want to be eating out all day, not fucked just ate.

My favorite position is to bring Arianna to the edge of the bed so her head is just hanging over, yup just drop my cock right in. Then I can wrap an arm around each thigh and pull back, everything is exposed. Wow, I look like Homer Simpson getting ready to eat a cheese burger. I have spent a solid hour going down south.

Another fetish is just laying in bed , maybe talking or watching TV and just fingering, the pussy just blows me away. I mean if you think of how much abuse it takes. Using toys, dildos, or just on top pounding your life out, and it is like spandex it just pops back into place.

I may get the urge anyplace , I have been in a wal mart parking lot, and went down south.

The same with anal I love anal sex, but if I am really into you, I love to Rim. I am greedy I want the cake and the ice cream I want it all.

Anyway I told this dude, hey if you don’t eat it, Bob next door will. It is the truth. I was talking to a guy the other day about eating pussy, and he told me it was a waist of him time, his girlfriend has a foot fetish, but that is a waist of his time. Arianna has a foot fetish and she can cum while doing that.

I do not understand some men. You have a woman who will basically do anything you want , when and where, but your selfish, or that close minded, maybe just to much of a pussy yourself.

Okay most of the time it is about me, I am going to get mine and get off. On the other side of the picture, you have to take care of your woman, your property. You have to keep her happy in the bedroom. If you do not she will fuck around just like a man will. If you do not give head, he will find someone who will bet on that. If you do not eat pussy and she likes that, she will find someone who will.



Are People Really Stupid

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A Domme has been asking me to bring Arianna over so the couple could play with her. I made it clear from the start I do not share. That was one of the stipulations Arianna had before entering the relationship. I really have no desire to watch another guy fuck her either.

Arianna has been with women, but at this time she does not wish to be. I also made it clear if at any point and time, if she had the need, should could and I would not take part in, but would be present.

So this Domme was sending me text, and she made it clear, if we were to come over, play is a must. If I had no intentions of a full swap there was no sense in us coming over. Okay I am good with that the subject is closed, done finished.

Friday I receive a text, asking me if we were still coming over, I am looking at the text just shaking my head. Then another, we you can come and visit just as friends and stay the night. Hmm well maybe. Then she starts with we can show Arianna how I get fisted, and how a car buffer is good to masturbate with. Okay I still have not figured out the car buffer thing, maybe someone can fill me in.

Again I declined but I did say we may be in that area soon for a munch and we could stop in. I had always thought the word No meant No, not let me think about it, or maybe.

While I was stationed in Korea, which is where I got my first real tasted of BDSM. I would see guys lined up to see the medic so they could get the Shot. Yep the clap, the drip. I rented a place off post called a hooch. A small room that had a mattress on the floor and a small free standing closet. All the cooking and bathing was done outside, even the bathroom, fucking cold in December.

Even then at 18, I always stuck with one. I never had to step in that line. I did how ever thought I had the clap once, but it turned out it was a urinary tract from drinking the water, which was just nasty.

When it comes to sex Arianna and I have no real limits, well the usual, no blood, scat, children of course. So now just let your imagination run wild.

The truth I am asked at least once a week if we play or if I share, and some ask more than once as if they did not hear me the first time, or maybe I may have changed my mind the next day.

While living with Chong, I allowed her to have a girlfriend. Although she followed my rules we never had sex. When I bond, I bond with one.

I love eating pussy, that is a real fetish of mine, and to be down there and thinking that some dude was banging her the day before. That would truly make me sick. On the other hand I love watching two women eating each other, but to take part in nah, I would just want to share. Another point although Arianna has been with women, a woman would not be her first choice, if she was told to do it she would. So I would be picky with any choice I might have. That has not crossed my mind, and it will probably not.

Quote from Ron White. You Cant Fix Stupid.

Not my Thing.


Arianna’s Safe Word

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Back in the day I was a full blown Sadist. My first Slave was a total Masochist, with no limits.  As I look back on our relationship there were things I did that I am not proud of today. I did things that I would not attempt or ask of another today. Over the years I have moved away from being a Sadist to more of an M’s relationship without the pain.

Cherri being my first and it was like a game with no rules, although she did guide and instruct me on how and where to hit. I learned much of what I know today from Cherri. I have said all of this before. I was with Cherri for almost seven years, and I never fucked her. I did not want that close feeling, and there was just something about her that did not sit with me right.  Now she did suck a lot of dick, that was a daily thing, as well as Rimming. As far as sex nah I was just not into her like that.

I did allow others to use her. I had two close friends a male who for what ever reason had no luck in picking up women, and an older Domme who had a clit the size of Dallas.

At one time I was feared, a lot of subs and slaves were scared of me. I remember one night I was at a Chinese restaurant with a date, and a friend of mine showed up with a girl, as we were talking his girl said wait , did you use to live in that house on robins street. I said yes for about six years. She started shaking and told Jerry she wanted to go, she did not want to be around me. Then my date looked at me like what the fuck is she talking about.

Over the years I calmed down a lot, , but I did not know if I was capable of having a normal D’s or M’s relationship. I found it very difficult to break away from the pain game.

Then I learned that it had everything to do with feelings. Feelings for the other. Why would you want to hurt someone you cared about? Although I do know Sadist who are Married to Masochist, and they seem to be doing just fine. Another thing most Sadist are poly, having more than one partner.

Once again the poly thing I do not understand. I mean if you have the whole package at home, why look for another.

Now the Safe Word thing, this is a huge controversy, and most in the BDSM community strongly believe in using a Safe Word. Okay so in someways I do still consider myself a Sadist, maybe once a Sadist always a Sadist, it seems you never lose that title.

Those Dominants just entering the lifestyle should use a Safe Word and the Submissive or Slave should insist on a Safe Word. I believe if you are in a long term relationship you get to know your partner and their limits. You know what they can take and what they cannot take.

Well then I am told, you need a safe word so you can push their limits. Each time you session you want to push their limits more than the last time. I myself disagree with that method.

When in a long term relationship more so if you are living together, you form a mental bond, you know what ones limits are, and you care what their limits are, or you should. Pushing one to far I believe can be departmental to ones mental state, I do believe there is a breaking point, and that fear emerges . Once you bring that fear out, it never goes away, just like someone who beats a dog on a regular basis. The dog will cower when called.

I do get rough at times, sexually speaking, but as far as pain, not so much. I can tell when I am starting to spank to hard, and I stop.

The other day we were in a session and I wanted to tie Arianna up. I wanted to know she could not get loose no matter how much she tried. So first red body tape. Clear and about as wide as duct tape. First the wrist almost to the elbow. Then the feet, ankles to midway up the chin. Then my favorite the almighty duct tape. I never put duct tape directly on the skin because it can rip the skin coming off. Then the Blindfold, red body tape, then duct tape, she could see nothing. I have a bull whip that I un-braded, I unwrapped the handle cut the leather strips and made a flogger, I love it.

I am totally quite, just walking around looking down at Arianna, I reach over and lightly touch her and she jumps, she has no idea what I am about to do. Then I reach for my flogger and I start to run the leather up and down her body. Then I begin to strike her with the flogger.

Then I hit right above the clit, Arianna has my first initial cut out in the pubic hair above the clit which is awesome. I strike again then I hear two words. OH FUCK.

Yep Arianna;s safe word, she has had enough, so I stop immediately, no questions asked. OH FUCK that was her breaking point.

Now if I were to play with someone new, or someone I had never been in a  session  with I would insist on a safe word, because I do not know what their limits are. I have been told I am a Masochist, and I reply well you have not met a Sadist like me, so yes a safe word.

While in a session, the Dominant should be in full communication with his partner, so he can insure their safety. Even while in sub-space communication is more important then.

One day I may share some of the things I did with Cherri, I am just not ready yet. I will say if any of you has seen the movie Strange Land with Dee Snyder that would say a lot. Again nothing I am proud of and I would not enter another relationship like that again. I have had other Dominants ask me to session with their slave, just because of the Sadist in me, but I decline.

I like the place I am in. I am content, I am happy. I am me.