How Do You Dress Your Slave

I remember back in the day it was short skirts, no panties , and sometimes a Bra, and high heels. I am a total leg man so legs are important, well the ass first, but then the legs.

It is different if I am not in a one on one relationship, If I am just dating then yes I want the total slut look. I want the skirt so short it just barely covers the ass cheeks, ahh yes and no panties.

Now that I am older things have changed, don’t get me wrong every Dom loves to show off his property, but my showing off is much different today than it was twenty years ago.  I do have a few slave dresses I bought for Arianna to wear around the house, yea they are ugly, but my reasoning behind the dresses are to keep Arianna in that frame of mind.

If I thought it was practical I would dress Arianna in Amish dresses everyday seven days a week and she would gladly wear them, but then I would probably have the Amish Mafia knocking on my door.

As I stated my showing off today is much different. My showing off is how Arianna acts in public, be it over at someones house, or at a munch. Yes the old Protocol.  While out I do allow her to dress up, short skirt six inch heels, she is always the finest woman there. The way she dresses, acts, speaks, walks. When we walked into the last munch all heads turned, and the eyes were glued to Arianna.

I guess at one time I had a large ego, and over the years it has slowly faded away. When it comes to dressing I am somewhat conservative now. I love the covered look, because I already know what is under the dress, and I know it is all mine.

I have seen some Doms push the dress protocol to the limit, making the submissive or slave feel uncomfortable and you can tell by the looks in her eyes she does not want to be there.

I have had other Dominants come up to me and tell me they cannot believe how well mannered Arianna is, and they love the way she acts while being out. Well if you like it so much put your Dom thing to work.  Even when going to speak Arianna ask me for permission before doing so, she just does not blurt out.

There comes a time slave or not we should respect our property, be it private or public. I mean as a Dominant would you go to a munch wearing a speed O and a T shirt, in heels, I would think not, so why would you expect the same out of your slave.

This is just how I feel, my thoughts and my opinion. We are all different, but when you tell a slave to wear something and you can see that look in her eyes. Just take a minute and put her shoes on think about her, and how she is going to feel.



7 Responses to “How Do You Dress Your Slave”

  1. I have to say I agree with you 100%! I also say my one of my top reasons why I want my slave to dress conservatively is… I don’t like to share my toys!

    • Wow a Dom who thinks along the same lines I do. I do not share as well. What is mine is just that mine. The whole community seems to be going poly, I just do not understand.. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. jason roland Says:

    While i am a sub, i have know many Dommes and Doms to enforce dress codes throughout the years. One of the best versions i recall is one Dom requiring his slave to wear super tasteful conservative business attire – skirt suits, dresses, and tasteful heels, always perfectly tailored. i have served Women who require much of the same from me, but with the male equivalent – mostly!

  3. I am sissy submissive. I am devoted to “the story of o”. I found your article of great interest. You are a dominant and thoughtful Master! Also, I never thought of wearing an Amish woman’s outfit

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