Humiliation As A Training Tool

A long time ago I really got off on Humiliation, it was almost a everyday need, be it public or private.

I remember I was out with sherri some twenty years ago, I had her in a real short leather skirt. I had put pussy clamps on each lip, and hung fishing weights on them. You could clearly see them when she walked. I pulled up in front of a 7/11 handed her a huge vibrator and told her to go ask the clerk if he had batteries for it. The store was packed, and you could see the weights swinging back and forth. She gave it a thought for a second, opened the door and walked in. Five minutes later she walked back out with a bag. I would have cherri pick me up from my house, and she drove about twenty miles nude, then back to her place.

During one session I invited two friends over a Domme, and a friend of mine who was a cop. I had the Domme insert a tampon into her pussy. I blindfolded cherri, and made her eat the Domme out. I picked up the string and made cherri pull it out with her teeth. She really thought she was on her period,  Total humiliation.

Today I am more relaxed and in control, I do not get off on the humiliation as much, but I have learned it is a very good training tool. If you use humiliation on a daily basis just for kicks, it will break down the submissive, along with what self esteem she has. What we as Dominant are suppose to do is build up, and keep at a level playing field. When it comes to a submissive self esteem plays a huge role, and it can I believe also help with mild depression.

I do feel that humiliation is needed at times, it is a reality check, reminds one of their place, keeps them humble. It also makes one think before acting or speaking.

I have used a couple of forms of humiliation on Arianna, either during play or just having sex, a spur of the moment things. Each time it was a couple of days later or just in general conversation it came up.  To keep one humble is to keep one in their place. I am Master you are Slave.

Sherri got off on humiliation, in the beginning it was fun, I was really getting off on it, but as time went by it became more of a job or chore because I always had to out do the last visit. After about a year it was no longer fun, but I continued because it was what she needed.

I never use humiliation as a form of punishment, because once you bring down you have to bring back up. If a rule was broken then the slave should be punished accordingly , humiliation should play no part. Just my opinion.



Then it was for my kicks I could really almost get off on humiliation.

2 Responses to “Humiliation As A Training Tool”

  1. Sometimes the idea of humiliation turns me on, but it also scares the hell out of me. I guess it’s a balance. And it’s not my job to decide, anyway. 🙂

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