It Is Okay Not To Punish

Yes those words are coming from me. Rules will be broken, most of the time when a rule is broken it is a simple mistake, other times is a Submissive or Slave is not getting the attention they believe they should be getting, they will break rules on purpose just to get the attention even if it means hardcore punishment.

You can tell if it was a simple mistake, maybe forgotten. The answer is not always a beating, after a while this has little to no effect on the Sub or Slave.

The master showing he is displeased has a far more reaction, and really hits below the belt. Just showing how displeased you are, or maybe taking it one step farther, the ignore factor. The Sub or Slave will have an overwhelming feeling of guilt. This is way more effective than most different types of punishments I could come up with.

I now feel bad and at times even guilty if I have to punish, it is not something I look forward to, but if I did not follow through with punishment, then Arianna would begin to lose that respect. I can tell you from experience once you lose respect it is almost impossible to take back control. The relationship is basically over. Just kick yourself in the ass and move on..



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