Older Dominants , Younger submissive’s

I just received a reply that a younger female would not be interested in a middle aged man, unless she had problems, or a Low Self Esteem. I find that statement to be totally false, and I shall give a few reasons.

I will admit you see the older and younger more often in a D’s relationship more so than a vanilla relationship. Although the prospects of and older man and younger woman in a vanilla relationship is not impossible.

I do believe many younger woman prefer older men. First reason being more stable. Most older men have already been through the pasture. Older men tend to be more settled in life, not as quick to fly off the handle. The jealous streak is long gone. Most important the younger female feels more secure.

In the Bdsm world it is very common to see a younger Slave with an Older Dominant. In our world wisdom comes with age. I suppose you could say the same thing in the vanilla world as well.

The older Dominants tend to be much more calmer, we want to communicate more, and we tend to put ours first. The bond is much different, as well as the trust.

Now I am not putting down the younger Dominant. We all have a starting point in the lifestyle. When I was much younger I made it a point to hang out with older Doms in the lifestyle. To this day Most of my male friends within the lifestyle are much older than I am. You can never stop learning. Although I may disagree more with what others bring to the table, I still keep an open mind. I know there are many who disagree with the way I run my home, many think I am to strict, or even to controlling which is far from the truth. I do consider myself to be in control. A controlling man has deep issues as well. The controlling man is the one who is insecure, he is the one with the low self esteem, and in most cases he also brings abuse to the table.

You have to have game, the gift of gab. If you are a 45 or 50 year old male and for what ever reason you want to date a 20 year old, it can happen. It is not about money, or the kind of car you drive. On the other hand if you live in your moms backyard in a camper, your chances are not that good.

If your communication skills are weak. Work on them. If you cannot grab the girls attention within the first couple minutes forget it. If you can keep her attention and make her laugh, you are on the right track.

There is a big safety issue in our world. With age and the length of time in the lifestyle safety becomes an issue. If you were going to get into some real intense needle play, who would you pick, the 18 year old Dom, or the 50 year old Dom? Even some electrical play, spanking hard impact play. The younger submissive is going to step over to the older 90% of the time.

If your a baby girl and your looking for a daddy Dominant again who are you going to pick? Age has nothing to do with whom you date, I myself would not want a submissive who is 18, I am thinking maybe 25 now would be my cut off. Although I can never say never.

Here is a reply I received from a man named John. I did reply back but when I tried to go to his wordpress I was blocked. It is all good.

Sigh…..one of the greatest lies ever told is that women “like” or “prefer” older men. Women like nothing of the sort. I often hear women say they like younger men but never the opposite. When I look around at everyday life, I see people who are invariably with people their own age, even those who are on their second or third marriage. I’ve never come across an 18 year old who’d be happy to take up with a middle aged man, unless there was something wrong with her. This talk is a control thing…try and get women to think they have no options then they’ll be grateful for anything. The only women who buy into that type of rubbish are ones with really low self esteem. And so what if she (or he) lives her days out alone in a shack? At least nowadays women have choices, they can live as they please. A man looks his best in his 20′s, followed by his early 30s. He starts to look seedy in his late 30s, looses his looks in his 40s and is invisible in his 50s. That’s just how it is…continue to delude yourself if it makes you feel better.

Delude myself. http://www.merriam-webster.com.Definition of DELUDE. 1: to mislead the mind or judgment of : deceive, trick. 2. obsolete. a: frustrate, disappoint. b: evade, elude.

That my friend is a false statement. I believe that any man can date any woman on any giving day, eh with a few exceptions.

Reasons a Dominant would date a younger female. If it is the submissive’s first or second relationship much easier to train. An older submissive or Slave who has been in the lifestyle for some time tend to compare, even if they do not mean to. Most younger subs tend to be more open sexually, more open minded, this is not the case all the time, but often.

Delude myself, that one word just blew me away. What a big misconception, far from the truth.

Take Arianna, my sweet slave. She is very beautiful most of you have seen her.She has a body built for sin. She is very smart. Has a degree, has a good career, makes good money, and at the age of 36 she looks 25. I am 50 years old, average looking, a little over weight, but Arianna has had me on a good diet and Ive lost 14 pounds. I have no degree, but I delude myself.

So what do I bring to the table? I bring communication. I bring stability, I bring consistency, I bring the truth. I live by the truth. I bring zero drama even with my Ex there is no drama. I bring safety. My party days are over. Arianna knows she comes first no matter what.

You John are deluded.



14 Responses to “Older Dominants , Younger submissive’s”

  1. Dating men in their 50’s is the best thing ever. I dont mind the age difference and I’ve always liked men that were older than myself. Some have a confidence and maturity that men in their 30’s and 40’s, just don’t have. Then again, I might just be deluded … 🙂

  2. I prefer men who are older than me for the reasons you outlined above. I admit though that I don’t believe that the older men I attract are ever going to consider me as a lifetime partner because I have two young children. I haven’t met a man in his late 40s or early 50s yet that seems excited at the prospect of two young boys that still need to be raised. But I could be wrong.

    • Kayla I hate to bring bad news, but you are so wrong about your children. If you can find a good Dominant who does not think with his dick, then yes it is possible. I dated a slave with two teenagers before, our break up had nothing to do with them. She was just not willing to conform to my ways.
      There are men out there who will except children. Maybe your looking in the wrong places?

      • I’m not truly looking at all, and you know exactly why. That being said, it’s more of a feeling instead of having first hand knowledge. I think that most men are happy to keep my desire for things to be casual, though – most men that I’ve come into contact with, I mean (although not ALL of them) because of the kids thing. They would probably be less interested (except one in particular that seems ok about the kids) if I acted like I wanted something serious.

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  4. I think age is just a number and not a personality…but saying that over 50 is fine for me…

  5. AutumnSky Says:

    Hmm. Well 60 is better.

  6. Sorry, but no.
    Older men just aren’t attractive (physically) for younger women. There might be exceptions: young women who like old men for whatever reason.
    But it is quite obvious that a 20 something or 30 something guy looks much better than a man who is 50 or even 60!
    I am not saying that older men never get a chance with younger women. But every women finds a younger body more attractive (except for fetishes perhaps). It is in our nature! Women are just more pressed to ignore those shallow feelings and look for other qualities. But secretly they all wish for men with full hair and firm skin.

    • Many can see your way of thinking , but there are many factors that come into play.
      Security for one , Older Doms are more experienced as well , it takes years for a Dominant to become seasoned. Knowledge , not only in play but communication , making family decisions , a secure career , a home , having the ability to understand training and being able to maintain training. I myself am in pretty good shape better than I was while in the military. My slave who is some 15 years younger than I am has trouble keeping up even just doing daily activities. Although her job is very stressful mentally and physically.

      Everyone ha a preference , I would not want anyone in their 20’s maybe late 30’s but someone in their 20’s would be a waist of my time

    • Now before you start talking about money , while I make a good living my slave makes about 30.000 more than I do a year

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