Are People Really Stupid

A Domme has been asking me to bring Arianna over so the couple could play with her. I made it clear from the start I do not share. That was one of the stipulations Arianna had before entering the relationship. I really have no desire to watch another guy fuck her either.

Arianna has been with women, but at this time she does not wish to be. I also made it clear if at any point and time, if she had the need, should could and I would not take part in, but would be present.

So this Domme was sending me text, and she made it clear, if we were to come over, play is a must. If I had no intentions of a full swap there was no sense in us coming over. Okay I am good with that the subject is closed, done finished.

Friday I receive a text, asking me if we were still coming over, I am looking at the text just shaking my head. Then another, we you can come and visit just as friends and stay the night. Hmm well maybe. Then she starts with we can show Arianna how I get fisted, and how a car buffer is good to masturbate with. Okay I still have not figured out the car buffer thing, maybe someone can fill me in.

Again I declined but I did say we may be in that area soon for a munch and we could stop in. I had always thought the word No meant No, not let me think about it, or maybe.

While I was stationed in Korea, which is where I got my first real tasted of BDSM. I would see guys lined up to see the medic so they could get the Shot. Yep the clap, the drip. I rented a place off post called a hooch. A small room that had a mattress on the floor and a small free standing closet. All the cooking and bathing was done outside, even the bathroom, fucking cold in December.

Even then at 18, I always stuck with one. I never had to step in that line. I did how ever thought I had the clap once, but it turned out it was a urinary tract from drinking the water, which was just nasty.

When it comes to sex Arianna and I have no real limits, well the usual, no blood, scat, children of course. So now just let your imagination run wild.

The truth I am asked at least once a week if we play or if I share, and some ask more than once as if they did not hear me the first time, or maybe I may have changed my mind the next day.

While living with Chong, I allowed her to have a girlfriend. Although she followed my rules we never had sex. When I bond, I bond with one.

I love eating pussy, that is a real fetish of mine, and to be down there and thinking that some dude was banging her the day before. That would truly make me sick. On the other hand I love watching two women eating each other, but to take part in nah, I would just want to share. Another point although Arianna has been with women, a woman would not be her first choice, if she was told to do it she would. So I would be picky with any choice I might have. That has not crossed my mind, and it will probably not.

Quote from Ron White. You Cant Fix Stupid.

Not my Thing.


4 Responses to “Are People Really Stupid”

  1. It’s great that you have such solid principles about this. I really admire you for your resolve to stick to your rules and do the best for your slave. She is lucky to have you as her Master.

  2. I know this was written last year (I apologize for the lateness of this question) but you mentioned that the no sharing was a stipulation you had originally. In your opinion, after your relationship developed to what it is today, can/should a sub be able to continue with this stipulation?
    Very respectfully,

    • Absolutely the submissive can. If that was an agreement between the two.
      As it was with arianna but as she grew and her insecurities began to fade it was her who brought it up
      Now will bringing a 3rd in ever happen? It may or may not.
      Although there would be some benefits I am not sure if they would out weigh her health.
      A Dom should never go back on his word or try and force the submissive to do something that in the end would harm her.
      I can tell you in order for me to allow someone into my home the submissive would have to be like arianna and I think that is going to be hard to find.

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